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DISCIPLES OF POWER: Ominous Prophecy - Album reissue
First a introduction that last for too long, and after that just a lot of guitar for a few more minutes before there's any vocals. The drums are drenched in the background, and I don't know if they even have a bass, because it's impossible to hear. These guys was hardly aiming at being superstars, because then they should have had both a better production and better songs. This is what I want to call troublesome death metal. And it's not funny to listen to at all.
Who might DISCIPLES OF POWER be then you might ask? Well, it's a Canadian thrash/death metal band who formed as WARTHORN in 1986. But in 1987 they changed the name to DISCIPLES OF POWER, and were active until November 2003. They released 5 albums from 1989 up to 2002.
What we have here is a re-release of their second full length. I think it sounds more like a demo than a real album though.
(Vic Records)
OCTOBER 7, 2018

ATRAMENT: Scum Sect - Album
A brutal crust/metal attack, that is delivered so hard right at you that you won't be able to stand up for the rest of the week. But it could always be worse. You could be forced to listen to Swedish shit artists like Tomas Ledin and Carola Häggkvist on repeat for a whole day for example. That's what I would call torture! And ATRAMENT is not torture. Even though they're fast and brutal, it's still music and not noise. I think I like this.
ATRAMENT consist of some nihilistic crust punks from Bay Area, who combine crust/anarcho punk and Swedish d-beat with black and death metal. Their influences comes from bands like DOOM, DISCHARGE, DEVIATED INSTINCT, SKITSYSTEM, CRAFT, DARKTHRONE and DISMEMBER. Put those bands in a blender, and you will get something like ATRAMENT. Which means that if you like those bands and/or ANTI CIMEX, WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE, GEHENNA, VALLENFYRE, G.I.S.M. and similar stuff, then this might be something for you.
We get 10 songs, and the whole thing is over in less than half an hour. Short but sweet.
(Sentient Ruin Laboratories/Blood Harvest Records/Caligari Records)
OCTOBER 7, 2018

HORISONT, HYPNOS and LIZZIES at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on October 6, 2018
Last Saturday it was garage rock, and this Saturday it was hard rock/heavy metal. 3 really good bands that you should check out if you have not done that already.
First out was the Spanish band LIZZIES, which I compared with female bands like GIRLSCHOOL, The DONNAS and The AMORETTES when I reviewed them a few days ago. But when they play live their music get that extra hard rock and heavy metal touch, which made me think of early IRON MAIDEN and NWOBHM. They were even better live than on record! Man, this band kicked arse! It's not so usual that the first band get that much attention, but there was already pretty much people, and they were not standing in the back or against the walls. They were standing infront of the stage and banged their heads and enjoyed the show and the music. This is a really good live band that you should not miss if they ever play anywhere near you.
Lizzies   Lizzies   Lizzies   Lizzies   Lizzies   Lizzies
HYPNOS comes from Göteborg, and they released a really good album, "Set Fire To The Sky", a few weeks ago. And the first song from that album was the first song this evening. A speedy hard rocker that I compared with DEEP PURPLE and WHITESNAKE in my review. A perfect song to start the show with. They also did a really smoking hot cover of the DEEP PURPLE classic "Burn". Another damned good live band with lots of great songs. I was really impressed! I have seen them before a few years ago, but I don't think they were this good then. I must also say that they have a really good singer. And I could also hear that some of the songs are actually a little progressive. I'm really glad that I went to this show. It would have been bad to miss this.
Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos   Hypnos
The last band then.. HORISONT. What is there to say about them? It didn't feel so hot to see them after 2 really good bands. They were definitely not bad though. They did a good show and had many good songs, but somehow they were not as strong (or whatever I should say) as the other bands. They were also even more progressive than the 2 bands before them. Good musicians anyway. No doubt about that.
After a lot of searching, I finally found my review of their latest album, "About Time". I wrote that it looked like they had tried to do a forgotten classic from the 70s. I compared them with Swedish bands like BLACK TRIP, DEAD LORD and NOVEMBER. Well, I don't know about that anymore, but it's good old hard rock with a progressive touch anyway, and they are definitely worth a try.
Horisont   Horisont   Horisont   Horisont   Horisont   Horisont
OCTOBER 7, 2018

KADAVAR: Live In Copenhagen - Album
Seems like this was a hot and intense night in Copenhagen, Denmark. Not that I have been to any show in Copenhagen or even heard KADAVAR before (as far as I can remember anyway, but maybe 1 song on some compilation that you get with a magazine). They burn off 12 tracks without any bullshit. More or less non stop. And their music is something that I would describe as heavy/psych rock. And I really like what I hear here! They seems to have lots of great songs.
KADAVAR are soon going on a European tour that will kick off in Dresden, Germany on October 25, and will go on until December 6, when they do the last show in Frankfurt, Germany. MONOLORD will also play on all these dates but the last. You can find all dates at:
What else can I say? If you don't like this, then bye bye.
Release date: October 12, 2018 (Nuclear Blast)
OCTOBER 6, 2018

Nick Oliveri: No Hits At All Vol. 5 - Album
Nick continue the punk party with a fifth volume of his "No Hits At All" series. And this is supposed to be the last volume. I think it's more noisey than Volume 4 was. Even the acoustic tracks are a bit noisey. But it's not any chaos or something like that. It's more like Nick's voice that is very loud (if you get what I mean?). This is not bad, even though the last volume was much better.
We get 8 tracks in approximately 19 and a half minutes. It's a wild mixture of faster and acoustic songs.
I don't have anything else to add..
Release date: October 12, 2018 (Heavy Psych Sounds)
OCTOBER 6, 2018

LEADER OF DOWN: Cascade Into Chaos - Album
This record should have been on high priority here at Hard Rock Info, but for some reason I succeeded to forget it for a week or 2, so it took a while before I got the thumb out and finally listened to it. Do you think I was surprised when I suddenly heard Lemmy Kilmister (r.i.p) in the first song? Then I suddenly remembered which record this was.
And now you are probably very intrested in why this is a high priority release. Well, it's not just because of MOTÖRHEAD leader Lemmy. This record have some more people who have played with MOTÖRHEAD, and that band happens to be 1 of my favorite bands.
But let's take it from the beginning.. Former MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Würzel and bass player Tim Atkinson formed this band in 2008. They started to write songs for a album, and recruited drummer Steve Clarke (ex-FASTWAY). The name LEADER OF DOWN came from Würzel mishearing the lyrics to the STATUS QUO classic "Down, Down". Würzel found this extremely funny as he had been singing the wrong words "Down Down, Leader of Down" for over 30 years. British humour? But anyway.. The band started recording the initial tracks for the album, which included a reworking of Würzel's solo release from the 80's, "People Say I'm Crazy".
After Würzel's tragic death in 2011 the band continued to finish the album, and enlisted the help of some friends to honour the great man. With guest appearances from Lemmy, Phil Campbell (who joined MOTÖRHEAD on the same day as Würzel in 1984), MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke (who has also sadly passed away beginning of 2018), Whitfield Crane from UGLY KID JOE, Lee Richards (ex-GODSMACK), Bruce Foxton from The JAM, and Cliff Evans from TANK. Although there are several guest vocalists on the album, the line up of LEADER OF DOWN is completed by vocalist Matt Baker and guitarist Alex Ward. And the band is still alive.
The album features 10 tracks, all mixed by MOTÖRHEAD producer Cameron Webb. Lemmy sing on the first and the last song. It's mainly good old hard rock, and some songs reminds me of MOTÖRHEAD. But this is much more than another band who try to sound like them. This is worth checking out of course.
(Cleopatra Records)
OCTOBER 5, 2018

