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F.K.Ü.: Nightmares In A Damaged Brain - Single (Thrash metal)
GODHEAD MACHINERY: Ouroboros - Album (Extreme metal)
UFO: The Salentino Cuts - Album (Rock/Blues covers)
UNREAL TERROR: The New Chapter - Album (Heavy metal)
SPARZANZA: Announcing The End - Single (Hard rock/Metal)
SKARLETT RIOT: Break - Single (Modern metal)
CARDINALS FOLLY: Deranged Pagan Sons - Album (Doom metal)
BREAKING SAMSARA: Light Of A New Beginning - Album (Classic rock)
AUDIOREHAB: Keep Me Coming - Single (Hard rock)
TURBOCHARGED: Apocalyptic - Album (Deathpunk Metal)
TERROR EMPIRE: Obscurity Rising - Album (Thrash/Death metal)
TAROT BEYOND: Tarot Beyond - Album (Heavy/Power metal)
HEAVY TRAFFIC/The MAD DOCTORS - Split 7" (Psych/Heavy rock, Garage rock)
HAZZERD: Misleading Evil - Album (Thrash metal)
DEAD EXPRESS: Bloodsucking Queen - Album (Action rock)
DANCING SCRAP: I Like It - Single (Indie rock)
NECRYTIS: Countersighns - Album (US Metal)
UNRU/TONGUE - Split EP (Black metal)
ANCST/KING APATHY - Split LP (Black metal)
L.A. WITCH: L.A. Witch - Album (Psychobilly/Garage rock)
IMPLORE: Subjugate - Album (Death metal/Hardcore/Grindcore)
INCERTAIN: Rats In Palaces - Album (Thrash/Death metal)
IN TWILIGHT'S EMBRACE: Vanitas - Album (Melodic Death/Black metal)
SPACE VACATION: Lost In The Black Divide - Album (Heavy metal)
SORROWS PATH: Touching Infinity - Album (Heavy/Doom metal)
RABBITPUNCH: First Round Knock Out - EP (Punk rock/Pop punk)
ROUGH GRIND: Four For The Road - EP (Dark roasted rock/metal)
NEWMAN: Aerial - Album (Melodic rock/AOR)
Martina Edoff: We Will Align - Album (Melodic hard rock)
VOODOMA: Gotland - Album (Dark rock/Goth/Metal)

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