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WIDOWER: The Unholy Oath - EP
Really raw and brutal blackened thrash metal is what we get from this band. I didn't get that much information about the band. There's more talk about "breathing new life into metal". But my opinion is that I've heard this before, so it's hardly anything new and unique at all. They actually reminds me a little of something like NIFELHEIM and VENOM for example. I didn't say that they sound exactly like them though. But it's in the same direction. And that's not bad of course.
(self released)
APRIL 22, 2016

GLUTTONY is best described as old school death metal, because that's exactly what it is. And that is also what SORDID FLESH is playing. Both bands are good, so I have nothing to complain about.
GLUTTONY released their debut demo, "Coffinborn", in 2012, and the EP "Eaten Alive" in 2013, with underground cult growler Johan Jansson (INTERMENT, UNCANNY, CENTINEX, ex-ENTOMBED A.D.) on vocals. Their long-awaited debut album, "Beyond The Veil Of Flesh", was released by Vic Records in 2014. Their part of this split contains 2 totally new recorded tracks and their 2012 demo. The last song is a cover of "Paint It Black" by The ROLLING STONES.
SORDID FLESH was formed in 2011 and released their debut demo in 2012. They were quickly picked up by Vic Records for their debut full length. Their participation on the split consist of 5 brand new songs, including a cover of "Ram It Down" by JUDAS PRIEST (thank God that they didn't choose "Painkiller").
Release date: April 25, 2016 (Vic Records)
APRIL 22, 2016

NINJA: Into The Fire - Album
Why they start the album with a heavier and slower song is a big question. Because after that they really start to kick ass. Then it suddenly sounds like ACCEPT and U.D.O. But after that it's slow and heavy again for some reason. I don't really get this band. Why don't they just concentrate on the harder stuff instead?
They're pretty o.k. in general. Some songs are better than others, and so on.. But it's hardly like any other heavy metal band have to worry about any kind of competition.
This seems to be 1 of all those bands who existed back in the 80s (1987-1997 to be more specific), and thought it could be nice to start rocking again. The band comes from Germany, and this is a re-release of a album that was just released as a self-made CD-R in 2014.
(Pure Steel Records)
APRIL 21, 2016

Brown Acid: The Second Trip - Compilation album
These tracks are labeled as proto-metal and pre-stoner rock. I think it sounds more like psychedelic rock/garage rock though. A little like MC5 sometimes. It's a collection of rare singles from the 60s and 70s, and there's no idea to mention any of the artists, because you will most likely never ever have heard of them before. Most of them are good though, so this record could definitely be worth checking out.
It might not make me think of metal or stoner rock, but you get 10 tracks that you probably will have hard to find anywhere else. So it's more or less a must for those who are looking for something rare from the 60s/70s.
Good songs are good music, no matter what you call it.
Release date: April 22, 2016 (RidingEasy)
APRIL 21, 2016

The WRETCHED END: In These Woods, From These Mountains - Album
Former EMPEROR/ZYKLON guitarist Samoth, MINDGRINDER/WINDIR guitarist/vocalist Cosmo and DARK FUNERAL drummer Nils Dominator Fjellström are back with a new album with The WRETCHED END. It was nearly 4 years since their last album was released. Among the guests here are Attila Csihar (MAYHEM, TORMENTOR), Einar Solberg (LEPROUS) etc.
The music is best described as extreme metal with influences from black, death and thrash metal, and often with an underlying dark and eerie atmosphere.
It might not be a masterpiece, but it's good enough to listen to, even though it start to sound more like zynth towards the end of the album, which doesn't sound so good in this uniform.
Release date: April 22, 2016 (Indie Recordings)
APRIL 21, 2016

LIVE ELEPHANT: Speak The Truth Or Die Alone - Album
LIVE ELEPHANT was born in 1992 already, and have released 3 albums since then: "Skin n Bone" (1996), "Masterhead" (2000) and "Into The Mechinery" (2006). They call their music "old school slugger metal", which means that it will fit fans of PANTERA and TESTAMENT. So in other words it's actually groove metal that we talk about. And they're not bad at all. I think people who like TRANSPORT LEAGUE will like this. It's something similar to what they're doing.
Release date: April 22, 2016 (GMR Music)
APRIL 20, 2016

PYRAMIDO: Vatten - Album
Heavy stuff. But in Swedish for a change. I have seen the name of this band here and there, but I don't think I have heard them before. These 5 songs sounds o.k. though. And as it's a album, I guess you can figure it out yourself that the songs are pretty long (6.50-8.15 minutes).
PYRAMIDO formed 10 years ago already, and this is their fourth full length.
Release date: April 22, 2016 (Halo Of Flies)
APRIL 20, 2016

ANTI-PASTI: The Last Call.... - Album
Yet another old British punk band that I don't think I have heard before.
"The Last Call" is these Derbyshire punks debut album, which was originally released in 1981. But here we also get a lot of bonus material, so there's a total of 29 tracks. Unfortunately we get some tracks a little too many times (why must they include every damned version there is of some songs?). "Another Dead Solider" comes as much as 4 times! Not really necessary according to me.
ANTI-PASTI seems to be a very good band, so this is definitely something that you should check out if you haven't heard them before.
(Westworld Recordings)
APRIL 19, 2016

BIGGER BETTER BOMBS: Psycho Killer EP - Demo
Some kind of noisy punk rock/garage rock. Sounds very British and aggressive.
This band was formed in Göteborg, Sweden 10 years ago. But all they did during the first 6 years was 2 demos and a self released EP, as well as a few gigs. In 2012 they decided that it was enough. But that's not the end of the story. In early 2016 they suddenly wanted to give it another try, and they recorded this 4-track demo, where 3 of the songs are re-recordings of old material. It will probably just be available digitally.
Not bad. Try it.
(Self released)
APRIL 19, 2016

IMPLODE: The Anti Cimex EP - EP
Now how cool isn't this? I don't know how many of you that actually know who ANTI CIMEX was, but they're legends in the hardcore/punk scene anyway. And the thrash/death metal band IMPLODE have done covers of 4 of their songs, as well as a cover of a WOLFPACK song (who had the same singer as ANTI CIMEX, but this song is just a intro).
ANTI CIMEX are just as IMPLODE from Sweden (Mariestad, Göteborg etc.), and existed in the 80s and 90s. Even though there was a lot of drinking, they sometimes succeded to enter the studio to record a couple of classic EPs and 2 albums before they went seperate ways.
In this case it could have been at least 5 more songs. That wouldn't have hurt. But on the other hand, I can always listen to the original versions. IMPLODE's versions goes a little faster than the original by the way.
Release date: April 22, 2016 (Cramada Records)
APRIL 19, 2016

DIAMOND HEAD: Diamond Head - Album
This is the old NWOBHM legends that gave us songs like "Am I Evil?", "Helpless", "The Prince" and "It's Electric". They formed 40 years ago, and split up in 1985. Gave it another try between 1991-1994, reunited again in 2002, and are still around since then.
What is there to say about this new album then? Well, it's not so bad. It's still good old hard rock/heavy metal, and it sounds like in the late 70s/early 80s. The songs might not have the same hit potential as their early material, but they're definitely good enough to listen to.
This is their first album with new material in 8 years, and the first album with the new vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen.
APRIL 18, 2016

ABORTED: Retrogore - Album
You better run, you better hide. The Belgian gore death metal masters are here again.
It's very brutal and intense, just like it use to be, so this shouldn't dissapoint any of their old fans. But even though it's very intense sometimes, it's still music at least, and a little technical sometimes as well.
But I guess I don't have to describe this band any deeper. They have been around since 1995 already, and this is their ninth album, so if you're a fan then you should know what to expect by now.
Damned good anyway. That's for sure.
Release date: April 22, 2016 (Century Media)
APRIL 18, 2016