Joe Strummer: Czechoslovak Song/Where Is England - Single
This is an early demo version of "This Is England", which ended up on the last album with The CLASH, "Cut The Crap". And the song is taken from a new box set with Joe Strummer, titled "Joe Strummer 001". This is the first compilation to span Joe Strummer's career outside of his recordings with The CLASH. You get songs with his bands The 101ers and The MESCALEROS, as well as solo material, soundtrack work and an album of unreleased songs. "Czechoslovak Song/Where Is England" is 1 of the previously unreleased tracks.
(Ignition Records)
Get the box here:
OCTOBER 5, 2018

IRON HUNTER: Mankind Resistance - Album
In 2015 Alex (MILETH) and Emi (WITCHFYRE) wanted to start a new heavy metal band together. They wrote their first songs and released a 7" EP on the German label Underground Power. In 2016 the 2 guys were joined by Paco (DARKSTEEL), Anxo (KAOOTIK) and Alex G. In March 2017 another 7" EP, "Killing Machine", was released. After that they decided that it was time for their debut album, and they also got signed to Fighter Records.
Now the album is here. And what can I say? Believe it or not, but this is yet another great heavy metal band in the good old 80s tradition. You don't want to miss this. Especially not if you like classic bands like HELLOWEEN, RUNNING WILD and IRON MAIDEN for example. And then I talk about what they sound like back in the 80s, and not what they sound like today.
(Fighter Records)
OCTOBER 5, 2018

LIZZIES: On Thin Ice - Album
This sounds like many other female hard rock bands, but I have nothing against that, because they have many good songs among these 11 tracks. It's often very catchy and melodic, but not necessarily soft because of that.
I think fans of bands like GIRLSCHOOL, The DONNAS and a more modern band like The AMORETTES could like this.
This group consist of 3 women and 1 man, and they are from Madrid, Spain. This is their second full length, which was produced by Ola Ersfjord (TRIBULATION, PRIMORDIAL, NIGHT, HONEYMOON DISEASE) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (CULT OF LUNA).
Release date: October 5, 2018 (The Sign Records)
OCTOBER 4, 2018

MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES: Scripts Of Anguish - Album
Death metal trio from Dubuque, Iowa, U.S.A. MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES is not another old school band trying to copy the Scandinavian 90s sound though. No, they are more influenced by CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, MONSTROSITY and early CRYPTOPSY instead. So if that's something that makes you hungry, then I think you know what to do next.
10 tracks is what we get here. And they are not always that fast. There's also some heavier parts here and there. It's simply a good mixture of both.
Release date: October 5, 2018 (Redefining Darkness Records)
OCTOBER 4, 2018

CARPE NOCTEM: Vitrun - Album
CARPE NOCTEM appears like hot lava from a violent volcano. Nothing survives where it goes forth. The lava may be very hot, but secrete cold, raw hate. A other description to this work could be a train that rushes forward at full speed and refuses to stop. But that first, more apocalyptic, version is a much better description to this.
Now my little methaphors could easily make you think that it's full speed ahead all the time here, but that's not really the whole truth, even though it's mainly hard and brutal.
CARPE NOCTEM is a black metal band from Iceland, who formed in 2005. All lyrics are in Icelandic. Most songs are pretty long - 9 to over 11 and a half minutes. Only 1 song is shorter, approximately 4 minutes. This is their second full length.
Release date: October 5, 2018 (Code666 Records)
OCTOBER 4, 2018

FVZZ POPVLI: Magna Fvzz - Album
They hardly have the best singer in the world. But he's unique anyway. And the songs are definitely not bad. Some kind of heavier garage/psych rock. The last song is the title track, which is a over 12 minutes long instrumental adventure where they have added a pinch of LSD.
This is said to fit fans of The STOOGES, BLACK SABBATH and HAWKWIND. That doesn't mean that they sound exactly like any of those bands, but they take a part here and a part there, and then they add a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
The band seems to be a trio from Rome, Italy. This is their second album.
Release date: October 5, 2018 (Heavy Psych Sounds)
OCTOBER 3, 2018

BLACK INK RIVER: Headstrong - Album
A little funky like ELECTRIC BOYS, but most of all bluesy like early AEROSMITH. So classic 70s hard rock.
This is a Swedish band with members from WOLF, GRANDEXIT, MONACO BLUES BAND and UNCLE DOGHOUSE, who came together with the goal to make rock music with loads of groovy riffs. They are heavily influenced by the early 70s rock and blues bands (LED ZEPPELIN, Jimi Hendrix, DEEP PURPLE and FLEETWOOD MAC). Anybody who like bluesy rock and hard rock should give this a try, because it's not bad at all. I'm pretty sure that you will like what you hear.
Release date: October 5, 2018 (GMR Music)
OCTOBER 3, 2018

ALKYMIST: Alkymist - Album
A little irritating that I have to find more information about the band myself, so don't expect any longer and deeper review here. But anyway.. As far as I could find out, this is a band from Copenhagen, Denmark, who play progressive sludge/doom. They formed in 2016, and have previously released a EP, "Element", earlier this year. Other interesting information about ALKYMIST is that there's a black metal band from Canada with the same name.
This is really hard and heavy stuff for hard and heavy people. 6 tracks is what we get, and the songs are from 1 minute to 11 minutes.
Release date: October 5, 2018 (Indisciplinarian)
OCTOBER 3, 2018

PRINS SVART: Prins Svart - Album
Another one of these rock bands singing in Swedish, and trying to sound like it still was the 70s. A little like ABRAMIS BRAMA actually. But just like so many others of these bands, they are doing it really good. So I have no reason to complain at all. This is really good.
This is actually a reunion of 4 musicians whose roads crossed in Stockholm in the mid 90s. Then they toured Sweden as a LED ZEPPELIN tribute, and after recording a self-produced CD, called "Four Sticks", life took them in different directions: Sebastian Sippola (drums) played with GRAND MAGUS and PLANKTON, Tomas Thorberg (bass) toured with Michael Schenker and TIAMAT (and played with Sebastian in PLANKTON), Stefan Berggren (vocals) started singing in COMPANY OF SNAKES with Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, and Neil Murray from WHITESNAKE, and has been touring with DON AIREY BAND and URIAH HEEP, Henrik Bergqvist (guitar) played with The POODLES (since 2008).
PRINS SVART play catchy and melodic rock with the roots in the 70s and the early 80s. And if you like that, then you have to check out this album. That's just the way it is!
Release date: October 5, 2018 (Musica Ex Machina)
OCTOBER 2, 2018

