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UNBOUNDED TERROR: Infernal Judgment - Single (death metal)
SPIT IT OUT!: This Is It! - Album (catchy rock with variation)
GRAVEHUFFER: NecroEclosion - Album (crust-punk/thrash metal/grindcore/death metal)
BHLEG: Ödhin - Album (folk/black metal)
VIRAL: Viral - Album (heavy metal)
TERROR: Sink To The Hell - 7" EP (hardcore)
SKARLETT RIOT: Gravity - Single (melodic modern metal)
SCULPTOR: Untold Secrets - Album (melodic death metal)
MAGIC DANCE: Remnants - Album (melodic rock/aor)
CALAMARI FOR LUNCH: Calamari For Lunch - Album (melancholy stoner/psych rock)
BRITON RITES: The Masque of Satan - Single (heavy/doom metal)
ANUBIS: Hurricane of Hate - EP (heavy metal)
ANAUGH CONDA: Fear The Weaker - EP (power pop)
ROYAL ORPHAN: Royal Orphan - EP (heavy metal)
PRESSURE: Julstress - Single (hard rock in swedish)
KAASIN: Revelation - Single (hard rock)
George Lynch & Jeff Pilson: Heavy Hitters - Album (hard rockers doing covers of pop and rock songs)
DIRA MORTIS: Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy - Album (brutal death metal)
VANDEN PLAS: The Ghost Experiment, Illumination - Album (progressive metal)
UNRULY CHILD: Our Glass House - Album (melodic rock/aor)
PERSUADER: Necromancy - Album (power metal)
PALACE: Rock And Roll Radio - Album (melodic rock/aor)
Neal Morse: Jesus Christ The Exorcist (Live at Morsefest 2018) - Live release (progressive rock musical)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Live At Rock Of Ages Festival 2016 / A Long Day's Night - Live releases (classic rock/hard rock)
CEMETERY DWELL: Cold Visions of Nether - Demo (brutal death metal)
ETERNAL EVIL: The Rise of Death - Demo (raw thrash metal)
Alice Cooper: Our Love Will Change The World - Single (glam rock)
BRECHRAITZ: Schwarzes Gold - Album (punk rock in german)
BUSTER SHUFFLE: Our Night Out - Album reissue (british ska/rock)
FUCKED AND BOUND: Suffrage - Album reissue (hardcore/punk)
INJECTOR: Hunt of the Rawhead - Album (thrash/heavy metal)
MÄBE: Söndag i Juni, Live 2020 - EP (dark singer/songwriter rock)
NIGHTRAGE: Demo 2000 - Album (melodic death metal)
WIZARDS OF HAZARDS: End of Time - Album (doom/heavy metal)
RYLOS: Solarworks Pt. 2 - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
WOMBBATH: Tales of Madness - Album (death metal)
FORDÆRV/KOKAIN/BONEJAMMER: Nu Det Nu - 3-way split (grindcore, hardcore/punk, thrash/punk)
BONEJAMMER: Do It Yourself - Demo EP (thrash/punk)
VVLVA: 13. Winter - Vinyl EP (retro hard rock in german)
PURO ODIO: Demo 2018 - EP (hardcore/punk)
SLEAFORD MODS: Shortcummings - Single (alternative pop/rock maybe?)
ICED EARTH: Iced Earth (30th Anniversary Edition) - Album reissue (us metal)
Leo Viridi: The World Keeps Turning - EP (heavy metal)
WAYWARD DAWN: House Of Mirrors - Cassette (death metal)
NO RETURN: Live XXX - Album (melodic death/thrash)
Mike Tramp: Trampthology - Double Album (soft rock)
The BROKEN BEATS: The Gig - Album (kind pop/rock)
HEADS FOR THE DEAD: Into The Red - Album (death metal)
FULLMINATOR: Omniplasm - EP (thrash metal)
ROYAL HUNT: The Art Of Dying - Single (power/prog metal)
PECULIAR THREE: Lead of Faith - Album (rock/metal/prog)
DORMANTH: Complete Downfall - Album (heavy melodic death metal)
INCURSION: The Hunter - EP (heavy metal)
HELLZ: Live A Lie - Single (emotional hard rock)
CHARTA 77: En Annorlunda Julsaga - Single (singer/songwriter)
DESPERATION BLVD: Desperation BLVD - EP (sleaze rock)
The BATES: Unfucked Live - Album reissue (punk rock)
SQUEALER: Insanity - Album (heavy/power/thrash metal)
NOMINON: Yesterdeath - Album (death metal)
FOREIGN: The Symphony Of The Wandering Jew Part II - Album (prog metal opera)
DEPRAVITY: Grand Malevolence - Album (technical death metal)
BRÒN: Pred Dverima Noci - Album (atmospheric black metal)
REBEL: Stargazer - Album reissue (hard rock)
RAVE THE REQVIEM: Stigmata Itch - Album (electro metal pop)
SDI: Sign of the Wicked - Album reissue (speed metal)
Reb Beach: A View From The Inside - Album (instrumental guitar rock)
Orianthi: O - Album (rock/pop)
LORDS OF BLACK: Alchemy Of Souls - Album (heavy metal)
ETERNAL IDOL: Renaissance - Album (melodic/symphonic metal)
GHOST:HELLO/NIGHT GOAT - Split EP (stoner/sludge and heavy noise rock)
HOLY DEATH TRIO: Black Wave - Single (catchy heavy rock)
SISTER: Primal Rage - Single (metal)
LEDJELLY: Never Die - Album (heavy rock)
v/a - Ursäkta Röran: Vi Sprängde Hela Skiten Vol. 1 - Compilation (swedish punk)
REVOLTING: The Shadow At The World's End - Album (death metal)
DREAM THEATER: Distant Memories, Live in London - Live Release (progressive metal)
WITCHWOOD: Before The Winter - Album (vintage hard rock)
INTRUDER: Escape From Pain - EP reissue / INTRUDER: A Higher Form Of Killing - Album reissue / INTRUDER: Psycho Savant - Album reissue (thrash metal)
VOIVOD: Lost Machine, Live - Album (metal legends with their own sound)
Jeff Scott Soto: Wide Awake (In My Dreamland) - Double Album (melodic rock/hard rock)
EAST TEMPLE AVENUE: Both Sides Of Midnight - Album (aor/melodic rock)
AWAKEN: Out of the Shadows - Double Album (melodic/progressive heavy metal)
AnthenorA: Mirrors And Screens - Album (heavy metal)
Angelica: All I Am - Album (kind melodic rock)
ALIEN: Into The Future - Album (melodic hard rock)
SHAME ON YOUTH!: Human Obsolescence - Album (garage punk)
JADED STAR: Realign - Album (melodic metal)
MYSTERIZER: King of Kings - Single (heavy metal)
VARDE: Fedraminne - Album (black metal)
STORMWIND: Resurrection - Album reissue (melodic power metal/neo-classical metal)
ELEINE: Dancing In Hell - Album (symphonic metal)
TOXAEMIA: Where Paths Divide - Album (death metal)
SPEED STROKE: Scene of the Crime - Album (hard/sleaze rock)
SKELETHAL: Unveiling The Threshold - Album (death metal)
Alice Cooper: Rock & Roll - Single (raw rock)
ECLIPSE: Viva La VicTOURia - Live release (melodic hard rock)
GRILLIJONO K.O.: Fuck Me Up Before You Go-Go - Single (hard rock/punk)
BLACK KNIGHT: Tales From The Darkside - Album reissue (heavy metal)
BLACK DIAMONDS: Evil Twin - Single (sleaze/hard rock)
BISÖNTE: Ancestral Punishment - Album (stoner/doom metal)
BEVERLY KILLZ: Iguana Mulata - Album (hard/sleaze rock)
PUTRID OFFAL: Live at Hellfest - Album (death metal/grindcore)
The OUTLAWS: Live At Rockpalast 1981 - CD+DVD (southern rock)
LEADERS AND LUNATICS: No Fear Of Repercussion - EP (hard rock)
NULL RAYS: Nocturnal Sun - Album (hard rock/metal)
UTILITARIAN: Stay Angry - EP (hardcore/punk/metal)
SLEAFORD MODS: Mork n Mindy - Single (alternative/electronic?)