KUOLEMAN GALLERIA: Kärsimys Kunniaan - Album
You have heard the exact same story before. It all started as a 1-man project in 2012, but it soon became a "real" band. I guess this is their debut album.
KUOLEMAN GALLERIA is a mixture of black n roll and Finnish madness. Drunk men spreading their anger over things via 12 tracks. But as they sing in Finnish, I don't know what makes them angry. This band is stone hard, but somehow they succeed to variate themselves, and there's always a melody in their songs.
(Inverse Records)
APRIL 17, 2016

IMMENSITY: The Isolation Splendour - Album
The shortest song is 5 and a half minutes, and that's normal. But the rest is between approximately 9-11 minutes long. I guess it's not so hard for you to figure out that it's yet another heavy-weight band. Some kind of atmospheric and melancoly death/doom metal.
IMMENSITY comes from Greece, and was formed in the beginning of 2009 in Athens. This is their debut album.
These 7 songs last for approximately 68 minutes, and that's very long. It actually feels like the album last for an eternity.
(Hypnotic Dirge Records/Solitude Productions)
APRIL 17, 2016

ANGERHEAD: Iron Fist - Single
Yeah! I really like this MOTÖRHEAD song, and this band is doing a really good version of it. What else is there to say? Always fun when a band do something else than "Ace Of Spades", which we have heard about a thousand times now. I don't mean that I don't like it, but there's so many other good songs with MOTÖRHEAD.
The song comes from their upcoming EP "Fueled by Rage".
(Self released?)
APRIL 17, 2016

CURSE THE SON: Isolator - Album
When I saw a black and white cover with a scarecrow, I thought that it would be black metal. But instead I get doom/stoner metal. And that's much more interesting. They have a 70s vibe that I like. A little piece of BLACK SABBATH there.
This is the third full length from this trio, who comes from Hamden, Connecticut in U.S.A. The band was formed in 2007 already.
Well, what else can I say? Definitely worth checking out you know.
(Snake Charmer Coalition)
APRIL 17, 2016

NITROFORCE 9: Heat Of The Downtown - Album
Catchy and energetic rock songs. Hardly something new, but still good. I think people who like so called action rock will like this album. Even though this is a bit more melodic than action rock. People who like rock and rock n roll in general should like this anyway. They have potential at least, and that's a very important thing.
This is the second album, but it seems like NITROFORCE 9 has existed since 2004 already. After releasing a demo and a couple of EP's, they finally got a record deal in 2013, and released their debut album, "Good Men, Bad Intentions".
This is absolutely worth listening to.
APRIL 16, 2016

SCENIC BELLY: Trying Hard To Be A Man - 7" EP
Funny band. Seems like their songs are too long for a 7" on 45 rpm. Suddenly the second song on the first side just stop. Maybe they should have choosen 33 rpm instead?
This Swedish punk band formed in 1994 already, and comes from the westcoast (Halmstad). They took a break between 2007 to 2011, but otherwise they have been active. They haven't released that much though, just a cassette in 1994, a CD in 2000 and a 12" EP in 2014. But now they can add a 7" EP to their discography.
Their music is describe as a cocky mixture of The CLASH's 77 punk and modern street punk. I think it sounds a bit melodic actually, but they still have enough energy to be a punk band and not another GREEN DAY.
Release date: April 15, 2016 (AMTY Records)
APRIL 15, 2016

POEM: Skein Syndrome - Album
I don't know, but I think the vocals in the first song, "Passive Observer", reminds me a little of VOLBEAT sometimes. But this band play progressive metal, so I'm not sure if fans of that band will understand this. Nothing is impossible though. It's catchy and melodic stuff anyway, and is said to fit fans of bands like TOOL, ANATHEMA, PORCUPINE TREE, ISIS, PAIN OF SALVATION, KATATONIA and KARNIVOOL.
POEM is based in Athens, Greece, and the band was formed in 2006. They recorded their debut album, "The Great Secret Show", in December 2008. "Skein Syndrome" is their second album, so they don't exactly work fast. But on the other hand, this isn't exactly the easiest music you can get yourself into.
(ViciSolum Productions)
APRIL 14, 2016

MOONSORROW: Jumalten Aika - Album
This is the seventh album from this Finnish pagan metal band. To me it sounds like black metal with a touch of folk music. Their songs last for an eternity (7-16 minutes), so there's just 5 songs. But that's enough for me. Not that it's bad, but when the songs are so long there's no need for more.
The band has existed since 1995, and this is their first album since 2011's "Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa".
(Century Media)
APRIL 14, 2016

FIMBULTYR: Niddikter - Album
Swedish viking black metal. This is their second album. It's a mix of heavy mid-tempo and fast black metal with majestic choruses. The band features members of HELL PATROL, SARTINAS and VOLTURYON.
Not bad at all. This is much better than many other black metal bands. And another good thing, is that because of the viking theme there's no satanic crap here. I like it!
Release date unknown.. (Unexploded Records)
APRIL 13, 2016

BABYMETAL: Karate - Single
O.k., I have succeeded to avoid this little phenomena before, but now it's time for me to say something about it.
Well, this is probably much better if you're from Japan and grown up with Japanese music. Sometimes it's a little harder and sometimes more soft and melodic. I would like to call this pop metal or metal pop actually.
This song is o.k., but how fun will it be to hear a whole album with this stuff? Well, that's the next question to be answered.
The song comes from their latest album, "Metal Resistance".
APRIL 13, 2016

TOSELAND: Cradle The Rage - Album
James Toseland was born in 1980 in Doncaster, UK. He began to take piano lessons at the age of 8, and was taught by a professional pianist. James is also double world superbike champion. Throughout his career as a motorcycle racer, music has always been a central part of his life. So when he was forced to retire due to an injury, it was pretty obvious to start a music career instead. Luckily it wasn't a carreer as a pianist, but as a rock singer.
People who like good old hard rock with a lot of melody should like this album, because that's exactly what you're going to get here. And it's not bad at all. There's a lot of strong, catchy and emotional songs here. Just like it's supposed to be if you want to succeed.
The album was produced by Toby Jepson (The ANSWER, VIRGINMARYS, LITTLE ANGELS) and mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Bryan Adams, MÖTLEY CRÜE).
Favorite songs? "Stranger Things" and "We'll Stop At Nothing" maybe? But there's no bad songs among these 11 tracks.
Release date: April 15, 2016 (Metalville Records)
APRIL 12, 2016

MAYFAIR: My Ghosts Inside - Album
Imagine the feeling: You have just been listening to a bad record and hope that the next one will be better, and then that record is bad too. That's just what happened here.
MAYFAIR play some kind of mysterious, laid-back progressive hard rock that I found boring. Probably because I don't really understand their music. And as far as I can remember their last album didn't impress me either. Maybe something for indie kids? Or maybe for fans of GENESIS and similar bands?
"My Ghosts Inside" deals with the theme of spirits that sleep within us, positive and negative forces that can erupt at certain moments and kick us out of our comfort zone. German sentences or phrases are repeatedly interwoven into the English lyrics.
This Austrian band released their first demo, "Live For The King", in 1989. So they're hardly a new band.
Release date: April 15, 2016 (Pure Prog Records)
APRIL 11, 2016

CHELSEA: Anthology Vol. 3 - 3CD Box Set
So, here's the last box set then, with the albums "The Alternative" (1993), "Traitors Gate" (1994) and "Faster Cheaper And Better Looking" (2005).
It starts good, and they seems to have found their way back home to punk rock again. Which is a relief, as I liked their 3 first albums much more than the mixture on the 3 albums after that. The music is best described as melodic sing-a-long punk rock. But even though it might be better than Vol. 2 was, it's hardly any masterpieces that we get here. It's just pretty good, no more no less. But sometimes that's enough.
This box set is just like Vol. 1 filled with a lot of bonus tracks (including intense live performances of "How Do You Know" and "I'm On Fire" among others), so you get a total of 54 tracks here.
2016 marks 40 years since CHELSEA formed. They might not have been active all the time, but they're still around, and they released a new album, "Saturday Night Sunday Morning", as late as last year (also worth checking out).
Release date: April 15, 2016 (Westworld Recordings)
APRIL 10, 2016