FUCKED UP: Dose Your Dreams - Double Album
A chaos brew of hardcore and extra everything? Well, that's what this sounds like to me. Sometimes anyway. The best parts are when there's not so many instruments and voices at the same time. Because sometimes it's so much of everything that it almost becomes noise. Another little problem is that they for some reason had to include as much as 18 tracks on this album, which gives you over 80 minutes of music. That's waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much! But it doesn't sound the same all the way. And that's a good thing at least. A little too over ambitious for my taste though. They mix in everything from ska to disco to pop to techno to psych and kraut rock to whatever they want to. I guess you have to listen to a few songs before you can figure out what this really is, because this is definitely not just another hardcore band. They're much more than that.
The songs I like best are the few punk rockers (something like 4 songs), which reminds me of RANCID and similar bands. More of that wouldn't have hurt.
Release date: October 5, 2018 (Merge Records)
OCTOBER 2, 2018

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Darkness Rains - Album
Alternative rock band. But I guess some of the songs can go as pop punk, possibly, while some others could be garage rock. But no matter what you want to call this, they have some good songs here. So don't be afraid, give this a try. You might actually like it. But sure, there is some weak moments too. But they are luckily few.
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS comes from L.A., and "Darkness Rains" is their third album. Their own description of their music is "doom boogie/dystopian punk/occult glam rock". You could also call it nihilistic DIY rock with influences from The STOOGES, BLACK SABBATH, MC5 and NEW YORK DOLLS.
Release date: October 5, 2018 (Suicide Squeeze Records)
OCTOBER 2, 2018

S.A.A.B.: Motor Militia - Album
S.A.A.B. stands for "Satanists Against Atheist Believers". Pretty stupid if you ask me, but probably not meant to be taken too seriously I suppose.
This Finnish band started when a game developer asked for some punk rock for his game. Nothing happened with that game, but the band was already formed and had an album of material. The basic ingredients is 90s punk rock like BAD RELIGION, Graves-era MISFITS and a pinch of OFFSPRING. But there's also some hard rock and heavy metal here and there. So we could say that this is a mixture of action rock, punk rock and hard rock. And they spice it up with some female background vocals in some of the songs, and even a happy saxophone solo in 1 song. Most songs are in English, but there's also a few in Finnish and 1 in Swedish (a cover of "Sommartider" by Swedish pop band GYLLENE TIDER, not so punk).
There's both good and less good stuff here. Nothing is brilliant though. The only song that makes me want to puke is that cover. A typical album that you listen to a few times and then forget.
This is mainly a digital release, but there's also a limited edition of 100 CDs available.
OCTOBER 1, 2018

RAVENS CREED: Get Killed or Try Dying - Album
RAVENS CREED was formed 10 years ago by some members from CEREBRAL FIX, SKYCLAD and ORANGE GOBLIN (the 2 guys from the last band have left RAVENS CREED). It didn't take long before their first 7" EP, "Militia Of Blood Sacrifice", was released. It was followed by a picture 7" EP, entitled "Neon Parasite". Their first full length album, "Albino Thunder", was released in 2009. And after a few more EPs and albums, they took a break to spend more time on other projects.
But now a new album is here. And what an album it is! This is a must for every fan of death metal. They spice it up with a pinch of thrash and punk. But don't let that scare you away. It just makes them harder and heavier.
(Xtreem Music)
OCTOBER 1, 2018

NOTT: Vestigium Mortis - Album
Raw black metal from northern Italy, made by a fanatic for other fanatics. The music is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian sound. There's no technical or symphonic stuff here. Just pure black metal like it was meant to be. So no, this is not something unique at all. But it doesn't always have to be unique to be good. So if you like black metal, then you check this out. Simple as that.
(Obscvrvs Records)
SEPT. 30, 2018

HEAVY GENERATION: The Spirit Lives On - Album
HEAVY GENERATION is a band name that makes me think of fat kids and not metal. But anyway.. This is a band from Italy who play classic heavy metal, and this seems to be their first full length. They are influenced by classic acts like JUDAS PRIEST, MANOWAR, IRON MAIDEN and ACCEPT.
Their lyrics deal with stuff like mythology, honour, war and dystopia. The deep connection between spirit and nature, the denial of a corrupted society, the balance between passions of heart and the power of mind are the most important messages the band wants to spread.
Well, they are doing this very good, so I have nothing to complain about. Every fan of classic heavy metal should give them a try.
(Sliptrick Records)
SEPT. 30, 2018

The DAHMERS, KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE and BIG KIZZ at Klubb Undergrunden/Pumphuset in Borås, Sweden on September 29, 2018
This was the first "Borås Garage Rock Night". All 3 bands was very good, but also different from each other.
BIG KIZZ, with former members from GRAVEYARD and WITCHCRAFT, was the first band. They played very catchy rock, and their songs was very good. Their drummer looked happy while he was playing, and it was also him who was talking between the songs. He seemed to be a funny dude. A lot of talk about Borås. But anyway.. This is a band that I really can recomend you to check out.
Big Kizz  Big Kizz  Big Kizz  Big Kizz  Big Kizz  Big Kizz
KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE came all the way from Norway to play here. They was more punk rock. Or like a mixture of The STOOGES, AC/DC and possibly TURBONEGRO (at least in 1 song). More action anyway. Another great band that you should check out. Too bad that they didn't have any records for sale (not that I could see anyway).
Kosmik Boogie Tribe  Kosmik Boogie Tribe  Kosmik Boogie Tribe  Kosmik Boogie Tribe
And the last band was The DAHMERS. A band that was both catchy and punk rock at the same time. But they also have this horror theme. A great show and lots of great songs. I don't really know what else to say about them. Yet another band that you must give a try (or 14).
The Dahmers  The Dahmers  The Dahmers  The Dahmers
SEPT. 30, 2018

GRISLY: The Spectral Wars - Album
Yes, this is the way I want my death metal to sound like. No over advanced shit. Just pure rotten old school death the way it was meant to be. Still there's melodies though.
GRISLY comes from Sweden, and was formed when Dennis Blomberg left PAGANIZER in 2014. Death legend Rogga Johansson, from the same band (plus many, many more), still wanted to play with Dennis, and the 2 partners teamed up with the local drummer Henke Lundgren. In spring 2018 they signed to Xtreem Music, and now their debut album is finally here.
Well, I don't think that I have to say much else than that. You know if you like it or not. No suprises here. And thanks for that.
(Xtreem Music)
SEPT. 29, 2018

BLACK PAISLEY: Perennials - Album
Their debut album, "Late Bloomer", was released about a year ago, and I wasn't so impressed as I thought it was a little too soft. This new album might not be that much harder or heavier, but I actually think it's a little better than last time.
BLACK PAISLEY was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2014. The band is named after the famous Fender signature model of Ritchie Sambora (BON JOVI). Their first songs saw the light in 2015. The debut was very well received by critics and bloggers they say, and also ended up on Spotify's editorial playlist. So I guess that I was 1 of the few who didn't like it.
This time I think that they have a better product. It's a good mixture of uptempo and softer songs. I guess most fans of BON JOVI and melodic rock/AOR will like this. My only question is: If the first album was so successful, why is this album self released?
(Self released)
SEPT. 29, 2018