Old Kerry McKee: Mono Secular Sounds - Album (raw blues spiced with punk, country, metal and folk music)
FLUSH: It Began As A Mistake - Album (melodic punk rock/power pop)
ENIGMA EXPERIENCE: Question Mark - Album (heavy rock)
VHÄLDEMAR: Straight To Hell - Album (heavy metal)
DEATHLESS DOGS: Five Across The Eyes - EP (hard rocking blues)
BEHIND THE HORROR: Burn Up This Truth - EP (some kind of thrash metal)
SHADOW TRIBE: Reality Unveiled - Album (melodic hard rock/metal)
LAZARUS DREAM: Alive - Album (melodic hard rock)
Brad Brooks: God Save The City - Album (soft soulful rock)
PERIPHERY: Live in London - Album (progressive metal journey)
GHØSTKID: Ghøstkid - Album (modern/alternative/nu metal with pop melodies)
ANTI-LAM FRONT: Soloalbum - Album (skate punk in norwegian)
PUTERAEON: The Cthulhian Pulse, Call From The Dead City - Album (death metal)
MERIDIAN: Taking Cover - EP (melodic hard rock covers)
MERCYLESS: Sovereign Evil - EP (metal covers)
LION'S SHARE: Aim Higher - Single (hard rock/heavy metal)
MINDLESS SINNER: Master Of Evil - LP (heavy metal)
TRIP 6: Spit - Album (heavy/groove metal)
STARDUST: Highway To Heartbreak - Album (aor/melodic rock)
SINNER'S BLOOD: The Mirror Star - Album (melodic metal)
PRIDE OF LIONS: Lion Heart - Album (melodic rock)
DGM: Tragic Seperation - Album (melodic progressive metal)
HUMANITY IS CANCER: Humanity Is Cancer - EP (death metal?)
HANGING FORTRESS: Darkness Devours - Album (heavy hardcore/death metal)
SOULSKINNER: Seven Bowls of Wrath - Album (death metal)
DIAMOND CHAZER: Chasing Diamonds - Album (heavy metal)
FORSAKEN AGE: Heavy Metal Nightmare - Album (heavy metal)
GARMARNA: Förbundet - Album (swedish folk music)
NUCLEAR: Murder of Crows - Album (thrash/death metal)
NEPTUNE: Northern Steel - Album (melodic heavy metal)
NACARBIDE: Iron Lotus - Album (heavy metal)
MÖGEL: ÖKA! - Single (rock with punk attitude)
DEAD HEAD: Kill Division - Album reissue (thrash metal)
REACH: Young Again - Single (rock)
PUTRID OFFAL: Necrotic Mutilation (Live at Hellfest 2017) - Single (gore death/grind)
PURGATORIUM: Titan - Single (death metal)
NIGHTRAGE: Frozen Halflight Atmosphere - Single (melodic death metal)
Jakob Samuel: End Of Days - Single (kind rock/pop song)
HELLZ: We Want Rock - Single (hard rock)
ARCHITECTS: Animals - Single (post-metalcore/nu metal)
WYTCH HAZEL: III, Pentecost - Album (classic hard rock/heavy metal)
v/a BROWN ACID: The Eleventh Trip - Compilation (rare heavy/psych rock from the 60s/70s)
THRUST: The Helm of Awe - Album (heavy metal)
SARCOPTES: Plague Hymns - EP (us black metal with extra ingredients)
SARCATOR: Sarcator - Album (death/thrash metal)
NIVIANE: The Ruthless Divine - Album (heavy/power metal)
NETHERBLADE: Reborn - Album (thrash metal)
MUD CITY MANGLERS: Give Me The Hammer - LP (action rock/garage rock)
Mark Boals & RING OF FIRE: All The Best! - Double Album (melodic hard rock/neo-classical metal and progressive hard rock/metal)
LYKANTROPI: Axis of Margaret - Single (dark and melancholy vintage rock)
WILDNESS: Ultimate Demise - Album (melodic hard rock)
Rob Moratti: Paragon - Album (melodic rock/aor)
IMPERIUM: Heaven Or Hell - Album (melodic rock/aor)
PERDITION SECT: End Times - Album (d-beat crust)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: Heroes Never Die - Album (us metal)
AFTER EARTH: Before It Awakes - EP (melodic groove/death metal)
ÅSKOG: Varg - Demo (black metal)
CITIZEN RAGE: Black EP - EP (hardcore/punk with a pinch of thrash metal)
SACRAMENTUM: Finis Malorum - Album reissue (melodic black/death metal)
REVEREND: A Gathering of Demons - Album reissue (american thrash/power metal)
CELESTIAL SEASON: The Merciful - Album (doom/death metal)
ASPHYXIATOR: Trapped Between Two Worlds - Album reissue (death metal)
Devin Townsend: Order Of Magnitude, Empath Live Volume 1 - Live release (wayward progressive soup with everything)
The OBSESSED: Incarnate (Ultimate Record Store Day Edition) - Album reissue (doom)
Snowy White and The WHITE FLAMES: Something On Me - Album (laidback blues rock)
BAD RELIGION: What Are We Standing For - Single (melodic punk rock)
FABRIKEN: Tortera Mig Med Kärlek - EP (swedish punk rock)
DIAMOND DOGS: The Atlantic Juice - Album (rock n roll party)
Johnny Casino: Vibrations, Yours and Mine - LP (acoustic singer/songwriter)
MATRIARCHS: Year Of The Rat - Album (hardcore/metal)
DENY/BÖSET - Split 7" EP (hardcore/punk)
BÜRNER: Baptized In Gasoline - Album (raw hard rock n roll)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: The Symbol Remains - Album (classic rock/hard rock)
AMONG PHANTOMS: Memories/Catastrophes - Album (hardcore/metal)
METAL FOR KIDS UNITED!: Burn - Single (deep purple cover)
HUGO'S WILL: She Goes For The Throat - Single (rock)
BOYS FROM HEAVEN: The Great Discovery - Album (melodic rock)
ONE AND A HALF DOG: Game Over - Single (hard rock)
PITCHBLACK: Death & Disbelief - Album (heavy groove/death metal)
SECONDHAND HABIT: Contact High - Album (alternative rock/hard rock)
SISTER: Die With A Smile - Single (hard rock)
SILVERA: Edge Of The World - Album (modern hard rock)
HELLSMOKE: 2020 - Album (heavy hard rock/metal)
SPIRIT ADRIFT: Enlightened in Eternity - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Under The Spell Of Joy - Album (alternative rock)
CRUACHAN: The Hawthorn - Single (celtic metal ballad)
SOLITARY: The Truth Behind The Lies - Album (thrash metal)
FREAKS AND CLOWNS: Justice Elite - Album (heavy metal)
MAD DOGS: We Are Ready To Testify - Album (high energy rock)
ASTRAKHAN: Astrakhan's Superstar Experience - Album (songs from jesus christ superstar, classic rock/hard rock)
DEFECTO: Duality - Album (melodic progressive metal)
KRAKEN DUUMVIRATE: The Stars Below, The Seas Above - Album (melancholy doom)
Old Kerry McKee: I've Been Building - Single (dark country/singer-songwriter)
HOLY DEATH TRIO: Bad Vibrations - Single (energetic heavy rock)
METZ: Atlas Venedig - Album (energetic noise/alternative rock)
LASTWORLD: Over The Edge - Album (melodic rock)
R.I.P.: Dead End - Album (street doom with punk attitude)
ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS: Apocrypha - Album (melancholy soft rock/pop for the fall)
MORTUARY: The Old Skull Reign - EP (thrash/death metal)
NUCLEAR: Facing Towards You - Single (thrash/death metal)
NECROPHOBIC: Dawn of the Damned - Album (death/black metal)
TwentyDarkSeven: Undertow - Single (heavy hard rock)
HYDROGEN: Disappear - Single (hard rock/heavy metal)
FROM THE SKY: From The Sky - Single (heavy rock)
DONNA CANNONE: Cross The Line - Single (rock)
DEFECTO: Tempest - Single (melodic progressive metal)
BLISTERHEAD: Balaclava Boys - Single (punk rock)
v/a: Tribute For TIAMAT - Compilation (Tiamat covers)
VIS VIRES: The Fight Goes On - LP (Oi! punk)
THIS CALLING: Methods Of Protest - LP (punk rock)
The DIVIDED: Pack Of Lies - 7" EP (street punk)
DEAD LOW: Listen Up! - EP (street punk)
GRID: Livsleda - Album (grindcore)
SANCTUARY: Into The Mirror Black (30th Anniversary Edition) - Album reissue (us metal)
Bob Mould: Blue Hearts - Album (melodic punk/rock)
NEHODA: But Anyways... - Album (rock)
L7: Smell The Magic (30th Anniversary Edition) - Album reissue (raw, punky and dirty rock)
KING MOTHERSHIP: The Ritual - Album (progressive pop/rock)
IRON ANGEL: Emerald Eyes - Album (speed/thrash metal)
KAVEE: Metempsychosis - Album (soft acoustic psych/folk rock)
STRYPER: Even The Devil Believes - Album (heavy metal)
Simon Collins: Becoming Human - Album (melodic progressive rock)
RISING STEEL: Fight Them All - Album (heavy metal)
PERFECT PLAN: Time For A Miracle - Album (melodic hard rock)
LANDFALL: The Turning Point - Album (melodic hard rock)
HELL IN THE CLUB: Hell Of Fame - Album (melodic hard rock)
HELIX: Eat Sleep Rock - Album (hard rock)
LYKANTROPI: Kom Ta Mig Ut - Single (dark heavy/folk rock)
Steve Hackett: Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings, Live At Hammersmith - Album, DVD, Blu-ray (progressive rock)
SUNKEN: Livslede - Album (atmosheric black metal)
TORCH: Reignited - Album (heavy metal)
PLACES AROUND THE SUN: Places Around The Sun - Album (heavy rock)
HULKOFF: Pansarfolk - Double Album (folk metal)
ENTER: 1991, Images From Floating Worlds - Album (prog rock)
DIAMOND DOGS: Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough - Album reissue (rock n roll)
DEAD END Finland: Wounded & Bleeding - Single (melodic metal)
MYSTERIZER: Alea lacta Est - Single (heavy metal)
MIND WARS: The Fourth Turning - Album (thrash metal)
FIERCE HEART: War For The World - Album (hard rock)
ENEMY ALLIANCE: Damnation Dawning - Album (skate punk)
Derek Sherinian: The Phoenix - Album (instrumental guitar rock/metal)
CLIFFORD: All Might To Tegnell - Single (death metal)
JUST BEFORE DAWN: An Army At Dawn - Album (death metal)
The IDORU: Old Songs - EP (modern melodic rock/hardcore)
KAT: The Last Convoy - Album (heavy metal)
BYFIST: In The End - Album (us metal/power metal)
ANNEXATION: Inherent Brutality - Album (thrash metal)
SHRAPNEL STORM: Shrapnel Storm - Album (death metal)
NUCLEAR WARFARE: Lobotomy - Album (thrash metal)
NIGHTRAGE: Poems Doomed To Oblivion - Single (melodic death metal)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: Into The Fight - Single (us metal)
TRISHULA: Time Waits For No Man - Album (melodic rock/hard rock)
DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Diamond In The Rough - Album reissue (melodic rock/aor)
DANGEROUS PROJECT: Cosmic Vision - Album (neo-classical heavy/power metal)
ATLAS: Parallel Love - Album (melodic rock/aor)
ZHAKIAH: Where The Light Will Thread - Album (melodic death metal)
The WAYMAKER: The Waymaker - Album (majestic melodic metal)
MOS GENERATOR/DI'AUL - Split EP (heavy rock/stoner rock - doom/sludge metal)
DIRT (Redux) - Compilation (covers of alice in chains' "dirt" album)
SOULBOUND: Addicted To Hell - Album (dark industrial/gothic metal)
RAGEHAMMER: Into Certain Death - Album (raw blackened thrash with punk attitude)
REACH: Motherland - Single (alternative rock)
MEGASCAVENGER: Songs in the Key of Madness - Album (death metal)
Neal Morse: Sola Gratia - Album (progressive rock)
NAPALM DEATH: Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism - Album (alternative grindcore)
TYGERS OF PAN TANG: Ambush - Album reissue (melodic heavy metal)
DEMOLIZER: Thrashmageddon - Album (thrash metal)
The DEATH WHEELERS: Divine Filth - Album (instrumental psych/heavy rock)
DARK RITES: The Dark Hymns - Album (death metal)
ABSTRACT SYMPHONY featuring Mark Boals: The Hidden Empire - Single (symphonic/neo-classical metal)
WINTER'S VERGE: The Ballad Of James Tig - Album (symphonic power metal)
Tina Schüssler: Verwirrte Welt - Album (rock/hard rock in german)
PUTRID OFFAL: Sicknesses Obsessions - Album (death metal/grindcore)
NIGHT: High Tides, Distant Skies - Album (hard rock/proto-metal)
SVEDERNA: Härd - Album (black metal)
PAIN OF SALVATION: Panther - Album (progressive rock/pop/metal)
OVER THE VOIDS: Hadal - Album (black metal)
The OBSESSED: Live at Big Dipper - Album (doom/sludge)
The PROGRESSIVE SOULS COLLECTIVE: Sonic Birth - Album (progressive metal stew)
OCEANS OF SLUMBER: Oceans Of Slumber - Album (a progressive metal soup)
MAD SIN: Unbreakable - Album (psycho/punkabilly)
L.A. WITCH: Play With Fire - Album (garage rock)
KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR: Sharpen Your Spikes - Album (speed/black/thrash metal)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: We Never - Single (us metal)
BURIAL REMAINS: Spawn Of Chaos - Album (death metal)
BAND OF BROTHERS: II - Album (rock)
AIRFORCE: Strike Hard - Album (heavy metal)
YOHANNANS: Punk's Not Dead EP - EP (electro punk)
SISTER: Vengeance Ignited - Single (hard rock/metal)
SERPENT OMEGA: II - Album (sludge/doom/metal/crust)
The HAWKINS: Silence Is A Bomb - Album (energetic rock)
HANOVER FIST: HFIII - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
FUZZSTAINZ: Sick! Sick! Sick! - 7" EP (primitive garage rock)
ZAKK SABBATH: Vertigo - Album (covers of black sabbath's first album)
DESOLATOR: Sermon Of Apathy - Album (death metal)
DEAD LORD: Surrender - Album (hard rock)
OLDFASHIONED IDEAS: Skallen In I Väggen - Album (punk)