CHELSEA: Anthology Vol. 2 - 3CD Box Set
3 more records with the British punk rockers CHELSEA: "Original Sinners" (1985), "Rocks off" (1986) and "Underwraps" (1989).
On these records they started to losing grip. Because these albums are not as good as the 3 first was. And it's not just punk rock here either, even though there's a few good punk songs too. I don't really know how to describe the rest of the material though. New wave maybe? It's softer than before anyway, and actually a little boring sometimes. So the golden years was definitely over when these records came out.
I guess they wanted to develop themselves like The DAMNED and The CLASH did. Unfortunately they didn't have as strong songs as those bands had.
I think I can count the good songs on 1 hand.. Their 3 first albums was much better.
Release date: April 15, 2016 (Westworld Recordings)
APRIL 9, 2016

CHELSEA: Anthology Vol. 1 - 3CD Box Set
This was really fun to hear, because I haven't heard that much of CHELSEA's early material. And at once I start to wonder where I have heard the first track, "I'm On Fire". I have heard it with some other band many years ago, and after 1 day I finally remembered that it was SEIZURE. But anyhow, this anthology includes CHELSEA's 3 first albums "Chelsea" (1979), "Alternative Hits" (1980) and "Evacuate" (1982). Every album also includes a lot of bonus tracks, which might be interesting even if you already have these records. So you get a total of 49 tracks here.
CHELSEA might not be among the most legendary British punk bands from the late 70s/early 80s, but they definitely have a couple of really good songs in their baggage. There's no doubt about that. But unfortunately there's some less good stuff too, like "Government" for example, which sounds like a bleach copy of SEX PISTOLS' "Submission". And "Tribal Song" isn't so good either.
If you like early British punk, then you should like this.
This is just the first volume. There will be 2 more with 3 albums on each volume. And all 3 box sets will be released on the same day.
Release date: April 15, 2016 (Westworld Recordings)
APRIL 8, 2016

The TREATMENT: Generation Me - Album
"Generation Me" (weird title) is this British hard rockers' third full length. New in the band are Mitchel Emms on vocals and Tao Grey on guitar.
Well, they're definitely rocking. It's catchy and really good stuff that we get from these guys. But for some reason I just can't come up with anything else to say. You should check this out though.
(Frontiers Music Srl)
APRIL 7, 2016

Progressive metal again. This band seems to be among those who are a little better than the rest though. Because they have good melodies and good melodic songs that can actually be possible to remember. It might not exactly be hit potential here, but it's absolutely good enough for me, who usually don't like progressive music that much.
So, if you like melodic hard rock/metal, then you should give this band a try.
(Frontiers Music Srl)
APRIL 7, 2016

ROYAL HUNT: Cargo - Double album
It looks like this symphonic/progressive metal band have released as much as 13 albums. "Cargo" is a double live album, including recordings from festivals like ProgPower USA, Loud Park Japan and Rockingham UK. The album includes a complete rendition of their signature concept album "Paradox" (which I have never heard).
Well, as you might know I'm not the biggest fan of either symphonic or progressive metal, even though there can be something good once in a while. This band is not among the good bands. Their eternity long songs goes in through 1 ear and out through the other.
A friend of mine who like progressive rock, use to come with the argument that they're so good at what they're doing. But honestly, I don't buy that argument. I don't care how good they can play as long as they can't make songs that I like. It's like some people think that it's good just becuse it's advanced. How stupid.
(Frontiers Music Srl)
APRIL 6, 2016

Pretty hard heavy metal for being released by Frontiers, who mainly seems to release AOR and melodic hard rock. But that doesn't really mean that it's hard as JUDAS PRIEST or ACCEPT. No, there's a lot of melody in these songs. Many of the songs makes me think of W.A.S.P. actually.
This band comes from Spain, and is probably most well-known because their singer Ronnie Munroe will be singing with Ritchie Blackmore at a couple of shows this summer, where Ritchie is going to play songs by DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW for the first time in many years.
The album was co-produced, mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN, ex-HELLOWEEN). And the label claims that this will instantly become a absolute metal classic. Well, it's really good, no doubt about that, but I'm not ready to call it a classic.
(Frontiers Music Srl)
APRIL 6, 2016

RAMPART: Codex Metalum - Album
So here's the opening band for Dirkschneider (Udo Dirkschneider performing ACCEPT songs for the last time) that I totally missed in the end of February. Seems like that was a little stupid now that I've finally heard them. It might not be a masterpiece that they have made here, but it's definitely good classic heavy metal.
There's just a few small details that disturb me. Like when she is singing with a voice that sounds like she is holding her nose or like a smurf. Or when they start a song with something that sounds like a musical box for children. Stop that shit and concentrate your energy on pure heavy metal instead.
RAMPART comes from Bulgaria, and was founded 10 years ago. "Codex Metalum" is their fourth album. And no true fan of heavy metal should be dissapointed when they listen to this.
Release date: April 8, 2016 (Iron Shield Records)
APRIL 5, 2016

DISTANT PAST: Rise Of The Fallen - Album
This is a concept album about the eternal struggle of the temptation of Lucifer vs. the teachings of God's son. I concentrate on the music though, and most of these 10 tracks sounds good enough for me. No doubt about that.
DISTANT PAST is a heavy metal band from Switzerland.
I don't think I will get any further than that with this review, no matter how many times I have been listening to this album. But give it a try anyway.
Release date: April 8, 2016 (Pure Steel Publishing)
APRIL 5, 2016

FABRIKEN: Mot Botten Av Ett Hål - EP
Excuse me, but doesn't this sound more or less the same as their previous EPs? Luckily it's good, so I guess I shouldn't complain.
It's the best kind of Swedish pop punk filled with melody. Sensitive somehow. So if you're a fan of what we call trallpunk, then you should definitely check out this band, who have members from bands like ROLANDS GOSSKÖR, COCA CAROLA, DIA PSALMA etc.
Release date: April 7, 2016 (Beat Butchers)
APRIL 5, 2016

GRIMNER: Eldhjärta - Single
Folk metal in Swedish. And There's different kinds of folk metal. We have the party and sing-a-long version with FINNTROLL and the black metal version with MÅNEGARM. But GRIMNER isn't really like any of them. This is more like very catchy heavy metal mixed with old Swedish folk music. They even spice it up with folk music instruments. And I must say that it's not a bad mixture at all. I like it, but I'm not really sure if I would want a whole album with this.
This song comes from their second album, "Frost Mot Eld", which was released in February.
(Despotz Records)
APRIL 4, 2016

