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VVORSE: Kurjien Elegia (crust punk)
Max Navarro: Pretty Miseries (melodic "hard" rock)
JIMBO'S GARAGE: Wings (melodic hard rock)
DARE: Born In The Storm (melodic rock)
Zinny Zan: Heartbreak City (rock)
THORIUM: War Is Coming (death metal)
The RASMUS: Jezebel (soft rock/pop)
SHOT DOWN TWICE: Shot Down Twice (hard rock)
SUNCZAR: Bearer Of Light (sludge/stoner metal)
SILVERLANE: Inside Internal Infinity (powerful and melodic metal)
PAPIR: 7 (meditative soundscapes)
GRAVES FOR GODS: The Oldest Gods (really dark and heavy doom metal)
BUZZARD CANYON: Drunken Tales Of An Underachiever...The Saga Continues (heavy rock)
The QUILL: Live, New, Borrowed, Blue (heavy hard rock)
HARPYIE: Blutbann (medieval/folk metal in german)
FREAKS AND CLOWNS: We Set The World On Fire (heavy metal)
SPACE PARASITES: The Spellbound Witch (heavy/thrash metal)
REDSTACKS: Revival Of The Fittest (70s hard rock)
HEIR APPARENT: Graceful Inheritance (re-issue) (heavy metal from the 80s)
SARCASM: Stellar Stream Obscured (death metal)
SIR REG: Open The Pubs (celtic punk)
SLEIGHER: Seasons Greetings In The Abyss (x-mas prog metal/slayer cover)
GUERILLA TOSS: Cannibal Capital (art-rock/pop)
FALLING IN REVERSE: Zombified (modern pop metal)
LIONHEART: Second Nature (reissue) (melodic hard rock)
BULLET RIDE: At The Gates Of Hell (heavy/thrash metal)
ABYSSUS: Death Revival (death metal)
POLTERGEIST: The Demos (thrash/speed metal)
BLOOD: Dysangelium (reissue) (death/grind)
ACHERON: Satanic Victory (reissue) (heavy death metal)
LAZY QUEEN: Bed/Head (pop punk)
The FREQUENCY CONSPIRACY: Quarantine Covers (covers album, hard rock)
BRANDY AND THE BUTCHER: BGF (punky hard rock)
WIEGEDOOD: There's Always Blood At The End Of The Road (psycho black metal noise)
TOUNDRA: Hex (instrumental post-rock)
CASE 39: Fucked Up Forever (raw n dirty hard rock n roll)
CARR JAM 21: Carr Jam 21 (tribute to eric carr)
DIAMOND DOGS: Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous (rock n roll/glam rock)
TURKEY VULTURE: Twist The Knife (heavy punk rock/metal)
BIG SCENIC NOWHERE: The Long Morrow (heavy desert rock n roll)
DESCENT: Order Of Chaos (death metal)
WOLFBASTARD: Hammer The Bastards (d-beat black metal)
WEAPONRY: Everwinding Slaughter (death metal/crust punk)
WAR & SIN: The War Within (progressive rock)
VOODOMA: Hellbound (dark/goth rock)
Tristan Harders' TWILIGHT THEATRE: Drifting Into Insanity (melodic power metal)
HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN': Sudden Impact (re-issue) (80s hard rock)
AUTUMN'S CHILD: Zenith (aor/melodic rock)
Mike Tramp: You Only Get To Do It Once (soft rock)
JD MILLER: Inside The Night (melodic metal)
C.K.O: Are You With Me (hard rock/heavy metal)
HYPERIA: Operation Midnight (thrash metal)
EREB ALTOR: Vargtimman (epic folk/viking metal)
WILDERUN: Epigone (progressive metal)
NEEDLESS: The Cosmic Cauldron (prog/melo death metal)
NECROPHAGOUS: In Chaos Ascend (death metal)