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ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE: Dead Erotica - Album (reissue) (Death metal)
DEVASTATION: Dispensable Bloodshed - Album (Extreme/Death metal)
DISCIPLES OF POWER: Powertrap - Album (reissue) (Thrash/Death metal)
FUNERAL NATION: Molted From Sin - Album (Reissue) (Thrash/Black metal)
JUMPIN' JESUS: The Art Of Crucifying - Album (reissue) (Death metal)
MYSTIFIER: Profanus - Album (reissue) (Death/Thrash metal)
SPARZANZA: The Trigger - Single (Metal)
BOUNDSLUG: Circus In Town - Album (Psychobilly/Heavy rock)
Jeff Scott Soto: Retribution - Album (Melodic hard rock)
The DARK ELEMENT: The Dark Element - Album (Symphonic metal/Melodic hard rock)
BABYLON A.D.: Revelation Highway - Album (Hard rock)
PINK CREAM 69: Headstrong - Double Album (Hard rock)
PRIMAL FEAR: Best Of Fear - Double Album (Heavy metal)
SWEET & LYNCH: Unified - Album (Hard rock)
IN VEIN: Veiled In Pain - EP (Gothic rock)
STARBLIND: Never Seen Again - Album (Heavy metal)
WILDNESS: Wildness - Album (Melodic hard rock)
KANSAS: Leftoverture Live & Beyond - Double Album (Classic rock)
LOS TRES MOTEL: Writings On The Wall - Single (Alternative rock)
The PARITY COMPLEX: The Parity Complex - Album (Pop metal)
SALEM'S LOTT: Mask Of Morality - EP (Heavy metal)
PROJECT RENEGADE: Cerebra - EP (Alternative metal)
EMPIRE: Chasing Shadows - Album (reissue) (Melodic hard rock)
GLITTERTIND: Himmelfall - Album (Folk pop?)
WOLFHORDE: The Great Old Ones - EP (Folk metal)
VICE: Veni Vidi Vice - Album (Hard rock)
Tarja Turunen: From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas) - Album (Christmas lullabies)
JUPITERIAN: Terraforming - Album (Doom/Sludge metal)
CATAPULT THE DEAD: A Universal Emptiness - Album (Doom metal)
The DAHLMANNS / The STANLEYS: Connie Converse/Amy - Split Single (Power pop)

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