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THUNDERCROW: Heavy Metal Space Cowboy - Album (Heavy metal/Rock n Roll)
DIRGE: Ah Puch - Album (Dark sludge/doom)
DESTRUCTION: Bestial Invasion Of Hell - EP reissue (Thrash metal)
MONUMENTS: Phronesis - Album (Progressive metalcore)
CHASTAIN: The Voice Of The Cult, 30 Years Heavy - Album reissue (US/Heavy metal)
BLOODBATH: The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn - Album (Death metal)
BLACK LOTUS: Sons Of Saturn - Album (Doom)
SLAP GURU: Diagrams Of Pagan Life - Album (Blues-based psych rock)
STONE LEADERS: Stone Leaders - Album (Progressive/melodic hard rock)
MIDNITE CITY: There Goes The Neighbourhood - Album (Melodic hard rock)
ONCE: After Earth - Album (Epic symphonic metal)
ORION'S REIGN: Scores Of War - Album (Symphonic power metal)
WHITE WIDDOW: Victory - Album (Melodic rock/AOR)
SAXON: The Eagle Has Landed - Album reissue (Heavy metal)
WITCHFYRE: Grimorium Verum - Album (Heavy metal)
WILD: Sin Piedad - Album (Heavy metal)
GUTWRENCH: The Art Of Mutilation - Album (Death metal)
GATHERING DARKNESS: The Inexprable End - 7" EP (Death metal)
FASTLANE FLOWER: Abusement Park - Album (Rock/Metal)
PULVERIZED: Monuments Of Misanthropy - Album (Death metal)
SKRAECKOEDLAN: Äppelträdet - Album reissue (Heavy rock)
REBELHOT: Uncomfortableness - Album (70s blues/funk rock)
OUTRAGE: Demo(n)s 1985 - Album (Blackened thrash metal)
BLACK ALICE: Sons Of Steel - Album reissue (Hard rock)
DISCIPLES OF POWER: Ominous Prophecy - Album reissue (Thrash/Death)
ATRAMENT: Scum Sect - Album (Crust/Metal)
HORISONT, HYPNOS and LIZZIES at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on October 6, 2018 (Hard rock/Heavy metal)
KADAVAR: Live In Copenhagen - Album (Heavy/Psych rock)
Nick Oliveri: No Hits At All Vol. 5 - Album (Punk)
LEADER OF DOWN: Cascade Into Chaos - Album (Hard rock with MOTÖRHEAD members)

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