AncarA: Hurt - Single
I'm actually not sure if I have heard the original version of this song before, which was done by STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. I have heard Johnny Cash's version many times though, and I really like it. This is a rock version of "Hurt", and it's not so bad either. Worth checking out anyway.
There's also a second track on this single. It's 1 of their own songs, and comes from their first album. It was originally titled "The Dawn", but has now been transformed to "Bound To Roam" instead.
AncarA is a Finnish hard rock band, and this is the first release with their new lineup.
(Concorde Music Company)
SEPT. 29, 2018

URIAH HEEP: Living The Dream - Album
Even though it's a album made today, I can still hear the sound of the past on this record. And I like that. A band that has been around since the 60s should not sound too modern according to me. After all, it's the old classics that we all like, isn't it? And those who like the old stuff should definitely not be dissapointed when they hear this album.
Yes, URIAH HEEP have been around for a very long time now, and this is their 25th studio album (there's probably that many live albums and collections as well). The album was produced by Canadian engineer Jay Ruston (The WINERY DOGS, STONE SOUR, BLACK STAR RIDERS, Paul Gilbert, EUROPE).
(Frontiers Music Srl)
SEPT. 28, 2018

TREAT: Tunguska - Album
Swedish melodic "hard" rockers TREAT reunited in 2006, and have since then released 2 albums - "Coup de Grace" (2010) and "Ghost of Graceland" (2016) - and now another album is here. The title is a reference to a mysterious large explosion that took place in Siberia in 1908, but can also be seen as how explosive the band have become during the last 12 years. And this album is the crown jewel. The problem I can see with that is that it will be very hard for them to top this album. That's how good this is!
(Frontiers Music Srl)
SEPT. 28, 2018

SNAKES IN PARADISE: Step Into The Light - Album
The Swedish band SNAKES IN PARADISE is said to be "a combination of British hard rock from the 70's and American AOR performed by a blues vocalist who sings from the soul with four outstanding musicians laying down the musical framework". They aim at strong melodies and big choruses. Something for every fan of melodic hard rock.
This band debuted with their self-titled album in 1993. They released 2 more albums - "Garden Of Eden" in 1999 and "Dangerous Love" in 2002 - before they called it a day. But in 2016, after a Swedish promoter asked them to play a show at the Rockweekend Festival in Stockholm (Sweden), they decided to reunite. And soon after that they were contacted by Frontiers, who signed them at once.
SNAKES IN PARADISE have lots of good songs on this come back album. There's no doubt about that. So if you don't check this out, then you must be stupid.
(Frontiers Music Srl)
SEPT. 28, 2018

GROUNDBREAKER: Groundbreaker - Album
What we have here is a new musical project featuring singer Steve Overland (FM) and Robert Sall (WORK OF ART, W.E.T). And this self titled debut will give every fan of melodic rock exactly what they ask for. This is a meeting between British and Swedish melodic rock from the 80s, and fans of those gentlemen's other bands, as well as GIANT, JOURNEY and TOTO, should not be dissapointed when they listen to this.
To me this is a little too much of the sweet candy though. Yes, it's good, but for some reason I get tired of it after half the album. I have heard the exact same thing thousands of times before. Some more variation and a surprise here and there wouldn't have hurt.
(Frontiers Music Srl)
SEPT. 28, 2018

DREAM CHILD: Until Death Do We Meet Again - Album
This band is obviously trying to sound more or less like Dio-era RAINBOW and DIO. But then there's 3 members who have played in DIO in this band. Now everything might not sound like that, but most of the songs anyway. And nothing wrong with that as I love that stuff. This is a very good album. Simple as that!
DREAM CHILD consist of Craig Goldy (DIO, GIUFFRIA) - Guitars, Wayne Findlay (MSG) - Guitars and Keyboards, Simon Wright (AC/DC, DIO, OPERATION:MINDCRIME) - Drums, Rudy Sarzo (QUIET RIOT, Ozzy Osbourne, WHITESNAKE, DIO) - Bass, and Diego Valdez (HELKER) - Vocals. You might not know who the last person is, but most of the others should be well-known to every fan of classic hard rock and heavy metal. Diego are from Argentina, and he can really sing. He's almost as good as Ronnie James Dio (r.i.p). And the rest is also doing a really good job here.
This album is a must!
(Frontiers Music Srl)
SEPT. 28, 2018

The PROJECTIONIST: Visits From The NightHag Part 1 - Album
This sounds more like a visit from somebody who's obsessed by demons. It's mainly that wheezy witch voice that I don't like. Because the music is not so bad, even though I get tired of it pretty soon. There isn't much variation, and you get the feeling that you're hunted by that "NightHag" herself. Pretty scary stuff actually. Probably not so good for your health.
I'm not really sure how the health is with the one who did the MP3s, because they were all 8,15 minutes, even though the songs wasn't always that long. Weird people. Maybe it was the NightHag?
"Visits From The NightHag Part 1" is the third full length form these Canadian black metal terrorists. There will also be a Part 2 in the future.
Release date: Sept. 30, 2018 (Appalachian Noise Records)
SEPT. 27, 2018

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN: Age Of Revolution - Album
Good old power/heavy metal. And this band is hardly doing anything wrong, even though they use some odd tricks here and there (calypso/latino rythms and a short patriotic speech for example). This debut album is full of good songs. So it's something that you should try of course.
IMMORTAL GUARDIAN is an American band, and they have previously released 2 EPs. And well, there's not much else to say about them.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (M-Theory Audio)
SEPT. 27, 2018

If all your circles are this noisey, then don't be afraid. I will definitely not disturb your circles.
This band play noise rock infused post-hardcore, and it's not good. But I'm actually not really sure if it's supposed to be good at all. It sounds like they just play whatever they want while 1 guy just scream here and there.
I think it's very funny that they call this shit "a breath of fresh air in the underground metal scene". First of all, this has nothing to do with metal. Secondly, it's more like the smell of a disgusting fart. Fresh air my arse!
Release date: Sept. 29, 2018 (Ring Leader/Regulator Records)
SEPT. 27, 2018

WARFARE: A Conflict Of Hatred / Mayhem Fuckin' Mayhem / Metal Anarchy / Pure Filth - Album reissues
When it's as best is sounds like UK punk in the same style as GBH and possibly The EXPLOITED. Sometimes it reminds me a little of VENOM and even early METALLICA. But then we have these disturbing stuff here and there that makes no sense - just a lot of meningless talking and useless intros and/or outtros for example (it wouldn't surprise me if they were both drunk and high when they recorded this). Was it really necessary to include that crap on these re-releases?
It seems like this band wanted to be friends with both punks and metal heads. And it's not that easy to succeed with that. MOTÖRHEAD and VENOM are some of the few who have succeeded to combine punk and metal, as well as have fans on both sides.
"Pure Filth" is WARFARE's debut album, and it was originally released in 1984. It was followed by "Metal Anarchy" in 1985, which was produced by no other than the legendary Lemmy Kilmister (r.i.p). But I'm not really sure if their next album, "Mayhem Fuckin' Mayhem", came out in 1986 or 1987. "A Conflict Of Hatred" came out in 1988 anyway.
Release dates: Sept. 28, 2018 (Dissonance Productions)
SEPT. 26, 2018