ABE AND HIS BABE: You're Not Wrong - Single (alternative rock with a touch of punk)
RAMOS: My Many Sides - Album (melodic rock)
LIONVILLE: Magic Is Alive - Album (melodic rock/aor)
FORTUNE: The Gun's Still Smokin' Live - CD/DVD (melodic hard rock)
DUKES OF THE ORIENT: Freakshow - Album (progressive rock)
BLACK ROSE MAZE: Black Rose Maze - Album (modern hard rock)
ARCTIC RAIN: The One - Album (melodic rock)
METZ: Hail Taxi - Single (kind punk rock)
L.A. WITCH: True Believers - Single (garage rock)
GHOST AVENUE: Even Angels Fail - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
The RIVEN: Windbreaker/Moving On - 7" Single (hard rock)
ACID TEARS: Drowning - Single (modern melodic rock)
TULKAS: The Beginning Of The End - EP (thrash metal)
KENZINER: The Last Horizon - Album reissue (melodic neo-classical/progressive power metal)
DIAMOND DOGS: Weekend Monster - Album reissue (rock n roll)
Tony Mitchell: Church of a Restless Soul - Album (melodic rock)
TANNA: Storm in Paradise - Album (melodic hard rock)
STORMBURST: Highway To Heaven - Album (melodic "hard" rock)
MENTALIST: Freedom Of Speech - Album (melodic/power metal)
INTOXICATED: Walled - EP (thrash/death metal)
OV SHADOWS: I Djävulens Avbild - Album (black metal)
NONEXIST: Like The Fearless Hunter - Album (thrash/death metal)
GRUMPYNATORS: Still Alive - Album (rockabilly/hard rock)
POEMA ARCANVS: Stardust Solitude - Album (doom metal)
PERFECITIZEN: Humanipulation - Album (grindcore)
VENOM: Sons Of Satan - Album (metal/punk)
MANTICORA: To Live To Kill To Live - Album (progressive power metal)
DREAMS OF AVALON: Beyond The Dream - Album (melodic hard rock)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: 45th Anniversary, Live in London - CD+DVD, 2LP, Blu-ray (hard rock)
POWERMAN 5000: The Noble Rot - Album (dark industrial/goth rock)
OGD: The Big Game - Album (modern classic rock)
MOONLIGHT DESIRES: At The Movies - EP (melodic rock/covers)
POSSESSION: Disentombed Manifestations - Double Album (extreme metal)
VOLCANOVA: Radical Waves - Album (stoner rock)
TOXIC TITO: Bestia - Album (punky rock)
PRINS SVART: Under Jord - Album (hard rock in swedish)
MERCYLESS: The Mother Of All Plagues - Album (death metal)
GRIDE: Hluboká Temná Modø - Album (fast hardcore/grindcore)
DIESEL MACHINE: Evolve - Album (groove metal)
DIAMOND DOGS: As Your Greens Turn Brown - Album reissue (rock n roll)
A Fistful More Of Rock 'N' Roll Vol. 3 - Compilation (action rock/punk rock)
DEEP PURPLE: Whoosh! - Album (classic rock)
KAASIN: Runaway Train - Single (hard rock)
SHINING BLACK featuring Mark Boals & Olaf Thorsen: Shining Black - Album (melodic hard rock)
MOSH-PIT JUSTICE: The Fifth Of Doom - Album (thrash metal)
AVATAR: Hunter Gatherer - Album (metal)
AGES: Uncrown - Album (melodic black metal)
BEAR MACE: Charred Field of Slaughter - Album (death metal)
BRANDY AND THE BUTCHER: Dick Circus - Album (neo-glam punk/rock)
The CHEATS: Cussin', Crying 'N' Carrying On - Album (punky rock)
MARENNA: Pieces Of Tomorrow - EP (melodic rock/aor)
TOKYO MOTOR FIST: Lions - Album (melodic hard rock)
RÜCKWATER: Supernova - Album (stoner rock)
RITUALS: Invicta - 7" EP (death metal)
TERRA ATLANTICA: Age Of Steam - Album (power metal)
SEASON OF DREAMS: My Shelter - Album (heavy/power metal)
The SPEEDWAYS: Radio Sounds - LP (power pop)
GÖSTA BERGLINGS SAGA: Konkret Musik - Album (instrumental, electronic progressive rock)
FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS: Toxic Water - Single (70s hard rock)
DIAMOND DOGS: Honked All Over Again - Album reissue (rock n roll)
DETHLEHEM: Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon - Album (melodic death metal)
BLACK CROWN INITIATE: Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape - Album (progressive death metal)
Morse/Portnoy/George: Cover To Cover Anthology - Triple Album (prog rockers playing various covers)
Michael Grant & The ASSASSINS: Always The Villain - Album (hard rock)
ENUFF Z'NUFF: Brainwashed Generation - Album (melodic rock with pop hooks)
BLOODY HEELS: Ignite The Sky - Album (sleaze/hard rock)
SCARS: Predatory - Album (thrash metal)
SANITY CONTROL: War on Life - Album (crossover thrash)
ICE: The Ice Age - Album (50 years old heavy rock)
METZ: A Boat to Drown In - Single (alternative rock)
L.A. WITCH: Gen-Z - Single (dark garage rock)
GRILLIJONO K.O.: Mä Oon Sun Koira - Single (turborock)
Fred Lee and The RESTLESS: Who Do You Wanna Be? - Single (power pop)
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: The Universe - Single (dark alternative rock)
RAVENED: From The Depths - Album (metalcore)
Peter Carlsohn's The RISE: Out of the Blue - Album (melodic hard rock)
TURKEY VULTURE: Time To Pay - EP (alternative metal)
KING GORM: King Gorm - Album (hard rock/proto-metal)
MOS GENERATOR/VOID VATOR - Split 7" Single (heavy QUEEN covers)
STARBLIND: Black Bubbling Ooze - Album (heavy metal)
ATTAXE: 20 Years The Hard Way - Album reissue (heavy metal)
STORMZONE: Ignite The Machine - Album (heavy metal)
Mark Spiro: 2+2=5, Best Of + Rarities - Triple CD (melodic rock)
LONELY ROBOT: Feelings Are Good - Album (progressive rock)
LEFTOVER BULLETS: Tell Mama We're OK - Album (hard rock)
ANGELES: Hell On High Heels - Album (hard rock)
DECREPID: Endless Sea of Graves - Album (death metal)
LIONHEART: The Reality of Miracles - Album (melodic hard rock)
SEPULCHRAL CURSE: Only Ashes Remain - Album (death metal)
DRACONIS: Anthems For An Eternal Battle - Album (death metal the south american way)
LAS HISTORIAS: Las Historias - Album (heavy psych/doom)
BLACKBALLED: Elephant in the Room - Album (catchy heavy rock)
SATANICA: Resurrection of Devil's Spirit - Album (heavy metal)
BLAZING RUST: Line Of Danger - Album (heavy metal)
ANGBAND: IV - Album (progressive power/heavy metal)
PURO ODIO: Puro Odio - EP (hardcore/punk)
NONEXIST: Strictly Sadistic Intent - Single (thrash metal)
IRON ANGEL: Sacred Slaughter - Single (speed/thrash metal)
DEMOLIZER: Cancer in the Brain - Single (thrash metal)
BOYS FROM HEAVEN: Green Fields - Single (aor/west coast rock?)