The KRISTET UTSEENDE and LEDJELLY at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on April 2, 2016
I actually asked some friends if they were intrested in buying my ticket for this sold out show, because both my legs was in bad shape in the beginning of the week. But nobody seemed to be interested or had other plans, and the legs was luckily better in the end of the week, so I went to the show anyway. I almost regret it though, because it became what we can call an evening of hate. First no bus to the station for 45 minutes, so I had to take a taxi. And when I arrived the damned bus to Göteborg was late. I guess it took about 25 minutes before it finally came a bus. And after that, when I finally was in the right city, I had to wait for a tram for almost 15 minutes. I hate to wait!
When I arrived at Sticky Fingers, the first band, LEDJELLY, had already started to play, just as I expected. Always something, but I'm not really sure what they were doing there. To me it sounded like grunge, which can be good. But unfortunately this band wasn't more than o.k. So I thought I should have a beer. But shit! People everywhere! No way that I was going to stand there and wait for an eternity, so I went to the toilet instead. And when I was done the bar on the second floor had finally opened, which was perfect. Not much people there yet, and I could actually sit down for a while (the only chance I got to sit by the way).
Unfortunately you can't see the show from the bar on the second floor, so when I had drank my beer I went back to the first bar to see the show from there, and maybe get the chance to sit and watch the show, as I walk with a crutch (fucked up hip if you have to know). But there was still very much people, and more and more came. That might be the reason why The KRISTET UTSEENDE didn't start until 30 minutes later than they should have. I was very irritated. Too much people and wait. Not exactly my favorite things in life. Why can't they play at a bigger venue? It's always sold out when they play at Sticky. And this time it was extreme. Last time I go and see them there.
When the band finally started to play, I thought that most people would go closer to the stage, so I could sit down. But hell no. It wasn't as extreme as before in the bar, but no seat was available. And the lazy bastards didn't seem to give a fuck that I was standing there with a crutch. I hate them all!
Well, let's talk about The KRISTET UTSEENDE then.. A Swedish metal/punk band that you shouldn't take too seriously, as they sing about drugs and perverted things among others. Very funny lyrics in Swedish and damned good music. This men can really play tight. And just as I expected, they played a lot of old classics from the 90s and a few newer songs. So no problem with the band at least. They delivered and came back 2 times before they were done.
Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
APRIL 3, 2016

PSYCHO: From The Asylum - Album
Seems like they want to give us the impression that they're wild psychos directly from the madhouse. But this doesn't sound so brutal and crazy as you might expect. No, I would describe this as dirty hard rock n roll brewed on alcohol and testosterone.
This is actually the seventh record from these Canadian thrashers, who formed in 1987 already. Yes, they call it thrash, and sure there is some thrash in their music too, but otherwise I think my earlier description is pretty good.
(CDN Records)
APRIL 2, 2016

LARRE U-A: Don't Look Away - Single
Just as last time I heard this band, I don't really know what to write about their songs. It's pretty o.k. rock, and this song might actually be a little better than the previous 2 that I've heard.
The band comes from Uddevalla on the westcoast of Sweden. They describe their music as "classic rock/hard rock with influences from the rock music made in the 70s/80s, as well as from the punk scene".
(Self released)
APRIL 2, 2016

BIZARRE: Inner Necropolis - EP
Doom/death metal. Hardly the best I've heard. It feels like the songs last for an eternity, even though they're not longer than approximately 3-4 and a half minutes.
This is the first record from this Spanish band, who have members from ONIROPHAGUS, FAMISHGOD and ELDERDAWN. Their music is dark and heavy but pretty brutal. They're influenced by the Finnish scene, with bands like ADRAMELECH, CARTILAGE, DEMIGOD, DEMILICH etc. But they also take inspiration from bands like ANASARCA, INTESTINE BAALISM, AVULSED and GRAVE.
(Xtreem Music)
APRIL 2, 2016

VERMENT: Death's Domain - EP
If 7 tracks of crushing death metal sounds like something that you want to hear, then VERMANT should be just what you want. Their roots are in the old school, but they also add a modern twist to it.
VERMENT consist of 4 gentlemen from the greater Cincinnati area, and they seems to know how to do this kind of stuff, because it sounds really good to me anyway.
Release date: April 1, 2016 (Self released)
APRIL 1, 2016

VICTORIAN WHORE DOGS: Afternoonified - Album
UK sludge metal band. They have previously released 2 EPs. This is their first full length though. I have definitely heard better sludge bands. They're a little too noisey and monotonous for me. But that's hardly anything unusual when it comes to this kind of bands. So if you're a fan of sludge, don't listen too much to what I say. Just check it out and make your own decision instead.
Release date: April 1, 2016 (Hibernacula Records)
APRIL 1, 2016

HELLSINGLAND UNDERGROUND: Understanding Gravity - Album
Americana/melodic country rock. Very laid-back songs from this band, but I like what I hear. They definitely have a couple of really good songs here, but track 4 and the last song, which is in Swedish, is a little extra good.
The band comes from Ljusdal, Sweden and formed in the summer of 2006. Their first self-titled album was released in March 2008.
Well, if you prefer old rock bands from the 60s/70s, then this is definitely something for you.
That's all I have to say..
Release date: April 1, 2016 (Wild Kingdom)
MARCH 31, 2016

RIDEAU: Rideau - Album
What? Have somebody sent me a record for relaxing? You can easily think that when you hear the first track at least. But after that they start to rock.
RIDEAU (French for curtain) comes from Sweden, and are described as "a high-octane hurricane of hardcore, punk and rock 'n' roll." They're influenced by bands like The HIVES, REFUSED, The BRONX and KVELERTAK. A catchy rock band that do a little like they want to. It's not anything complicated though.
Not bad actually.. Maybe you should give it a try?
European release date: April 1, 2016 (Mutiny Records/OMN/Rough Trade)
MARCH 31, 2016

SUB K & The SAVAGE: Coffin Jukebox - Album
The good songs are way too few. Too much boring crap here. Many covers (maybe just covers, with artists like Lou Reed, David Bowie, DEVO, The MONKEES etc.). They definitely put their own twist to the songs. But that doesn't help much when it's not fun to listen to. I get tired after half the album, and there's as much as 16 tracks. The last half is by the way the worst half of this record. Too much electronic stuff there. The first half does at least have some o.k. rock songs.
How am I going to describe the music then? I would say some kind of post punk, but that's not really enough to describe this album.
This is on the other hand just a one off project, where Sub K (Allen Adams, singer in the punk band The DESTRUCTORS) can do whatever he like to do, which he felt that he couldn't with his other band. He's backed up by The SAVAGE, and the members comes from Peterborough, UK and its environs.
Release date: March 31, 2016 (Rowdy Farrago Records)
MARCH 30, 2016

The MUDDIES: First Blood - Album
It's rocking!
Debut album from a energetic Finnish rock quartet, influenced by classic bands like AC/DC, MOTÖRHEAD, DR. FEELGOOD and The HIVES for example. But that doesn't mean that they sound exactly like any of those bands, because they simply put them in a blender and mix it to their own brew. Nothing unique, but they definitely kick arse anyway.
Release date: April 1, 2016 (Secret Entertainment)
MARCH 29, 2016

HOT COFFIN: Hot Coffin - Album
This Milwaukee band is labeled as noise/sludge/punk/rock. Luckily I can't hear any noise here (I hate noise). But my first impression was actually that they reminds me of TURBONEGRO around "Ass Cobra" and "Apocalypse Dudes", but with their own twist to it (which is my favorite albums with that band). It's some kind of rock anyway, and it's pretty good stuff. So if you also like TURBONEGRO, why not give this band a try?
A review doesn't have to be 7 miles long, so I guess that's enough..
Release date: April 1, 2016 (Triple Eye Industries)
MARCH 29, 2016

INISHMORE: The Lemming Project - Album
This seems to be a funny band. A song titled "Better Off Dead" is followed up by a song called "Finally A Love Song". Seems like they have humour in Switzerland.
In the information sheet they promise us gold and green woods (to translate a Swedish expression), and that is nothing unusual. But what do we really get? Female-fronted second class melodic metal from some people that look like they're at least as old as me (but not as good looking of course as I look much younger than I really am).
It's not totally hopeless though, there's some good stuff here and there, like "Manifest" and "Red Lake" for example, but it's hardly the best that I've ever heard in my life. And how exiting is an acoustic version of a song, "Where Lonely Shadows Walk", that they have already played? Especially when most of the song already is acoustic from the beginning.
The title track is an ambitious 12.40 minutes adventure.
(Dark Wings)
MARCH 28, 2016