ELECTRIC CITIZEN: Helltown - Album
Yet another one of these hippie bands. Riff-filled heavy rock from the late 60s/early 70s, that are so popular nowadays. Many of them are good, and a few of them succeed to be damned good as well. So where do I put this band then? Well, it's good, no doubt about that. They might not reach the top, but they are definitely not far away from being damned good. So this is of course something that you have to check out.
This is the third album by ELECTRIC CITIZEN. "Helltown" is named after the Cincinnati, OH neighborhood in which the band lives and practice. Now known more prosaically as Northside, Helltown earned its name in the 1800s due to its reputation for rowdy taverns frequented by the neighborhood of factory workers and immigrants.
Best track: "Mother's Little Reject".
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (RidingEasy Records)
SEPT. 26, 2018

This is hardly the first or the last band to pretend that they are early BLACK SABBATH and similar acts, even though they also have other influences from the same time era. It's good though, so no problem.
I guess we can call this proto-doom. And even though this is a new album, it sounds like it could have been recorded in the late 60s/early 70s sometime. I really like it! There's lots of good songs on this album, so you should not miss this.
The band comes from Norway. And when you look at the title, I guess it's not so hard to figure out that this is their second album.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (RidingEasy Records)
SEPT. 26, 2018

AVENGER: The Slaughter Never Stops - Album reissue
"The Slaughter Never Stops" is AVENGER's come back album from 2014. It was available as limited edition CD only, but will now be re-released on CD, and for the first time also on LP.
This NWOBHM band was founded 3 decades ago, and their 2 first albums - "Blood Sports" (1984) and "Killer Elite" (1985) - have already been re-released.
AVENGER have many good songs among these 11 tracks, so this can definitely be worth a try, even though they might not be in the top league (but who said you have to be that?). In some songs they are not far away though. This is something for fans of IRON MAIDEN and SAXON for example. Cool with a cover of IRON MAIDEN's "Killers" by the way.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (Dissonance Productions)
SEPT. 26, 2018

WEAPON UK: Rising From The Ashes - LP reissue
WEAPON is another old NWOBHM band. They formed as FAST RELIEF, but changed the name to WEAPON in early 1980. A year when they also released their first single, "It's A Mad Mad World", with "Set The Stage Alight" on the b-side, which METALLICA stole/barrowed a lot from to their own song "Hit The Lights". WEAPON was working on their debut album when they split up in the summer of 1981 due to management problems.
Except for a very short reunion in 1984, nothing happened for many years. But in 2003 the compilation "Set The Stage Alight" came out. And the single "Ready 4 U" was released in 2011. But a real comeback album didn't come out until 2014, when "Rising From The Ashes" was released under the new name WEAPON UK. Now that album will be re-released on vinyl.
Most of these songs are pretty melodic, but it's still heavy metal. And most of these songs are really good. Maybe not any anthems, but definitely good enough if you're not too fastidiosus.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (Pure Steel Records)
SEPT. 25, 2018

VANDALLUS: Bad Disease - Album
VANDALLUS is from Cleveland, Ohio, and 2 of the members comes from MIDNIGHT. They released their debut album, "On The High Side", in 2016, and now their second album is here. The idea was to play material in the vein of late 70s/early 80s hard rock. But I think there's some US metal and NWOBHM too. And they have many good songs here, so I can recomend you to give this a try.
I don't really know what else to say..
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (Pure Steel Records)
SEPT. 25, 2018

NEWMAN: Decade II - Double Album
This album is waaaaaaaay too loooooooooooooooooooong.. I succeded to cook, eat and do the dishes before it was finally over. I can't really figure out why they thought it was a good idea to do a double album. Especially when most of the songs sounds more or less the same, and there's 35 tracks. Somebody should have stopped them! It should have been 1 album, with no more than 10 tracks. That would have been much better according to me. Because there's some good songs here, but it just happens to be too much at once. It's like listening to 3 albums in a row.
NEWMAN was formed by singer/song writer Steve Newman in 1997, and since 1998, when their self titled debut was released, several albums has been released. The double album "Decade" was released in 2008, to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. And if I get it right, the first disc is a best of album, while the second disc consist of previously unreleased songs. And now it's time for their 20-year anniversary, and "Decade II", which follow the same idea as "Decade". It covers the band's history from 2007 until today, and it seems like all songs has been re-recorded. The first disc includes album tracks, while the second includes previously unreleased songs and 2 previously released Japanese bonus tracks.
The music is very catchy and melodic rock/AOR. And I guess that fans who like that will like this too. Just don't listen to all tracks at once, like I did.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (AOR Heaven)
SEPT. 25, 2018

BLACK ALICE: Endangered Species - Album reissue
Hard rock/heavy metal with an Australian band who does not sound like AC/DC or ROSE TATTOO. This is more like a mixture of NAZARETH, early ACCEPT and RAVEN.
"Endangered Species" is their debut album, which was originally released in 1983. On this re-released CD we also get 3 bonus tracks, which gives us 13 tracks in 52 and a half minutes.
Well, they have some good songs here, but nothing is excellent. On the other hand, nothing really sucks either. Fans of fogotten heavy metal bands from the 80s should give this a try.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (Karthago Records)
SEPT. 25, 2018

ATLAS: In Pursuit Of Memory - Album
ATLAS is a melodic rock/AOR band from the north of England. And it's a pretty young band, who formed in early 2017. Their main influences comes from classic bands like TOTO and JOURNEY, as well as more modern bands like WORK OF ART and W.E.T. The debut EP, "World In Motion", was self released in August 2017. And in the end of the same year, they started to work on their first full length.
The album name, "In Pursuit of Memory", reflects the nature and themes of the songs heard throughout the album. With a common theme throughout the album being self-reflection, healing and learning from mistakes one has made.
Well, what can I say that I have not said before? This could absolutely be of interest for those of you who like melodic rock and AOR, because it's not bad at all.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (AOR Heaven)
SEPT. 25, 2018

MUDHONEY: Digital Garbage - Album
I don't know.. I don't think that I have heard that much with this band before. This sounds like Iggy Pop's solo stuff to me. And that's not always the strongest material. Some tracks are like a more false R.E.M. (or however I should describe it?). Even though there's a few good songs, they are soon forgotten.
Now I have not been listening that deep to their lyrics, who are probably filled with frustration because of what's going on in the world of today (just a wild guess though), but the music doesn't sound so intelligent. Just simple alternative rock.
MUDHONEY started their trip in the late 80s already, and was among the grunge bands in the 90s. This seems to be the first new album in 5 years.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (Sup Pop)
SEPT. 24, 2018

HYPNOS: Set Fire To The Sky - Album
Hypnos a few years ago
They kick off with something that sounds like an old classic opener by DEEP PURPLE or WHITESNAKE. And I can hear more of that bluesy hard rock on this album. But I can also hear some softer songs. And towards the end we have "Looking Out", which sounds like a punky tribute to MOTÖRHEAD. The last song start as a ballad, and is sung in Swedish, but during the last minutes they start to rock, and then it sounds like they sing in English instead (their own little tribute to "Stairway To Heaven").
But even though they will remind you of more famous acts, they still have their own identity. And there's many interesting songs to discover here. No matter if you're a fan of good old hard rock or a retro rocker, I'm pretty sure that you will find something that you like.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (The Sign Records)
SEPT. 24, 2018

