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DEAD OF NIGHT: The Evolving Science Of Self - Album (Symphonic metal)
Jari Tiura: King Of Lions - Album (Melodic hard rock/AOR)
LAST DAYS OF EDEN: Chrysalis - Album (Symphonic metal)
DEATH ALLEY: Superbia - Album (Rock with extra everything)
VÄRLDEN BRINNER: Slöseri Av Tid - Album (Punk rock)
THRONELESS: Cycles - Album (Psychedelic doom metal)
MAIDAVALE: Madness Is Too Pure - Album (Retro rock)
HIGH PRIESTS: Spinning - Album (Noisey grunge punk)
COILGUNS: Millennials - Album (Crap)
NALE: Death. Skulls. Satan. - Album (Metal)
MYRHOLT: Vinter - EP (Black metal)
Jack White: Over And Over And Over - Single (Alternative rock)
HIIDENHAUTA: 1695 - Album (Melodic black metal)
TWINGIANT: Mass Driver - Album (Reissue) (Sludge)
EXEKUTION: The Worst Is Yet To Come - Album (Thrash metal)
XENOBLIGHT: Procreation - Album (Extreme metal)
VELVET VIPER: Respice Finem - Album (Heavy metal)
PUNGENT STENCH: Been Caught Buttering/Club Mondo Bizarre/Dirty Rhymes & Psychotronic Beats/First Recordings/For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh - Albums (reissues) (Extreme metal)
OWL MAKER: Paths Of The Slain - EP (Sprawling hard rock/metal)
PESTILENT REIGN: Pyres - Album (Death metal)
DEFECTO: Nemesis - Album (Melodic/Progressive metal)
UNRULY CHILD: Unhinged, Live From Milan - CD/DVD, Blu-ray (Hard rock)
SHIRAZ LANE: Carnival Days - Album (Hard rock)
REVERTIGO: Revertigo - Album (Hard rock)
DUKES OF THE ORIENT: Dukes Of The Orient - Album (Progressive rock)
CORELEONI: The Greatest Hits Part 1 - Album (Hard rock)
ANIMAL DRIVE: Bite! - Album (Hard rock)
SABER TIGER: Bystander Effect - Album (Expanded Edition) (Heavy metal)
PARASIGHT: At Leve Som Hvis Der Var Et Håb - LP (Hardcore/Punk)
Rick Parfitt: Long Distance Love - Single (Rock)

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