MARTYR: You Are Next - Album
Dutch metal. The main ingredient is heavy metal, but there can just as well be power metal or thrash metal. This is the kind of band who do as they want. And that is probably what will keep them in the underground. Because there's hardly any hit potential or any anthems here. I wouldn't say that it's bad though. It's pretty o.k. stuff. But unfortunately soon forgotten. I wish them good luck though.
Release date: March 31, 2016 (Pure Steel Publishing/Into The Limelight Records)
MARCH 27, 2016

SWAMP ELF: Swamp Dog - EP
SWAMP ELF is a band from Vaasa, Finland who formed in 2010. They play fuzz/psychedelic heavy rock, or stoner rock if you prefer that. We get 4 songs, and they're definitely on the right side according to me, as there's a twist of BLACK SABBATH influences here. Their music makes me think of the early 70s. So sure, this could be worth lending an ear to. I don't have much else to say though..
(Self released)
MARCH 26, 2016

STANDING OVATION: Gravity Beats Nuclear - Album
Yeah right. It's hardly like I do any standing ovation when I listen to this progressive soup, made on rock and metal. That's false marketing.
It's a soup with many flavours, that I think that people who like progressive stuff just will love. And I have definitely taste worse things than this in my life.
It's not the most advanced recipe, which makes it easier to swallow. I think it's best described as a melodic adventure, even though there's some hard parts here and there too.
Best track: "Run Little Mouse Run".
STANDING OVATION is a Finnish band founded in 2006, and "Gravity Beats Nuclear" is their second album.
MARCH 26, 2016

SORIZON: End Of Entrapment - EP
American heavy metal band from Orange County, California, who call their music radical metal for some reason. 6 songs is what we get on this EP, and this band is not the ones who limit themselves to just 1 style or genre. Here's both hard and heavy song, as well as more melodic songs. I like more melodic stuff like "Poisonous Kiss" and "Bypass The Pain" best. But fact is that it's actually just the 2 first songs who are harder, so maybe they should concentrate on the melodic heavy metal instead of trying to be hard boys? Because as it is now, they give a little schizo impression.
MARCH 26, 2016

SLUGGER: Slugger - Digital album
This sounds like something that you could hear on Swedish national radio in the late 80s/early 90s. They make me think of a couple of Swedish rock bands from that time, that I can't even remember the names of now. It's pretty soft and dance friendly rock. Really catchy and melodic. Some songs might be a little too lame though. It's hardly something for the hardest rocker, but I like most of the material. My favorite is the power pop track "Dirty Marie".
The band formed in Stockholm, Sweden 2014, and have since then released a 3-track EP and a video for the EP's title track, "Stalker".
MARCH 26, 2016

fubear.: III - EP
Doom/stoner with a clear 70s vibe. You get heavy riffs and nice melodies, and sometimes even a little psychedelic parts.
fubear. was formed in 2012 in the city of Jyväskylä, Finland. "III" is their third EP, which also includes 3 songs. And if that wasn't enough when it comes to number 3, the band is a trio.
Really good songs. This could definitely be worth your attention.
(Inverse Records)
MARCH 25, 2016

The FOG: Perpetual Blackness - Album
Why not start the record with a 9.24-minutes brick and end it with one that's 12.26 minutes? The 5 songs between those 2 are a little shorter though - 3.18 to 7.13.
The music is raw and heavy doom/sludge/death metal. More brutal than hip shake friendly (in lack of a better way to describe it). It's not something that you will dance to, but you can definitely bang your head to it. More AMEBIX with a twist of VENOM than BLACK SABBATH if we put it that way.
This might be something for fans of HELLHAMMER, WINTER, early ASPHYX, MORGOTH, first GOATLORD, NECRO SCHIZMA and AUTOPSY.
(Memento Mori Records)
MARCH 25, 2016

FENISIA: Fenisia Cafe - Album
FENESIA was born in Rome in 2009. They released their first album, "Lucifer", in 2011. Now their second album is here, which is filled with a little heavier hard rock/heavy metal. It makes me think of the later stuff with Ozzy Osbourne actually, even though it's not exactly the same, but definitely something similar at least. Pretty o.k. stuff actually.
(Sliptrick Records)
MARCH 25, 2016

HYPERION: Seraphical Euphony - Album
But hello? Acoustic guitar and then an orchestra on that? What have I said about these useless intros? When are the world going to understand and care, and finally stop this terror?
Such an intro doesn't really make any sense when the band play melodic blackened death metal. They should of course concentrate their energy on that instead of stupid experiments.
Well, enough about that then. Let's talk about the real songs instead. It's definitely good stuff, but some songs are actually a little too long. On the other hand they succeed to keep the songs alive all the way, so it's not really a problem.
A funny thing is that some titles are in Latin, while some are in English. But as far as I can hear all lyrics are in English.
(Black Lion Pruductions)
MARCH 24, 2016

Raff Sangiorgio: Rebirth - Album
I got some good new and some bad news..
Well, I hope he had a lot of fun when he recorded this. Because it's unfortunately not so funny to listen to a whole album of instrumental guitar songs. The only positive thing is that there's at least a lot of variation between these songs, and not just different versions of the same song over and over again.
Raff Sangiorgio is an Italian heavy metal guitarist, best known for being the co-founder of the progressive death metal band GORY BLISTER, who has released 6 albums during the years. In 2015 Raff started to work on an instrumental guitar album, and now it's done.
Release date: March 26, 2016 (Sliptrick Records)
MARCH 24, 2016

DEMONSTEALER: This Burden Is Mine - Album
Indian man Sahil Makhija (DEMONIC RESURRECTION, REPTILIAN DEATH) team up with the Greek man George Kollias from NILE to create an ambitious album, filled with epic, progressive and thrashy death metal. It's said to be something for fans of FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, NILE, ADE and BEHEMOTH.
This is definitely not just another death metal album, because there's so much more involved here. I think it's better to just call it progressive metal (but o.k., that doesn't say much). There's both faster and harder stuff on this album, as well as more melodic and a bit softer stuff. Everything is good though.
This is really something that you have to check out to understand how good it really is. So do that.
Release date: March 25, 2016 (Independent)
MARCH 23, 2016

HORRIFIED: Of Despair - Album
It's said that while the debut was raw death metal like AUTOPSY and PESTILENCE, this album has its roots in the Swedish black and death metal scene, with bands like DISSECTION, UNANIMATED and SACRAMENTUM. But they're not from Sweden or from Scandinavia. It's actually a British band.
To me this sounds like good old Swedish death metal with those good guitar melodies that you should be familiar with. In other words really good stuff that you just have to check out.
Release date: March 25, 2016 (Stormspell Records)
MARCH 23, 2016

CALIBAN: Gravity - Album
"Gravity" is said to be darker and heavier, but there's melodies and more melodic vocals too. The music is still mainly hardcore/metal though, so don't worry about any bigger changes. Most songs are good on this album, so I'm not going to mention any titles here. But for some reason I feel that this kind of music is o.k. to listen to at home once in a while (when I get it for review for example), but I'm not so sure that I would want to see a band like this live. It's probably a very explosive show and a lot of action, but listen to this for about an hour when I want to have fun would probably be too much for me. I'm full after these 12 tracks.
Guest apperances by Jamie Graham (HEART OF A COWARD) and Alissa White-Gluz (ARCH ENEMY), as well as Marcel Gadacz and Zachary Britt (DREAM ON DREAMER).
Relrease date: March 25, 2016 (Century Media)
MARCH 22, 2016