STARMEN: Kiss The Sky - Album (hard rock)
VEGA: Grit Your Teeth - Album (melodic hard rock)
SMACKBOUND: 20/20 - Album (modern hard rock/metal)
SERPENT OMEGA: Land of Darkness - Single (death/doom metal)
ICE WAR: Defender, Destroyer - Album (speed/heavy metal/punk)
INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT: Life Motion - Album (aor)
DEEP PURPLE: Nothing At All - Single (rock)
Bob Mould: American Crisis - Single (melodic punk rock)
ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT: Accidental President - Album (modern alternative rock)
BROWSING COLLECTION: Broken Bones Blues - Single (rock)
WILDERUN: Veil of Imagination - Album (progressive metal)
SERENE DARK: Enantiodromia - Album (death/black metal)
CARTHAGODS: The Monster In Me - Album (melodic/symphonic metal)
MY HEAVY MEMORY: Clarity - Album (us metal/hard rock)
MIMIKRY: Jag Måste Härifrån - Single (punk)
Sasami: Toxicity - Single (lullaby/system of a down cover)
PARALYDIUM: Worlds Beyond - Album (progressive metal)
Magnus Karlsson's FREE FALL: We Are The Night - Album (heavy metal)
HOUSE OF LORDS: New World, New Eyes - Album (hard rock)
ELECTRIC MOB: Discharge - Album (hard rock)
LCTRISC: Sword & Serpents - Single (dark fantasy rock)
JET JAGUAR: Endless Nights - Album (heavy metal)
DOMINATION BLACK: Judgement IV - Album (heavy metal)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: iHeart Radio Theater - CD/DVD, 2LP, Blu-ray (hard rock)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Curse of the Hidden Mirror - Album reissue (hard rock)
IGNITED: Steelbound - Album (heavy metal)
STORMZONE: Tolling of the Bell - Single (heavy metal)
PARALELUM: Under The Roots - Album (hardcore/metal/rock)
NEKROKRAFT: Witches Funeral/Return of the Kvlt - Singles (black metal)
MERIDIAN DAWN: The Fever Syndrome - Album (melodic death metal)
L.A. WITCH: I Wanna Lose - Single (garage rock)
KANSAS: The Absence Of Presence - Album (progressive/classic/melodic rock)
GEEZER: Groovy - Album (cosmic stoner blues)
DISABLED: The Final Exhumation - Album (death metal)
CLIFFORD: Bränn En Mast - Single (black/death metal)
BLOODHUNTER: Bloodhunter (Reissue 2020)/Live In Madrid - Double Album (extreme metal)
Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited, Live At The Royal Albert Hall - Album (progressive rock)
ONE DESIRE: Midnight Empire - Album (melodic hard rock)
FM: Synchronized - Album (melodic rock)
Dennis DeYoung: 26 East, Volume 1 - Album (melodic rock/aor)
THESE STREETS: Stay Awake - Single (hardcore)
SISTER: Bring Out The Dead - Single (hard rock)
I'LL BE DAMNED: Through The Walls - Single (heavy rock/metal)
HAKEN: Virus - Album (progressive rock/metal)
BLACK SWAMP WATER: Showdown - Single (southern hard rock/heavy metal)
NINTH CIRCLE: Echo Black - Album (melodic heavy metal/hard rock)
KENZINER: Phoenix - Album (neo-classical/progressive/power metal)
BLACK KNIGHT: Road to Victory - Album (heavy metal)
TUPLE: Wooden Box - Album (aor/melodic hard rock)
Chris Rosander: King Of Hearts - Album (westcoast rock)
WITHERING SURFACE: Meet Your Maker - Album (melodic death metal)
HEADLESS: Risin' Up - Single (melodic hard rock)
Conny Bloom: Med Charlie I Venedig - Single (rock in swedish)
Old Kerry McKee: Cattle and Wolves - Single (raw blues/punk)
Hulkoff: Martial/Matrialisk - Single (hard and heavy folk metal)
BATTLE BORN: Battle Born - EP (power metal)
WITHERING SURFACE: I'll Soon Be Gone - Single (melodic death metal ballad)
NIGHTRAGE: At The Ends Of The Earth - Single (melodic death metal)
MERIDIAN: The Sun Always Shines On TV - Single (pop cover/melodic rock)
LYKANTROPI: Coming Your Way - Single (melancholy retro rock)
PURTENANCE: Buried Incarnation - Album (heavy death metal)
SHE BITES: Joyride - Album (rock with pop melodies)
OPERUS: Score of Nightmares - Album (theatrical/symphonic/progressive metal)
Jessica Wolff: Para Dice - Album (hard pop/soft rock)
PRETTY MAIDS: Maid in Japan Back to the Future World - Album, DVD, Blu-ray (melodic hard rock/heavy metal)
HER CHARIOT AWAITS: Her Chariot Awaits - Album (melodic metal)
VAMPIRE: Rex - Album (death metal)
LEAGUE OF CORRUPTION: Something in the Water - Album (southern-styled groove metal)
GREYHAWK: Keepers of the Flame - Album (heavy metal)
CUTTIN' EDGE: Face Down - Album (street punk)
ASTRAL SLEEP: Astral Doom Musick - LP (doom metal)
ARMAGEDDA: Svindeldjup Ättestup - Album (black metal)
ÖTZI: Storm - Album (post-punk)
SVEN GALI: 3 - EP (hard rock/metal)
STINKY: Of Lost Things - Album (melodic hardcore)
MADHOUSE: Braindead - Album (heavy/speed/thrash metal)
DEATHING: All Hail The Decay - EP (death metal)
GOMORRA: Divine Judgement - Album (thrash/heavy metal)
HEAR 'N NOW: No Road To Ruin - Single (US metal)
Louise Lemón: Devil - EP (gothic pop)
GRUSVAEG: Grusvaeg - EP (instrumental retro rock)
ELECTRIC BOYS: The Lion's Roar - Single (soft rock/pop cover)
FROST*: Others - EP (progressive zynth/rock)
GRUMPYNATORS: Still Alive - Single (rock)
MUSTASUO: Katharsis - Album (blackened hardcore/crust)
WITCHES: The Fates - Album (thrash/death metal)
RE-ARMED: Aeternum Ignis - Album (melodic death metal)
CALIGULA'S HORSE: Rise Radiant - Album (progressive metal)
BOB MALMSTRÖM/DISPYT - Split 7" EP (hardcore/punk and crust/black/death)
Hannah Aldridge: Howlin' Bones - Single (dark country/southern gothic)
REACH: The Law - Single (alternative rock)
Tony Montana: Tombstone Shuffle - Album reissue (hard rock)
DEATH COURIER: Necrotic Verses - Album (death metal)
SLAP GURU: Umashi's Odyssey - Album (psych/hard rock)
MERIDIAN: Hungry For A Game - Single (melodic hard rock)
IRON ANGEL: Sands of Time - Single (speed/power metal)
IMPALEMENT: The Impalement - Album (melodic black/death metal)
STARGAZERY: Constellation - Album (melodic metal)
DARK ARENA: Alien Factor - Album reissue (us metal)
ANCILLOTTI: Hell On Earth - Album (heavy metal)
ANCIENT CURSE: The New Prophecy - Album (progressive power metal)
SLEAFORD MODS: All That Glue - Album (alternative and weird electro punk)
RRRAGS: High Protein - Album (heavy rock)
The O'REILLYS AND THE PADDYHATS: Dogs On The Leash - Album (celtic punk rock)
LEFTOVER BULLETS: Waisted Silence - Single (hard rock)
Jordan Jones: Text You Back - Single (power pop)
NO TREND: Too Many Humans/Teen Love - Box Set (alternative punk)
5iVE YEARS GONE: Rock N' Roll Rebirth - Album (melodic and catchy guitar-driven rock)
ELECTRIC FEAT: Electric Feat - LP (psych/heavy rock/proto-doom)
CHIPPER: Self Patrón - Album (heavy/stoner rock)
SERPENT OMEGA: Orog Nuur - Single (sludge/doom/metal/crust)
ASHES OF LIFE: Seasons Within - Album (doom metal with extra ingredients)
Alice Cooper: Don't Give Up - Single (soft rock)
CLIFFORD: All makt åt Tegnell - Single (death/black metal)
HULKOFF: Varjagen - Single (fast folk metal)
