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DESERT STORM: Sentinels - Album (Stoner metal/Sludge)
DARE: Out Of The Silence II - Album reissue (Melodic hard rock/AOR)
BEYOND THE KATAKOMB: Beyond The Katakomb - Album (Progressive metal)
WORMLIGHT: Wrath Of The Wilds - Album (Melodic black metal)
SADNESS: Ames De Marbre - Album reissue (Doom/Death/Black/Gothic metal)
MISSING LINK: Lobotomized - Album reissue (Alternative thrash metal)
LUGNET: Begging - Single (Classic hard rock)
LORDS OF THE STONE: Roses For The Dead - Album reissue (Progressive death metal/Doom metal)
LACHRYMOSE: The Unseen - EP (Doom metal)
June 1974: Nemesi - Album (instrumental, progressive, psychedelic)
MICK'S JAGUAR: Fame And Fortune - Album (Hard Rock n Roll)
WOLFEN: Rise Of The Lycans - Album (Melodic power metal)
STREET DOGS: Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing - Album (American punk rock)
MARDUK: Viktoria - Album (Black metal)
RYDERS CREED: Ryders Creed - Album (Catchy heavy rock)
CHAOS BEFORE GEA: Chronos - Album (A stew of progressive metal)
KHARVA: Kharva - Demo (Heavy and hard metal)
VEGA: Only Human - Album (Melodic rock/AOR)
THY PRIMORDIAL: The Blackened Years - 4CD Box Set (reissues) (Black metal)
TAD MOROSE: Chapter X - Album (Heavy metal)
PRIMITAI: The Calling - Album (Melodic metal)
PRAYING MANTIS: Gravity - Album (Hard rock)
The NEAL MORSE BAND: The Similitude Of A Dream, Live In Tilburg 2017 - 2CD/2DVD, Blu-ray (Progressive/Symphonic rock)
DOOMSDAY OUTLAW: Hard Times - Album (Hard rock)
CRYING STEEL: Stay Steel - Album (Heavy metal)
BROWSING COLLECTION: Thank God It's Friday - Single (Power pop)
BLACK LIGHT WHITE LIGHT: Horizons - Album (Indie rock/Dark pop?)
HERE LIES MAN: You Will Know Nothing - Album (Psychedelic rock)
FRAYLE: The White Witch - EP (Doom rock/Dream pop)
FABRIKEN: Hoppa Av I Farten - EP (Melodic punk rock)

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