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APOPHYS: Devoratis - Album (Death metal)
THUNDERMOTHER: Whatever - Single (Hard rock n roll)
STARCRAWLER: Starcrawler - Album (L.A. Rock)
Jack White: Connected By Love - Single (Rock)
VARVARA: Identical - Single (Rock)
RISE OF AVERNUS: Eigengrau - Album (Orchestral death/doom metal)
REXORIA: Queen Of Light - Album (Melodic metal)
NEKROKRAFT: Witches Funeral - Album (Thrashy black metal)
SPIRAL KEY: An Error Of Judgement - Album (Symphonic/Progressive metal)
SONIC PROPHECY: Savage Gods - Album (Power/Heavy metal)
VIVALDI METAL PROJECT: The Extended Sessions - Album (Classical music/Symphonic metal)
HELL BENT: Hell Bent - Cassette EP? (Thrashy hardcore/punk)
(D)JURET: Sök Din Sekt - Digital EP (Punk rock)
CRUENTATOR: Ain't War Hell? - Album (Thrash metal)
BLOODSHOT DAWN: Reanimation - Album (Melodic death metal)
AVATAR: Avatar Country - Album (Metal)
AMMOURI: Dare To Be Happy - Album (Harder rock)
DJINN AND MISKATONIC: Even Gods Must Die - Album (Doom metal)
TERRA INCOGNITA: Fragments Of A Ruined Mind - Album (Heavy metal)
SINOPTIK: Standalone Syndrome - Single (Psych/Stoner rock)
HAMKA: Multiversal - Album (Symphonic melodic metal)
GRIMNER: En Fallen Jätte - Single (Folk metal)
ALDARIA: When The Time Has Come - Digital Single (Symphonic power metal)
MIND OF DOLL: Speak No Evil - EP (Rock/Hard rock)
MASS BURIAL: Breeding Plagues - Album (Death metal)
LUNAR: Theogony - Album (Progressive rock/metal)
DumDefBlind: Call Out! - Album (Hard rock)
VENOM: Assault! - Box Set (Black metal)
METALSTEEL: Beyond The Stars - Album (Heavy metal)
MYRHOLT: Med Samme Nål, Under Samme Måne - Album (Black metal)

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