FARSOT/ColdWorld: Toteninsel - Split EP
This was definitely not the noise that I expected it to be. Rather the other way around. Slow, melancholy instrumental pieces, except for the last song. No speed at all. And all songs sound more or less the same, even though it's supposed to be 2 different bands. Weird.. The only song with vocals is the last track. Unfortunately that didn't help much. This is pretty useless crap actually.
Is there possibly another band called FARSOT? Because I expected some crust punk or grindcore. But the most funny thing with this release must be that they call it German black metal. No fucking way this is black metal! This is more like something that you can listen to if you want to relax, or why not when you do some Qigong?
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (Prophecy Productions/Lupus Lounge)
SEPT. 24, 2018

Strängen: Rock På Svenska - Album
Swedish guitarist Robert "Strängen" Dahlqvist (The HELLACOPTERS, DUNDERTÅGET, THUNDER EXPRESS) was working on a new studio album when he died in February 2017. He got an epileptic seizure when he was taking a bath, and drowned. Too bad, as this is a very good album. And it would have been nice to hear some more from him.
Over a year after his death, the album is finally ready for release. The recordings have been finished out of the ideas that Strängen and his band had.
This sounds more or less as I expected it to sound. Simply some kind of catchy rock n roll in Swedish. No more no less. Strängen himself take care of the vocals. And his voice fits perfect for this. The lyrics seems to be small anecdotes from life.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (Wild Kingdom)
SEPT. 23, 2018

DEAD EXPRESS: The Noble Art Of Self Destruction - Album
Street smart hard rock n roll. Or AC/DC with punk attitude. I think of the Norwegian band GLUECIFER when I hear this. People who like so called action rock will probably like this. Because it sounds a lot like that. I like it anyway (I was very in to this kind of stuff in the late 90s/early 00).
This is the second album from this Swedish rock band, and now I don't really know what else there is to say. Well, rock n roll is definitely not dead yet. So just check this out.
Release date: Sept. 28, 2018 (Self Released)
SEPT. 23, 2018

HEADS FOR THE DEAD: Serpent's Curse - Album
Members from death metal bands like URSINNE, WOMBBATH and REVEL IN FLESH have teamed up to create some good old death metal in the heavier league, with inspiration from old school horror movies.
The band is based around Jonny Pettersson (URSINNE, WOMBBATH, HENRY KANE, PALE KING) and Ralf Hauber (REVEL IN FLESH). Drums on this debut are played by Erik Bevenrud (DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN), and there's also guest apperances from Matt Moliti (SENTIENT HORROR) and Håkan Stuvemark (WOMBBATH).
This is a very good album, that I really recomend you to check out.
They end the whole thing with a cover of Swedish crust/metal band WOLFBRIGADE's "In Darkness I Feel No Regrets".
Release date: Sept. 24, 2018 (Transcending Obscurity Records)
SEPT. 22, 2018

DOGHOUSE SWINE: HiFi Music for LoFi Kids - Album
An energetic but street smart punk/hard rock trio from New Jersey. They formed the band in 2009. Their debut album, "Faster Side Of Normal", was recorded in 2010, and released on their own label, Banned Records. A couple of more records has been released since then.
Well, this is actually not so bad at all. They have some good stuff here. It's mainly punk rock that we get, but there's much rock n roll too. Check it out.
Release date: Sept. 25, 2018 (Sliptrick Records)
SEPT. 22, 2018

BLOOD OF SERPENTS: Sulphur Sovereign - Album
BLOOD OF SERPENTS was born in 2012, and comes from the deep forests of Småland, Sweden. They have released 2 EPs and 1 album so far, and now their second album is ready to be unleashed to the world.
"Sulphur Sovereign" is the first album with the new members Christoffer Andersson on drums and the vocalist Thomas Clifford (THRONE OF HERESY, ABSCESSION). And the band deliver their black metal fast and hard, without any excuses. And I think they do it really good. Fans of other Swedish black metallers, like WATAIN, MARDUK and DARK FUNERAL for example, should like this too.
Release date: Sept. 25, 2018 (Non Serviam Records)
SEPT. 22, 2018

This was a weird experience. Mainly thrash metal though. But sometimes there's these instrumental pieces that makes no sense. Too much guitar and too little vocals. And I don't really like that I must have the speakers on the highest volume just to hear anything (that might be because of low-quality MP3s though). Looks like a demo, sounds like a demo. Still they call it a album. No, this band have a lot to work on before they release anything else.
Band by the way.. This is a 1-man project by guitarist Pete Serro (ex-STRYCHNINE, NORHHWINDS), if that tells you anything.
(Self released?)
SEPT. 21, 2018

Mike Tramp: Rust And Dust - Single
I don't know, but I think this reminds me of something with Bruce Springsteen or Bryan Adams. Very catchy and melodic rock that you soon forget. And this song is way too long as well, even though it's just 5.42 minutes. I actually don't have much to say about this, because it's not really something for me.
"Rust And Dust" is taken from the Mike Tramp (ex-WHITE LION) album "Maybe Tomorrow". A new solo album will be released in spring 2019. But before that he will be touring in Scandinavia in October/November.
(Target Records)
SEPT. 21, 2018

The ARCHITECTS: Hereafter - Single
Some kind of modern/melodic metalcore filled with teenage emotions. Not really my kind of stuff.
This is the first taste of their 8th album, "Holy Hell", which will be released on November 9.
The band comes from Brighton, UK and have been awarded the title "Best British Live Band" by Kerrang. Well, let's hope that they are better live than on record then..
(Epitaph Records)
SEPT. 21, 2018

Finnish band who formed in 2014 with the intention to just have fun and play. But the thought of being taken seriously quickly kicked in. They blend rock and punk influences with death/black metal, and call their product Mosh 'n' Roll. But it's not exactly thrash metal or crossover, even though there's ingredients of that too.
Their first EP, "The Beginning", was released in the beginning of 2016, and they made their live debut during the spring the same year. Now their debut album is here, which gives us some energetic and upbeat metal. Pretty o.k. stuff, but I can't hear any future classics.
Release date: Sept. 21, 2018 (Inverse Records)
SEPT. 20, 2018

VESSEL OF LIGHT: Woodshed - Album
Heavy stuff, but damned good. You have to check this out! My favorite track is "Son Of Man", so try that one first.
This seems to be a duo, and this is their debut album. They play doom metal/stoner rock, but I also think of a band like STONE TEMPLE PILOTS once in a while.
Unfortunately I couldn't find that much information about them, but it seems like they will do their first live performance at The Bowery Ballroom in New York on September 29, so they are probably Americans. Doesn't really matter I suppose. Just let the music do the talking.
The members are Dan Lorenzo (HADES, NON-FICTION, The CURSED) and Nathan Opposition (ANCIENT WISDOM).
Release date: Sept. 21, 2018 (Argonauta Records)
SEPT. 20, 2018