FAKE MOSS: Under The Great Black Sky - Album
To me it's a thin line between goth rock and zynth pop. FAKE MOSS are on that line. And when you're walking on that line, it's always a question if it actually will fit in on this site. And fact is that the only time I listen to this kind of music is when somebody send it for review.
The music is pretty dark. Some songs actually reminds me a little of that song "Tainted Love" (by SOFT CELL among others if I'm not totally wrong), and some stuff is more like a electric/zynth version of The CULT.
No, this is probably not the right stuff for Hard Rock Info.
Release date: March 25, 2016
MARCH 21, 2016

SPLIT HEAVEN: Death Rider - Album
SPLIT HEAVEN comes from Mexico and play good old power/heavy metal. On this album they have a new singer: Jason Conde-Houston (SKELATOR), who comes from Seattle.
They have a couple of really good songs here. There's no doubt about that. But I don't really like that thing that the drummer is doing in almost every song (hard to explain here though). If he would do it in 1 or 2 songs, then I wouldn't have had any problem with it. I don't know what drums he's using for it (probably some kind of smaller), but it sounds terrible. I guess he has a little too many drums to play with.
But except for that they're all doing a good job. You get 10 tracks in approximately 49 minutes. 8 in English and 2 in Spanish.
Release date: March 25, 2016 (Pure Steel Records)
MARCH 21, 2016

Very hard and male technical death metal from Slovenia. Really brutal and intense stuff. They're like an unpredictable force that rape your soul. No, this is not how I want my death metal to sound like. This is just too much for me. It doesn't matter how good they are at playing when it's just a hell of a noise.
The only song I like a little is "Desecration Of The Elapsed". The rest is mainly ear torture. But people who like extreme grindcore noise might like this shit.
Bye, bye from my computer.
(Rising Nemesis Records)
MARCH 20, 2016

TORTURE RACK: Barbaric Persecution - Album
From Portland, U.S.A. comes this death metal band, which is said to fit those who like bands like AUTOPSY, CANNIBAL CORPSE, ROTTREVORE and similar stuff.
It's fast and intense, brutal and heavy, and all that. But somehow I feel like I've heard more interesting death metal bands in my life. It's not really bad though. It's probably just me. So I think you should give it a try instead of listening to what I have to say about this.
(Memento Mori Records)
MARCH 20, 2016

SINDROME: Resurrection, The Complete Collection - Double album
I don't have that much information about this band, but they seems to be from Chicago, and played classic death/thrash metal. What we have here is their first official release, featuring their 2 demo tapes "Into The Halls Of Extermination" (1987; including the lost track "Brought To The End") and "Vault Of Inner Conscience" (1991), as well as a full (bootleg recorded) concert (including the unreleased tracks "Surround The Prisoner" and "Psychic Warfare"). In other words, everything you need with this band.
The sound quality on the live tracks is so bad that you probably won't listen to them more than once. It was most likely recorded by somebody in the audience. The studio recordings are not bad though.
(Century Media)
MARCH 20, 2016

RAGESTORM: The Thin Line Between Hope And Ruin - Album
It's always cool to start the record with a chainsaw, isn't it? Shit like "Interlude Hari Seldon's Speech (featuring The BOYLERZ)" is never cool though. And definitely NOT metal at all.
RAGESTORM is a death metal band that was formed in 2004. On this album we get 11 tracks, and most of them sounds good enough for me. They are hardly the fastest or heaviest band in this genre. I hear much melody in their songs, and I would almost like to call this melodic death metal, or at least thrash/death metal.
This is something that I think you should try anyway.
(Sliptrick Records)
MARCH 20, 2016

POST-MORTEM: God With Horns - Album
It seems like this French death metal band have been around for 20 years already (formed in 1995). It's said that it will tempt fans of HOUR OF PENANCE, BEHEMOTH, VADER and AFFLICTION GATE. And they're not afraid to combine old and new ingredients.
They might not be the best band that I've heard, but it's definitely not bad. They have their bright moments. That's for sure. So why not check them out?
(Great Dane Records)
MARCH 20, 2016

FLESHGORE: Denial Of The Scriptures - Album
Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if the cookie monster sang in a brutal death metal band? Probably not, but this might actually be the answer.
This is the fifth album by this band, who comes from Ukraine. And I guess it can be a nice album if you like noise. Otherwise you should avoid this.
It's o.k. to call me an old fart or weak, but this is actually too brutal for me. But you might be much cooler and stronger, and you might actually like stuff like this, and then you should check it out of course, no matter what I think about it.
(Xtreem Music)
MARCH 20, 2016

DAEMONA: The Demon Inside - Single
You could think that a review of just 1 song can't be that hard to write. But when I listen to this, all I can say is that it's pretty brutal death metal. In through 1 ear and out through the other, and blown away on the way. It's a o.k. song for as long as it last (4 minutes), but far away from the best I've ever heard.
DAEMONA is a British band. Their music is an extreme and intense mixture of old and new death metal.
(Self released)
MARCH 20, 2016

AMONG THE PREY: Only For The Blinded Eyes - Album
Finnish melodic death metal band formed in 2013. This is their debut album. The members have previously played in groups like THUNDERSTONE, AGONIZER and BEFORE THE DAWN. Nothing that I have heard as far as I can remember, but this sounds really good anyway, even though I have heard the exactly same thing a couple of times before and the variation between the songs are not that big.
(Inverse Records)
MARCH 20, 2016

CARNAC: The Frail Sight - EP
Modern death metal from Turkey, with influences from bands like GOJIRA, OPETH, AT THE GATES and ENSLAVED.
Yet another record I've been listening to a couple of times, but can't come up with that much else to say than that it sounds pretty good.
Give them a chance. You might actually like it.
(Sliptrick Records)
MARCH 20, 2016

BONAFIDE featuring Ralf Gyllenhammar: Michelangelo - Single
Ha, ha. Cool!
This song was originally done by Swedish legend Björn Skifs (you might have heard "Hooked On A Feeling" sometime?) at the outtakes for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1975. Then it was sung in Swedish, but here we get the song in English, which not too many have heard before.
Swedish hard rock n roll band BONAFIDE is doing this song as a duet with MUSTASCH frontman Ralf Gyllenhammar, and they're doing it very good actually.
I can hardly say that I'm a fan of Björn Skifs (not really my kind of music), but there's definitely worse artists in this country.
(Off Yer Rocka Recordings)
MARCH 18, 2016

ELECTRIC HAZE: Electric Haze - Digital album
6 songs with a young and hungry band from northern Sweden (is that really enough to call it a album? It's digital times, so everything changes). Not bad. I guess we can describe it as classic 70s/80s rock. They seems to know how to make good songs anyway.
This is their debut album. And if they continue to make such good songs as this, then it can be interesting to hear what they will come up with next time. That's for sure.
Release date: March 18, 2016 (Self released?)
MARCH 17, 2016

CASTLE FREAK: Human Hive - EP (Digital, Cassette)
All those samples before every damned song is just irritating. Stop that shit!
What we get here is 5 tracks of what they call "disgusting death metal". Pretty noisey, which gives it a touch of crust punk. 2 tracks are new, 2 tracks are re-recordings and 1 track is a IMPETIGO cover.
They have released 1 EP before this one, and I think they should continue with that format, because 5 songs is definitely enough of this for me.
Release date: March 18, 2016 (Self released)
MARCH 17, 2016

ECLIPSE: Armageddonize (Deluxe Edition) - Double album
Well, this is how you do when you want to get even more cash from a album.
What we get here is nothing else but the finest melodic hard rock from Sweden that you can get. If you don't like this, then you obviously don't even like melodic hard rock.
Except for the album you also get a live recording, 2 bonus tracks and 3 acoustic songs. This means that you get the chance to hear some of the songs 2-3 times in different versions.
My favorites with this band are (and will probably always be) the first songs I heard with them: "Bleed & Scream" and the best of them all "Come Hell Or High Water". Those songs are luckily included here (it would have been pretty stupid to not include such good songs). But so far I haven't heard a bad song with ECLIPSE.
Do you think I regret that I didn't check them out when they played live in Göteborg a couple of weeks ago? You bet! But there's so many other concerts to go to..
Release date: March 18, 2016 (Frontiers Music srl)
MARCH 16, 2016