VHÄLDEMAR: Hell Is On Fire - Single (heavy metal)
WITHERING SURFACE: Meet Your Maker - Single (melodic death metal)
SOLAR FLARE: Solar Flare - Album (power metal)
SOULS OF TIDE: Black Magic - Album (hard rock)
MAD HATTER: Pieces of Reality - Album (power metal)
HENRY KANE: Age of the Idiot - Album (grindcore/crust punk/death metal)
HARTMANN: 3 - Album reissue (melodic hard rock)
FROM HELL: Rats & Ravens - Album (heavy/thrash metal)
FOGHAT: Family Joules - Album reissue (bluesy boogie rock)
BIEST: Stirb Oder Friss - Album (hard rock)
SOULS OF TIDE: Black Magic - Single (hard rock)
NOTÖRIOUS: Glamorized - Album (sleaze/glam/hard rock)
HUNGRY DAZE: Back To My Future - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
TOLEDO STEEL: The First Strike Of Steel (The Early Years Anthology) - Album (heavy metal)
TOKYO BLADE: Dark Revolution - Album (heavy metal)
BLENDED BREW: Don't Say No - Single (ballad)
HIDDEN PHASE: Sell Your World - Single (atmospheric/alternative rock)
DRÅPSNATT: Skelepht - Album reissue (atmospheric black metal)
Louise Patricia Crane: Deep Blue - Album (dreamy alternative rock)
FAKE NAMES: Fake Names - Album (punk rock/powerpop)
HORISONT: Sudden Death - Album (rock)
ASGARD: Ragnarøkkr - Album (progressive heavy metal)
SAPPHIRE EYES: Magic Moments - Album (melodic rock/aor)
JUNKYARD DRIVE: Mama - Single (rock)
GRAND MASSIVE: 4 - Album (groovy metal)
Champlin Williams Friestedt: II - Album (westcoast rock)
PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS: Prehensile Tales - Album (progressive soft rock)
TRIPTYKON with The METROPOLE ORKEST: Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019) - Album/DVD (avantgarde metal with orchestra)
HYRDA KNEKTAR: Törnar, snår och ris - 7" EP (punk rock)
GOMORRAH: Reflections of Inanimate Matter - Album reissue (death metal)
FUNERAL BITCH: The 80's Demos - Album (fast metal punk)
CEREMONIAL OATH: Carpet - Album reissue (death metal)
BRUCExCAMPBELL: South To No Life - Album (grindcore noise)
LADY BEAST: The Vulture's Amulet - Album (heavy metal)
NOCTU: Gelidae Mortis Imago - Album (funeral doom)
SAVAGE ANNIHILATION: Soumises à la Procréation - EP (death metal)
NAGLFAR: Cerecloth - Album (black metal)
HAVOK: V - Album (thrash metal)
Jack Russell's GREAT WHITE: Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes - Album (acoustic hard rock)
LYKANTROPI: Summernights - Single (dreamy vintage rock)
SOVREIGN: Neurotic - Demo tape (death/thrash metal)
CURSE: The Awakening.. and the Old - Demo tape (blackened thrash metal)
HYPERION: Into the Maelstrom - Album (heavy metal)
APOSENTO: Conjuring The New Apocalypse - Album (death metal)
Mike Tramp: Second Time Around - Album (soft rock)
RÅTTORNA: Utan Titel - Album (punk rock)
WITCHCRAFT: Black Metal - Album (laidback acoustic songs)
BLENDED BREW: Shove It Down - Album (hard rock)
MYRATH: Live In Carthage - CD+DVD (oriental metal)
AOR: The Best Of The Westcoast Spirit - Album (westcoast rock)
ELECTRIC BOYS: The Lion's Roar - 12" Single (pop covers)
Conny Bloom: Med Charlie i Venedig - 12" Single (rock in swedish)
PLANETARIET: Deluxe - Album (instrumental and dreamy post-rock)
KATATONIA: City Burials - Album (melancholy progressive rock)
KARNIVORE: Dödsriket - Album (death metal)
DESOLATION ANGELS: While The Flame Still Burns - Album (heavy metal)
REKUIEM: Time Will Tell - Album reissue (heavy metal/doom metal)
SATAN'S EMPIRE: Hail The Empire - Album (heavy metal)
OCEAN CHIEF: Den Tredje Dagen - Album (heavy psych/doom in swedish)
ELDER: Omens - Album (progressive psychedelic rock)
BILLY CLUBS: Strange Driving - EP (hardcore/punk/rock n roll)
SPIRIT ADRIFT: Curse Of Conception - Album reissue (heavy, progressive hard rock/metal)
SPIRIT ADRIFT: Divided By Darkness - Album reissue (heavy, progressive hard rock/metal)
STONEFLOWER: Finally - Album (aor/melodic rock)
FAKE NAMES: First Everlasting - Single (punk rock)
(D)JURET: De få som kan se - EP (tired punk/metal)
MYSTIC PRIESTESS: Part Time Punks Sessions - EP (post-punk/deathrock)
LOOSE SUTURES: Loose Sutures - Album (punky heavy/fuzz/garage rock)
Jeff Dahl: Electric Junk - LP (good old punk rock)
LYNCHWOOD: Breathe - EP (metalcore)
PALACE OF THE KING: Tell It Like It Is - Single (australian hard rock)
SnakeyeS: Evil Must Die - Album (heavy metal)
WITHERING SURFACE: Alone - Single (melodic death metal)
BLENDED BREW: Shove It Down - Single (hard rock)
WALLOP: Alps On Fire - Album (heavy metal)
MORTICIAN: Titans - Album (heavy metal)
CLOVEN HOOF: Age Of Steel - Album (heavy metal)
BLIZZEN: World In Chains - Album (heavy metal)
CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD: Sonic Forces - Album (melodic rock)
MARROWFIELDS: Metamorphoses - Album (doom metal)
NEGATIVE THOUGHT PROCESS: Hell... Is Much Better Than This - EP (crust/grind/violence)
XPUS: In Umbra Mortis Sedent - Album (death metal)
The ALLIGATOR WINE: Demons Of The Mind - Album (psychedelic and groovy kraut rock)
LUSTRE: Ashes Of Light - Album (ambient zynth with black metal screams)
SUBTYPE ZERO: Ceremonious Extinction - EP (thrash metal)
FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS: A Universe From Nothing - Album (hard rock)
VANIR: 10 Years Of Mead And Metal - EP (viking metal)
The SHRIEKS: Ode To Joe - Album (rock n roll)
HARTMANN: 15 Pearls And Gems - Album (melodic rock/hard rock)
DICTATOR SHIP: Your Favorites - Album (raw rock n roll/garage rock)
DeVicious: Phase Three - Album (melodic hard rock)
ERNST AND THE EDSHOLM REBELS: A Momentary Relapse For No Reason - Album (old hc/punk band going wrong)
Brown Acid: The Tenth Trip - Compilation (heavy rock and proto-metal from the 60s and 70s)
The SONIC DAWN: Enter The Mirage - Album (psychedelic garage rock)
PURE REASON REVOLUTION: Eupnea - Album (soft progressive rock)
HAYVANLAR ALEMI: Psychedelia In Times Of Turbolence - Album (instrumental psychedelic folk rock)
GRIM FATE: Perished In Torment - Album (doom/death metal)
ELIXIR: Voyage Of The Eagle - Album (heavy metal)
The HEADLINES: Warpaint - Album (punk rock)
BOMBS OF HADES: Phantom Bell - EP (death metal)
ABORTED: La Grande Mascarade - EP (gore/death/grind)
WAYWARD DAWN: Haven Of Lies - Album (death metal)
Brant Bjork: Brant Bjork - Album (heavy/desert rock)
The STORY BEHIND: Initium - Album (metal)
SOLILOQUIUM: Things We Leave Behind - Album (progressive death/doom metal)
NO RAZA: Transcending Material Sins - Album (death metal)
Louise Lemón: Devil - Single (dark pop)
KINGS OF DUST: Kings Of Dust - Album (hard rock)
JET JAGUAR: Jet Ranger - Single (hard rock)
WISHING WELL: Do Or Die - Album (hard rock)
RÄMLORD: From Dark Waters - Album (heavy metal)
INFIRMUM: Walls Of Sorrow - Album (death/doom metal)
SOULS OF TIDE: Through The Fire - Single (rock?)