SAGE: Anno Domini 1573 - Album
Powerful and epic heavy metal. Almost a little too bombastic after a while actually. But I can't say that it's bad. There's plenty of good material here, so you should not be dissapointed when you listen to this. But why do they have to torture me with a choir in the beginning and the end of the last song? I don't like stuff like that. But that is probably the only thing I can complain about. The rest is approved.
This band comes from Croatia, and consist of as much as 6 men. "Anno Domini 1573" is their debut album. And it's a concept album about the Peasants' Revolt that took place in England in the 1300s. The album encompasses themes of the battles between good and evil, honesty and greed. They deliver a mix of heavy, powerful and sometimes progressive metal.
Release date: Sept. 21, 2018 (Rockshots Records)
SEPT. 20, 2018

BETZEFER: Entertain Your Force Of Habit - Album
Not bad for being a groove metal band, even though I get tired of it pretty fast. This band has the same problem as many other groove metal bands: It becomes so macho that it's almost ridiculous.
BETZEFER comes from Israel, and have existed for as long as 20 years. They have since 2000 released 3 EPs and 3 albums. Which makes this their 7th record. Their sound is very powerful and angry, as well as really hard and heavy. So if that sounds exiting, then you should give this band a try.
Release date: Sept. 21, 2018 (Metalville)
SEPT. 19, 2018

LIONCAGE: Turn Back Time - Album
I think some of these songs sounds like Phil Collin's pop/rock. And that's hardly something that I use to listen to. Melodic rock/AOR is what this is supposed to be though. It's very soft and melodic actually. But in their better moments, they reminds a little of bands like TOTO, JOURNEY and CHICAGO.
Guests on some of the songs are Neil Murray (WHITESNAKE, BLACK SABBATH), Olaf Senkbeil (DREAMTIDE), Anya Mahnken (BEYOND THE BLACK, UNHEILIG) and Joe Castellini.
LIONCAGE started as a trio in 2013, and comes from Germany. They are nowadays a group of 5 lions.
Release date: Sept. 21, 2018 (Pride & Joy Music)
SEPT. 19, 2018

LAST PHARAOH: The Mantle Of Spiders - Album
LAST PHARAOH combines the power of 80s heavy metal with neo-classical shredding. They make powerful but yet melodic songs. This is something that most fans of classic heavy metal want. I think of bands like SAXON and JUDAS PRIEST, mixed with Yngwie Malmsteen.
The band comes from the Hudson Valley region in New York, and this is their debut album. And if their first full length is this good, how good will their next album be?
I don't think I have to say much more than that..
Release date: Sept. 21, 2018 (Pure Steel Records)
SEPT. 19, 2018

PREZIR: As Rats Devour Lions - Album
Even though this is an American black metal band, their band name PREZIR is a Serbian word that means contempt. They name early EMPEROR, early ENSLAVED, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, DAWN and DESTROYER 666 as their influences, and their lyrics are about contempt, blasphemy, apostasy and history.
We get 8 raw and brutal, but yet melodic, songs in approximately 40 and a half minutes. And it's not bad at all, even though I have heard both better and worse.
The band formed in 2016, released a EP in 2017, and now in 2018 their debut album is here. Check it out!
(Godz Ov War Productions)
SEPT. 18, 2018

ETERNAL ROT: Cadaverine - Album
This is supposed to be death/doom metal. But I don't know. It's heavy and monotonous anyway. So if that's what you call death/doom, then o.k. But unfortunately this is very boring to listen to. But if you don't care about melodies, then o.k. It's up to you what you want to listen to. But this is obviously not something for me.
It seems like this Polish duo have been working on these 4 songs since 2013. I'm not really sure why though. ..or maybe they should have continued to work on them for a few more years?
(Godz Ov War Productions)
SEPT. 18, 2018

DALKHU: Lamentation And Ardent Fire - Album
This trio comes from Slovenia. And I guess that we can say that what they play is atmospheric black metal. That doesn't mean that it's some kind of slow dream music though. No, this is just as raw, dark and cold as black metal was meant to be.
These 7 tracks might not be the best that I have heard in this genre, but hardly the worst either. Listenable, but not something that I can remember afterwards.
(Godz Ov War Productions)
SEPT. 18, 2018

CIVIC SOMA: Hybris - Album
This German band was formed as FLYING CARPET in 2010, but changed the name to CIVIC SOMA in 2012. "Hybris" is a concept-based record that they have been working on for a few years, and it's also their debut album. It's a story of 2 warriors on opposite sides, who melt into 1 God. And I can promise you that the music is much more spaced out than that concept. This is like a journey into 8 different soundscapes, mixed with good old rock. The songs can be anything from 2 and a half minutes to 11 and a half minutes long. But this is not just sounds, if you think that. No, this is actually rock. But it just happens to be psychedelic.
Release date: Sept. 21, 2018 (Boersma Records)
SEPT. 18, 2018

CITY MAZE: Lifestyle - EP
Power pop that reminds me a little of CAESAR'S PALACE (I really like their 2 first albums, but have not heard them in years). But this also have a tendency to be so sugar sweet that even your grandma could like this. Very catchy and melodic. More The BEATLES than The ROLLING STONES.
This Gothenburg, Sweden-based band write songs that seems to be made to be hits. Their choruses will get stuck in your head. Guitars and pop-driven melodies are in focus on this debut EP. And it's said to be something for fans of WEEZER, ASH and indie rock from the 90s.
The members comes from bands like The FUME, BLISTERHEAD and MELODY FIELDS.
Release date: Sept. 19, 2018 (Cramada)
SEPT. 18, 2018

BLACK MAJESTY: Children Of The Abyss - Album
Power metal from Australia. This is their 7th album. And fans of classic bands like IRON MAIDEN, HELLOWEEN, GAMMA RAY and JUDAS PRIEST should be happy when they hear this. Because this is really good stuff.
You will get 10 really strong tracks, and there's not 1 single bad song here. Every member is doing a excellent job. Why this band isn't more famous is a big question. But maybe this album can change that?
Do I have to say anything else?
Release date: Sept. 21, 2018 (Pride & Joy Music)
SEPT. 18, 2018

ABORTED: TerrorVision - Album
These Belgian death metal veterans might have done some o.k. stuff in the past, but this album is almost on the border to being too extreme for me. There are some good moments too though, when they take it easier with the noise. But if you like it fast and brutal, then this is something for you.
This is the band who called 1 of their previous albums "Goremageddon". And that's a very good description to this. The theme is (as always) gore, and the music is death and sometimes a pinch of grindcore. But there is actually a deeper meaning this time. The lyrics on this album is a mixture of 80s horror movies and what is happening in the world today.
This band have been slaughtering their instruments for over 20 years now, and this is their 10th studio album.
Release date: Sept. 21, 2018 (Century Media)
SEPT. 18, 2018

SOZE: Eskalerande Masspsykos - EP
Debut EP from a Swedish band with members from The CROWN, IMPLODE, SHILOH, The FAREWELL PARTY, DENY and FAN TA ER. They say that they don't want to be bound to 1 specific genre, but as far as I can hear this is a fat, hard and brutal fist full of crust punk and metal. 4 songs is what we get here, and it's definitely not bad at all.
I guess that this is mainly something for crust punks, but death metallers should try this too.
This is a digital release that you can stream on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, Apple Music etc.
(Self released)
SEPT. 14, 2018