Joe Lynn Turner: Street Of Dreams, Boston 1985 - Album
After being the singer for RAINBOW, Joe Lynn Turner started his solo career. He released his first solo album, "Rescue You", and went on tour. And as you probably have figured out already, this recording is taken from 1 of those shows (in Boston as the album title says). Most of the songs comes from his album, but there's also a couple of RAINBOW songs included in the setlist.
It all sounds good, even though most of the material is more or less just pale copies of his time in RAINBOW. But there's also a couple of songs that I would describe as funk. The only thing I have to complain about is the guitar solo (but I guess he has to rest his voice and let the guitarist play hero for a little while) and that "Yeah!" and jamming in some of the songs.
Mr. Turner has also done short sessions for Yngwie Malmsteen and DEEP PURPLE among others.
(Cleopatra Records)
MARCH 15, 2016

BESEECH: My Darkness, Darkness - Album
Local band BESEECH are back after being gone for a couple of years. Today's lineup consist of Klas Bohlin (vocals), Angelina Sahlgren Söder (vocals), Robert Vintervind (guitar), Manne Engström (guitar), Johan Örnborg (bass) and Håkan Carlsson (drums).
This is their sixth album, and what we get is some kind of melancholy goth rock with dark lyrics.
I can just as well admit at once, that even though this band are from Borås (where I live), I haven't paid much attention to them before. So I can't compare this album with their earlier material. But I think it sounds pretty o.k. anyway, so I guess it can be worth checking out if you like more melancholy stuff.
(Despotz Records)
MARCH 14, 2016

WISHING WELL: Chasing Rainbows - Album
Debut album from these Finnish hard rockers. They blend various styles, everything from melodic hard rock to doom metal, as well as power metal and a ballad. But we can say that it's mainly classic hard rock and heavy metal from the 70s and 80s. So if you like that, this could really be worth a try, because there's many good songs on this product that deserves to be heard by more people.
(Inverse Records)
MARCH 14, 2016

Martina Edoff: Unity - Album
Sounds like some kind of melodic 80s rock (or hard pop as we used to call it). Possibly in the same league as the more soft 80s stuff with EUROPE. It's really good though, so I have nothing to complain about.
This album would probably have done big succees if it was released in the 80s (at least here in Sweden), because she got plenty of good songs here. But there's still people who like this kind of rock, so hopefully they will check this out and give it a chance, because it's definitely worth some attention.
(MRM Production)
MARCH 13, 2016

NEST: Nest - Album
This band grinds on the same riffs for a little too long. Not much happens during the 4.56 to 10.22 minutes that these 5 songs last. It's actually a little boring most of the time because of that. But once in a while there actually is a little more action too. So I guess it's not totally hopeless after all.
NEST is described as a primitive doom/sludge trio from Stockholm, Sweden who started in 2011. This is their first record.
For those who like it heavy.
(Tribunal Of The Axe Records)
MARCH 12, 2016

DESERT DRAGON: Before The Storm - Album
Progressive rock/hard rock/melodic metal from Los Angeles, California, with influences from legends like PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN, Jeff Beck and George Lynch, as well as more modern bands like OPETH, DREAM THEATER, CHEVELLE and AVANGED SEVENFOLD. So if that sounds like something that you would like, then I think you should listen to this band, because they're not bad at all. Well, anybody who like melodic hard rock should check this out actually.
"Take It Easy Now" and "Flying High" is a little extra good.
(Sliptrick Records)
MARCH 11, 2016

VREDEHAMMER: Violator - Album
Here comes the second album from this Norwegian band. And it's said to be their heaviest and most powerful release yet. I would like to call this extreme metal with the roots in black metal. It's definitely a hard and heavy, but yet brutal, metal album anyway.
All 7 songs are good, but my favorites must be the first and the last songs: "Light The Fucking Sky" and "Blodhevn".
This is definitely something that you should check out.
Release date: March 18, 2016 (Indie Recordings)
MARCH 10, 2016

HYBERNOID: The Last Day Begins? - Double Album
Those instrumental dance songs towards the end on the first record are totally useless. They all sound the same to me. And the rest of the material isn't that much to sing hooray for either. Some kind of heavy and gothic alternative rock, or however I should describe it. But sometimes, like in "Hybernoid", it's actually metal. That doesn't help much though. I simply don't like this band. Enough said.
This is a reissue of this British band's first album from 1994, including a lot of bonus material like demos and EPs, as well as some rare and previously unreleased stuff.
The music is described as doom/death/industrial.
(Xtreem Music)
MARCH 9, 2016

JESSIKILL: Metal Knights - EP
If you call the record "Metal Knights", then I expect you to live up to that. At once! And then I don't want to hear a useless keyboard intro instead of true metal.
I get what I want after that though. And they seems to be really good at what they're doing. Which is female-fronted heavy metal. No opera singing and symphonic stuff here. Just classic heavy metal the way it was supposed to be. And that's good enough for me.
JESSIKILL comes from San Antonio, Texas, and this is their first release. It could be interesting to hear some more of this band.
MARCH 8, 2016

ZIPPO: After Us - Album
Now here's a funny dude that said that the release date would be December 3, 2016. I pretty soon figured out that the release date must be March 12 though. But in the info sheet they say February. Very confusing. Don't drink on the job! Ha, ha.
When I listen to this band, words like psychedelic, heavy riffs, stoner rock, prog rock comes to my mind. Fact is that this is a mixture of many different ingredients, but it's mainly something that we could call psychedelic, progressive stoner rock.
The riff masters ZIPPO was born in Italy in 2004. "After Us" is their fourth album, which probably just God knows when it actually will be (or was) released.
Release date: March 12, 2016 (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)
MARCH 7, 2016

LOUD 'N' PROUD: Loud N Proud - Demo
I went to a after party with these guys. Not much of a party though, as they didn't have that much to drink. So I got tired of it pretty soon. But before I left, they gave me this CD. A 3-track demo with classic hard rock/heavy metal that is over in about 12 and a half minutes. And it doesn't sound bad at all, so let's give it a try.
I can't come up with much else to say about this right now..
(Self released)
MARCH 6, 2016

TROUBLEMAKERS, The BABOON SHOW and DALAPLAN at Pustervik in Göteborg, Sweden on March 4, 2016
The first band, DALAPLAN, wasn't so interesting, so I didn't pay too much attention to them. They played what I would call some kind of power pop anyway.
The BABOON SHOW was excellent though. What a band! I'm not sure if I have heard them before, but I'm pretty sure that I havn't seen them live before. Because when you have seen this band, you will definitely remember it. Brilliant songs! Brilliant live show! Definitely a new favorite band.
My description of their sound is a combination of The HIVES and TURBONEGRO, but with their own punk rock twist. You just have to check them out!
They released their new album, &quout;The World Is Bigger Than You", the same day, which I just had to buy after the show of course.
Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
TROUBLEMAKERS are funny old dudes. The new album, "Totalradio", have been out on CD for about a couple of weeks already, but they waited with the release party until the LP was released.
I have probably said it before, but I don't think this band have ever dissapointed me since I saw them for the first time in the mid-90s. They played a lot of songs from the new album, but it's a good album, so why not? There was some old classics too of course, and then people really started to shake loose.
If I didn't hear totally wrong, I think the singer said that they were recording the show. So will there be a live album or a DVD in the future? And why did he have make up? Half the face white, the other half black. Interesting questions.. I didn't have the chance to ask him after the show as I had to hurry to the last bus back home to Borås.
Good band, good show. As always..
Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo
MARCH 5, 2016