GRUMPYNATORS: Blood And Bones - Single (hard rock/heavy metal)
SUCKERPUNCH: Little Teaser - Single (hard rock n roll)
SKARLETT RIOT: Human - Single (alternative metal)
SKAM: The Sound Of Disease - Album (grindcore/death metal/punk)
REACH: Higher Ground - Single (alternative pop/rock)
WEED DEMON: Crater Maker - Album (sludge/doom metal)
LUCIFER STAR MACHINE: The Devil's Breath - Album (action rock)
KAVORKA: Internal Rituals - Album (heavy rock)
SEMBLANT: Obscura - Album (heavy metal with variation)
NOVENA: Eleventh Hour - Album (ambitious progressive rock/metal)
KHYMERA: Master Of Illusions - Album (melodic rock)
HAREM SCAREM: Change The World - Album (hard rock)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: 40th Anniversary Agents Of Fortune - CD/DVD, LP, Blu-ray (hard rock)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Heaven Forbid - Album reissue (hard rock)
Allen/Olzon: Worlds Apart - Album (melodic metal with a touch of pop)
LIVE BURIAL: Unending Futility - Album (death metal)
FORNDOM: Faþir - Album (boring nordic folk music)
FAKE NAMES: Brick - Single (punk rock)
CONFESS: Burn 'em All - Album (sleaze/hard rock)
BOB MALMSTRÖM/TVÄRNITAD - Split 7" EP (hardcore/punk)
DEEP PURPLE: Throw My Bones - Single (rock)
PRESSURE: Osårbar - Single (hard rock in swedish)
The PSYCHEDELIC FURS: You'll Be Mine - Single (catchy rock)
TRANSPORT LEAGUE: Black Hole Sun - Single (soundgarden cover)
SILVER: Let's Go - Single (pop? not ok!)
Mike Tramp: Between Good And Bad - Single (soft rock)
The DAHLMANNS/TOMMY AND THE ROCKETS: Scandinavian Affair - Split 7" Single (power pop)
CABLE TIES: Far Enough - Album (garage rock/punk rock)
BROWSING COLLECTION: Cyber Space Buffet - Album (hard rock/punk rock)
BODY COUNT: Carnivore - Album (hardcore/metal/rap)
HEAVEN SHALL BURN: Of Truth And Sacrifice - Double Album (hardcore/extreme metal)
KVAEN: The Funeral Pyre - Album (black metal)
LYKANTROPI: Spirituosa - Album reissue/Deluxe Edition (melancholy vintage rock)
The OUTFIT: Viking - Album (feel good rock)
JUSTIFY REBELLION: The Ends Justify The Means - Album (heavy/thrash metal)
The GRENADINES: Band On The Radio - Album (soft and stale pop/rock)
DEN SYVENDE SØN: Trods - Album (soft rock in danish)
CHRONICLE: Demonology - Album (melodic death/thrash metal)
The RIFT: Edge Of Never - Single (hard rock)
Hulkoff: Ingvar - Single (viking metal)
SILVERA: The Reckoning - Single (modern hard rock)
BLENDED BREW: Ancient Alien - Single (old school hard rock)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: The Raid (For God and Country) - Single (american heavy metal)
ARKADO: Never Say Never - Album (melodic rock)
CROSSON: Rock N Roll Love Affair - Album (hard rock)
NEWMAN: Ignition - Album (melodic rock/aor)
RETURN: V - Album reissue (melodic rock/aor)
REACTORY: Collapse To Come - Album (thrash metal)
INTENSE: Songs Of A Broken Future - Album (darker power metal)
The JACK CADES: Perfect View - Album (garage rock)
EXISTENZ: Meltdown - Album (punk)
WITHERING SURFACE: Leaves In The Storm - Single (melodic death metal)
SPELL: Opulent Decay - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
LOST LEGACY: In The Name Of Freedom - Album (us/power metal)
GRINDPAD: Violence - Album (thrash metal)
GORILLA: Rock Our Souls - Album reissue (proto-metal with punk attitude)
The ROOZALEPRES: The Roozalepres - Album (action rock)
FORMOSA: Danger Zone - Album (hard rock)
ÅSKVÄDER: Åskväder - Album (rock for the new decade)
The GONERS: Good Mourning - Album (garage rock)
GRIFT: Budet - Album (folk metal)
EULOGY: Memento Mori - EP (hard rock)
EARTH DRIVE: Helix Nebula - Album (heavy psych rock)
DARK FORTRESS: Spectres From The Old World - Album (black metal)
BLOWTORCH: Hangoverdose - Album (hard rock)
ANI LO. PROJEKT: A Time Called Forever - Album (modern heavy metal)
BENEATH MY SINS: I Decide - Album (symphonic metal)
RE-MACHINED: Wheels Of Time - Album (hard rock)
ARCHON ANGEL: Fallen - Album (heavy metal)
BLACK SWAN: Shake The World - Album (hard rock)
HARDLINE: Life Live - CD/DVD (hard rock)
SEVEN SPIRES: Emerald Seas - Album (symphonic metal)
WAITING FOR MONDAY: Waiting For Monday - Album (melodic rock)
GREAT WHITE: Stage - Double Album reissue (hard rock)
BENEATH THE MASSACRE: Fearmonger - Album (technical death metal)
VULCANO: Eye In Hell - Album (black/thrash metal)
The GUILT: New Knives - Album (lazer punk)
Conny Bloom: Game! Set! Bloom! - Album (rock in swedish)
BLACK HAWK: Destination Hell - Album (heavy metal)
PUTRID OFFAL: Dura Mater - Single (death metal/grindcore)
BROWSING COLLECTION: Pizza Slice Paradise - Single (rock)
WOLF: Feeding The Machine - Album (heavy metal)
NECROPHILIAC: No Living Man Is Innocent - Album (death metal)
DeVicious: Firefly - Single (melodic hard rock)
The NEAL MORSE BAND: The Great Adventour, Live in Brno 2019 - 2Blu-ray/2CD (progressive rock)
TOUNDRA: Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari - Album (instrumental soundscapes)
XTASY: Eye Of The Storm - Album (melodic hard rock)
ROSE TATTOO: Outlaws - Album (hard rock n roll)
MEDIUM: Medium - Album (grind/crust)
FINNEGAN'S HELL: Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class - Album (celtic punk rock)
SCARAB: Martyrs Of The Storm - Album (extreme death metal)
Randy Holden: Population II - Album reissue (bluesy heavy rock from the late 60s)
MORE KICKS: Your Vibration - 7" EP (power pop)
LICANTROPY: Extrabiliante - Album (garage/psych rock)
DEAD MAN'S CHEST: Dear God - 7" EP (macho metalcore)
Conny Bloom: Flyttkarl - Single (rock in swedish)
KSMB and PREKARIATET at Valand in Göteborg, Sweden on February 28, 2020 (punk rock)
THOR: Rising - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
WORMWOOD: Ghostlands, Wounds From A Bleeding Earth - Album reissue (melodic black metal)
WE SELL THE DEAD: Black Sleep - Album (metal)
Mike Tramp: The Road - Single (soft rock)
FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS: River Of Hate - Single (hard rock)
SHAFT OF STEEL: Steel Heartbeat - Album (melodic rock/aor)
Jesse Damon: Damon's Rage - Album (melodic rock/aor)
RAGATA: Rebell - Album (punk rock)
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ: The God-Shaped Void - Album (progressive metal)
BLISTER BRIGADE: Slugfest Supreme - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
Nils Patrik Johansson: The Great Conspiracy - Album (hard rock/heavy metal)
BLOOD AND SUN: Love & Ashes - Album (dark singer/songwriter)
SLOWBURN: Rock 'n' Roll Rats - Album (heavy metal)
MONDO GENERATOR: Fuck It - Album (desert punk)
CHRONICLE: Reset To Zero - Single (melodic death/thrash metal)
FINNEGAN'S HELL: Six Feet Under - Single (celtic punk/folk rock)
HOT SNAKES: I Shall Be Free - Single (rock)
VULCANO: Cybernetic Beast - Single (black/thrash metal)
WAYWARD DAWN: Ridicule - Single (death metal)
DISCHARGE: Protest And Survive, The Anthology - Double Album (hardcore/punk legends)
DEMONS & WIZARDS: III - Album (progressive heavy metal)
Biff Byford: School Of Hard Knocks - Album (saxon singer on solo adventure)
REVOLUTION SAINTS: Rise - Album (melodic hard rock)
NIGHTFEAR: Apocalypse - Album (heavy metal/power metal)
PASSION: Passion - Album (melodic hard rock)
MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND: High Times, Live In Italy - CD/DVD (melodic rock)
DIRTY SHIRLEY: Dirty Shirley - Album (hard rock)
DECARLO: Lightning Strikes Twice - Album (soft aor)
PLEONEXIA: Virtute E Canoscenza - Album (heavy metal)
HEX A.D.: Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden - Album (progressive doom metal)
BEAT CITY TUBEWORKS: Top Rock - Album (catchy and energetic rock n roll/garage rock)
LOVE AND WAR: Edge Of The World - Album (heavy metal)
SECRET RULE: Against - Album (melodic metal)
MARTY AND THE BAD PUNCH: Walk A Straight Line - Double Album (melodic rock/aor)
Don Dokken: Solitary - Album (acoustic lullabies)
INNARDS: Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face - EP (death metal)
STARMEN: Welcome To My World - Album (melodic hard rock)
The LU SILVER STRING BAND: Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay - Album (rock n roll)
SUUM: Cryptomass - Album (dark doom)
SILENT WINTER: Nightfall - Single (power metal)
RÄMLORD: From Dark Waters - Single (Heavy metal)
ONE AND A HALF DOG: Fire In The Hole - Single (hard rock)
GENTLE SAVAGE: Honey Bunny - Single (catchy rock)
BONEHAMMER: Black Crust Invasion - Album (raw metal punk)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014 - 2CD/DVD, 3LP, Blu-ray (classic hard rock)
BIG SCENIC NOWHERE: Vision Beyond Horizon - Album (desert rock)
RAGATA: Gammal Punk - Single (catchy punk rock)
SUICIDE SILENCE: Become The Hunter - Album (deathcore)
SDI: 80s Metal Band - Album (speed metal)
IRONSWORD: Servants Of Steel - Album (heavy metal)
HOLYCIDE: Fist To Face - Album (thrash metal)
JORN: Heavy Rock Radio II, Executing The Classics - Album (hard rock)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Cult Classic - Album reissue (classic hard rock)
NAPALM DEATH: Logic Ravaged By Brute Force - EP (different)
Ian Blurton: Signals Through The Flames - Album (classic hard rock)
WASTED: Electrified - Album (heavy metal)
KINGS NEVER DIE: Raise A Glass - 7" EP (punk rock/hardcore)
NIGHT: Night - 7" EP (proto-metal/heavy metal)
BULLET and SATURN at Pumphuset in Borås, Sweden on February 1, 2020 (heavy metal)
Danny Cooltmoore & GRABBARNA PÅ STAN: Grabbarna På Stan - Single (power pop)
CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: What We Leave Behind - EP (heavy metal)
BOB MALMSTRÖM/The ENCHAINED: Sälj Åland/The Enchained - Split 7" EP (hardcore/punk)
FORNDOM: Yggdrasil - Single (dark folk pop)
DRÅPSNATT: I Denna Skog - Album reissue (black metal)
LORNA SHORE: Immortal - Album (symphonic extreme metal)
UNCOMMON EVOLUTION: Algid - Album (heavy hard rock)
SCHIZOPHRENIA: Voices - EP (death metal)
RAGE OF SAMEDI: Blood Ritual - Album (doom/sludge)
DAWN OF SOLACE: Waves - Album (melodic doom)
SILVERA: Alive - Single (modern hard rock)
RÄMLORD: Love Of The Damned - Single (heavy metal)
Old Kerry McKee: House Of The Rising Sun - Single (horror blues)
DEN SYVENDE SØN: Trods - Single (soft rock in danish)
Conny Bloom: Rulla På - Single (rock in swedish)
AGENDA: Maverick - EP (hard rock/heavy metal)
AUTUMN'S CHILD: Autumn's Child - Album (melodic rock)
EASY ACTION: That Makes One - Album reissue (melodic rock/aor)
MILES TO PERDITION: 2084 - Album (melodic death metal)
The RAGGED SAINTS: Sonic Playground Revisited - Album (melodic hard rock)
HONEYBURST at The Bishops Arms in Borås, Sweden on January 25, 2020 (rock)
MÄRVEL: Märvellous - EP (energetic rock)
KSMB: Bland Tomtar Och Troll - EP (rock)
MOLOKEN: Unveilance Of Dark Matter - Album (progressive, noisey and heavy)
LYKANTROPI: Lykantropi (Deluxe Edition) - Album reissue (melancholy vintage rock)
KAUSE 4 KONFLIKT: Fornication Under Control Of King - Album (thrash/hardcore)
SHADOW BREAKER: Shadow Breaker - Album (hard rock)
Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I'm Sick - Soundtrack Album (rock etc.)
ELEGY OF MADNESS: Invisible World - Album (symphonic metal)
DENY: Dystopia - Album (hardcore/crust punk)
Nick Giannakos: The Alchemist - Album (instrumental heavy metal)
INVICTUS: Eden - Album (heavy metal)
EIGHTY ONE HUNDRED: Heaven In Flames - Album (heavy metal)
HAZZERD: Delirium - Album (thrash metal)
ELDEN: Nostromo - Album (heavier metal)
DOOJIMAN & The EXPLODERS: Electric Boogaloo - LP (guitar-based power pop)
RYTE: Ryte - Album (instrumental heavy psych rock)
DOOMRAISER: The Dark Side Of Old Europa - Album (doom metal)
DEAD END FINLAND: Inter Vivos - Album (dark melodic metal)
COLOSSO: Apocalypse - Album (heavy death metal)
SONS OF APOLLO: MMXX - Album (progressive metal)
...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD: X, The Godless Void And Other Stories - Album (art-rock)
NECROPSY: Exitus - EP (heavy death metal)
VERITATES: Killing Time - Album (heavy metal)
MINDLESS SINNER: Poltergeist - Album (heavy metal)
DRAGONLORE: Lucifer's Descent - Album (heavy metal)
ACID MAMMOTH: Under Acid Hoof - Album (doom metal)
MALLET: Rock 'n' Roll Heroes - Album (hard rock)
INTOXICATE: Cross Contamination - Album (thrash metal)
BONDED: Rest In Violence - Album (thrash metal)
BLESSED BLACK: Beyond The Crimson Throne - Album (stoner/doom)
SILVERLIGHT SHADOWS: Black The World - Single (stoner rock)
SELF DECEPTION: Hell And Back - Single (modern "hard" rock)
CABAL: Midian - Album reissue (thrash/death metal)
CEREMONY: Retribution - Album (death metal)
VISCERAL EVISCERATION: The Lost Tapes - Album (doom/death metal)
LOVEKILLERS feat. Tony Harnell: Lovekillers feat. Tony Harnell - Album (melodic hard rock)
PRAYING MANTIS: Keep It Alive - CD/DVD (hard rock)
A NEW TOMORROW: Universe - Album (powerful rock)
The MURDER OF MY SWEET: Brave Tin World - Album (cinematic/symphonic metal)
HOUSE OF SHAKIRA: Radiocarbon - Album (melodic hard rock)
EDGE OF FOREVER: Native Soul - Album (melodic hard rock)
VULCANO: Bride Of Satan - Single (black/thrash metal)
JUSTIFY REBELLION: Crowd Control - Single (heavy/thrash metal)
GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS: Blizzard - Single (progressive metal?)
FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS: Freedom Is A Prison - Single (hard rock)
CHRONICLE: They Have Returned - Single (melodic/technical death metal)