CAMEL OF DOOM: Terrestrial - Album
The first song, "Cycles (The Anguish Of Anger)", is 13 minutes long. But there's shorter tracks too, who are just 1-1.30 minutes, but most songs are between 11.46 to 14 minutes. So it takes a while to listen to these 8 tracks.
CAMEL OF DOOM is a band from UK, and their style is described as experimental doom metal. Which means that it's actually more than just simple doom involved here. It's a little like an adventure actually. There's heaviness, but at the same time also some kind of atmosphere. A little spaced out once in a while too.
But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're always the most entertaining band. But if you think this could be something that you would like, why not give it a try?
(Solitude Productions)
MARCH 4, 2016

ABADDON: Son Of Hell - EP
Another "obscure" band from India. These 4 guys comes from Bengalore and play what is easiest described as occult thrash metal in the 80s way. The music might be simple, but it's still filled with charm and passion for old school metal.
5 tracks is what we get, and it sounds more like a demo than a "real" EP to me. But it's a very good demo, so why complain about small details like that?
I think you should give this a chance. Especially if you're into old school thrash metal and VENOM.
(Self released)
MARCH 3, 2016

APATHY NOIR: Across Dark Waters - Album
This is a Swedish progressive death/doom duo, with Viktor Jonas on all instruments and Vidar Wetterhall on vocals and lyrics. This is their third record, which is filled with progressive and atmospheric soundscapes and depressive lyrics. Pretty dark metal actually. And the songs are pretty long as well. Between 6.47 to 10.31 minutes.
If you like it soft and heavy, this could be something for you. If I must compare them with a other band, then I would say OPETH actually.
Although there's just 7 songs, the album is very long.
(Artnoir Productions)
MARCH 3, 2016

ATRAMENT: Eternal Downfall - Album
When I first saw the artwork for this record, I thought it would be very dark and heavy, because there isn't much sunshine there. And sure it's dark music that we get here, but it sounds more like a crust punk/death metal mixture to me. And I expected doom or sludge. But I like this, so that's definitely not a problem.
This is the first record from this Oakland, California-based group, who are said to be this generation's answer to the classic Swedish and British d-beat crust, Norwegian black metal and Gothenburg death metal from the 90s. So if that sounds interesting, then you really should give them a try.
Release date: March 4, 2016 (Broken Limbs/Argento Records/Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
MARCH 2, 2016

CENTIPEDE: Sarnath - Album
Debut album from this stoner metal trio, who comes from Helsinki, Finland and formed in 2011. It's a mixture of stoner, sludge, thrash and Iommi riffs, with inspiration from bands like HIGH ON FIRE, MASTODON, WEEDEATER, The MELVINS, BLACK SABBATH and METALLICA.
"Sarnath" will be released digitally, but there will be a small batch of CDs. And with the record release a 2-song 12" vinyl single will be released, that comes with a download code for the whole album.
Worth checking out.
Release date: March 4, 2016 (Inverse Records)
MARCH 2, 2016

WEHERMACHT: Shark Attack - Album
Yet another recording that sounds like a demo recorded live in somebody's garage or basement. And yet another band who play old school thrash metal. But while most of the other bands in this genre are good, this band is actually not so good. It doesn't suck, but there's so many better bands that you can check out instead of this. And crap like "Puke" might be very funny when you're a drunk teenager, but it's not so funny for people who are older than that and have their brain activated.
But if some teenagers without that much intelligence, who just wants to play as fast as possible, sounds like something that you would like, then I won't stop you. That's your problem. After all, I'm just an old fart that was born before thrash even existed.
MARCH 1, 2016

ZAFAKON: Release - Album
What a silly album title.
The music that this San Juan, Puerto Rico-based group deliver is hardly something silly though. We talk old-school Bay Area thrash metal with a touch of death metal rawness baked in. Total aggression in other words.
The album was mixed and mastered by legendary producer Andy Classen (DESTRUCTION, TANKARD, BELPHEGOR). So it's not a shit product but high quality.
This is something that I think you should support instead of listening to VOLBEAT. The only thing I could complain about is that the last song, the title track, is over 9 minutes long and pretty heavy.
MARCH 1, 2016

SLAP BETTY: Nothing Out Of Nothing - Album
What do you mean with "slap Betty"? Are you beating up women you weak bastard?
This is the second album from this Finnish band, who play what I would describe as action rock. They formed in 2007, and some of their qualifications is that they have accidentally cut down electricity from BACKYARD BABIES, been in a car accident on their way to take a picture with Santa, and visited the Finnish Official Chart with their debut album, "94720" (2013). And if that wasn't enough, it's also said that their guitarist is usually lost (the last note of him at the moment is from Russia). A typical Finnish rock n roll band?
They have made a really good album anyway. So why not check it out? (they forgot to tell me the release date, but if it isn't out yet, it will probably be released pretty soon).
(Inverse Records)
MARCH 1, 2016

CURSE/STYGGELSE/WAN: Necroholic - 3-way split album
3 bands share the space on this record, and they are more or less into the same kind of in-your-face monster metal (as I call it). They might not give you the sweetiest melodies, but if you're angry, this will probably make you happy again.
This is straight in your face dirty old school black metal, filled with attitude. All 3 bands comes from Scandinavia. CURSE are from Iceland, while STYGGELSE and WAN are from Sweden.
CURSE is the first band out with 4 tracks. After that comes STYGGELSE with 3 songs. And last but not least is WAN with 5 melodies.
Pretty o.k. stuff, but I have definitely heard better.
(Satanath Records/Black Plague Records/The True Plague)
MARCH 1, 2016

SUICIDE BY TIGERS: Suicide By Tigers - Album
Bluesy and a bit psychedelic rock like it was done in the 70s. Yes, we have heard it so many times before, but most bands seems to be good, so why complain? And SUICIDE BY TIGERS are another one of those good bands, so this album is of course worth checking out if you like that style.
SUICIDE BY TIGERS comes from southern Sweden and formed in 2012. This is their first album, and it's a very strong debut that I think you should check out.
(Smilodon Records)
MARCH 1, 2016

Rick Springfield: Rocket Science - Album
This is the 18th studio album by this Australian man, but have I ever heard him before? Probably. But that must have been in the stone age then. And this album doesn't really make me more interested in his adventures. 25 million albums sold, 17 U.S. top-40 hits and a Grammy sounds nice, but when the music isn't more interesting than this, I just don't care about what he have succeeded with (and it was probably many years since he had any bigger succees last time, at least outside of Australia).
But if you think a mixture of melodic pop, rock and country sounds exiting, why not give it a try? Otherwise I think you better avoid this actually.
(Frontiers Music srl)
MARCH 1, 2016

PROGGS: Våld På Öppen Gata - Single
Here's a Swedish band who does covers of classic Swedish prog rock bands from the 70s. They have previously released 2 singles, which was just like this song originally made by the legendary band NATIONALTEATERN. I just have a 2-CD collection with that band, and this song is not included there, so I don't think I have heard it before. But they are surely doing a great job, even though it doesn't sound like one of the best songs with NATIONALTEATERN. It's not a bad song though, so this could probably be worth checking out.
(Cramada Records)
MARCH 1, 2016

MIASMAL: Tides Of Omniscience - Album
This is the third full length from these Swedish death metallers, and they're still a damned good band. There's no doubt about that. So if you liked their previous records, I can't see why you wouldn't like this too.
It's a hard and brutal album, but yet dynamic. It's never too brutal though. There's always a good melody, no matter how fast and aggressive it might be.
I actually think that if this album would have been released in the early 90s, it could have been 1 of those Swedish classics that everybody seems to like.
Release date: March 4, 2016 (Century Media)
MARCH 1, 2016

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