TWIN PIGS: Scandinavian Nightmare - Album
Canan with a othe band
The biggest punk hype in Sweden right now? Maybe. They hardly deny that people seems to like them, and even hype themselves (most likely with the glimpse of an eye). Still they play at small punk arrangements that you hardly can find.
As far as I can remember I thought their debut album, "Chaos, Baby!" (2016), was pretty good. But it's not that easy to describe their sound. We have this hardcore dude who is scream, and then we have these riot grrrls who shout back at him. It's angry, messy and melodic at the same time. An interesting combination as soon as you get used to it. And you should absolutely give this a few listenings, because it's not bad at all. Everybody won't like this though.
The new shape of punk?
(Luftslott Records)
SEPT. 14, 2018

VERNI: Lost in the Underground - Single
Catchy and very good heavy metal. A very good song that comes from the debut album "Barricades", which will be released next month. And VERNI is the OVERKILL songwriter and bassist D.D. Verni (here also on vocals), who is going on a little adventure of his own. There's lots of guitarists doing a guest apperance on the album (more about them when/if I get the album for review), but among the "permanent members" are Andre "Virus" Karkos (DOPE) on rythm guitar and former OVERKILL drummer Ron Lipnicki. Touring in both the U.S. and Europe is currently being booked.
Well, this was a very good song at least, so I look forward to hear the album. You should give this a try.
(Mighty Music)
SEPT. 14, 2018

PROFANE OMEN: Ooka - Album
Funny that they call this death metal as well as death n roll, and on a third place just metal. There's lots of melodic metal in this band's music. Sometimes more melodic metal than death metal actually. But it can also be the other way around of course. Melodic death metal for the kids maybe? And after this they might check out the good stuff then? Well, who knows?
This is a Finnish band that I have never heard about before, but this is actually their fifth album. They seems to have succeeded in Finland anyway, and they probably have a few fans in some other countries too (they have at least played in something like 30 countries through the years).
I have definitely heard worse than this, but also many bands who are better. The songs I like best is those with a little more speed.
(Playground Music Finland)
SEPT. 13, 2018

ERASY: Under The Moonlight - 7" EP
ERASY is a Brazilian band who blend doom, sludge and stoner. The vocals is raw and aggressive, the music hard and heavy. It's said to be "a release aimed for those who appreciate heavy and slow independent music".
ERASY started to play in 2012. Their first LP, "The Valley Of Dying Stars", was released in 2016, but "Under The Moonlight" is their first release on the international market. There's 2 tracks, and both are 7.31 minutes. But the second song end very abruptly, so it was probably meant to be longer than that.
This EP is available on 7" vinyl and digitally.
(Doom Stew Records)
SEPT. 13, 2018

The ALIVE: We Are Rock And Roll - Album
As the title of the first song says: "This Is Rock And Roll". But not the old-school stuff from the 50s/60s, but more modern. There's also some classic arena rock. And now I can't remember any names of the bands I should compare them with, so I guess it's better that you listen for yourself instead if you think that this could be something interesting. I think it's pretty o.k. stuff anyway.
The band comes from Arkansas, USA, and this is their debut album.
(Eternal Sound Records)
SEPT. 13, 2018

WRESTLING: Ride On Freaks - Album
WRESTLING comes from Oulu, Finland, and call what they play old school heavy metal. They pay homage to the 80s style, and are influenced by ACCEPT and Ozzy Osbourne among others. But they have obviously been listening to MOTÖRHEAD and some speed metal too. So there's lots of variation here. No doubt about that.
Well, this is yet another record that I don't have that much to say about. But it sounds really good, so you should check this out.
Release date: Sept. 14, 2018 (Inverse Records)
SEPT. 12, 2018

SoulHealer: Up From The Ashes - Album
This is the 4th album from this Finnish heavy/power metal band. And it's a very traditional heavy and power metal that they give us. Not bad at all. I'm pretty sure that fans of HAMMERFALL, POWERWOLF, SABATON, BLIND GUARDIAN, and maybe even IRON MAIDEN will like this album, because it's full of anthems that you can sing along to. What else can you ask for?
European release date: Sept. 14, 2018 / North American release date Sept. 21, 2018 (Rockshots Records)
SEPT. 12, 2018

PANTHEÏST: Seeking Infinity - Album
If you like slow and long pieces, then this might be a band for you. Songs that are between 11.46 to 14.40 minutes are nothing unusual here, even though there are a couple of shorter tracks too. This is what is called funeral doom. But I can also hear some other stuff here and there.
PANTHEIST was born in Belgium in 2000. After a demo in 2001, the first album, "O Solitude", was released in 2003. In 2004 the band moved to the UK, and a few more records was released. It's now as much as 7 years since their last album came out, but now their fifth album is here at last.
"Seeking Infinity" is their second conceptual album, which is based on a story written by founder Kostas Panagiotou (vocals/keyboard). And to be honest with you, 72 PDF pages to figure out what the concept might be is a little too much for me. But I'm pretty sure that it's not something happy. It doesn't sound like that when you listen to this album anyway.
Release date: Sept. 14, 2018 (Melancholic Realm Productions/The Vinyl Division)
SEPT. 11, 2018

OSMIUM GUILLOTINE: A Million To One - Album
OSMIUM GUILLOTINE combine 80s heavy metal with punk, doom and classic rock with a modern attitude. And their lyrics are about everything from historic battles to legendary ales. They have been around for 8 years and comes from the UK. This is their second full length.
The first track is as long as 10.52 minutes. The other songs are shorter though. The second song, "He Played Rock 'n' Roll", is about Lemmy Kilmister (r.i.p) and is a tribute to MOTÖRHEAD. The rest of the songs are mainly 80s heavy metal, but sometimes with the combination I talked about earlier.
They have some good songs here, like the MOTÖRHEAD track for example, even though everything might not be excellent. But if I should grade it for a change, then I would say 6-7 out of 10 p(o)ints.
Release date: Sept. 14, 2018 (Label unknown.. Self released?)
SEPT. 11, 2018

JANGLE TOWN: Ramblin' Boots - Single
Very catchy and melodic alternative/indie rock on the border to pop. But I like it somehow. 1 song at the time is enough for me though.
This is a Swedish band who say that they mix 60s pop with garage rock. On this song they have also added a blowing section.
This is the second single from this band. The first, "A Love So True", was released in March.
SEPT. 10, 2018

HESSIAN: Mercenary Retrograde - Album
My personal guess is that this could have been so much better with a better singer. This dude is hardly the worst that I have heard, but he's hardly brilliant either.
And then we have their music as well.. What do they really want to play? Because in the beginning it sounds like doom or heavy rock, while the last songs sounds like action rock or garage rock. We also get a cover of a song by NEW ORDER.
HESSIAN are said to be a Portland, Maine-based heavy metal band. But this is not exactly the usual NWOBHM or traditional US metal. They have released 1 EP and 1 album before.
Release date: Sept. 14, 2018 (Urtod Void)
SEPT. 10, 2018

DRUGLORD: New Day Dying - Album
DRUGLORD comes from Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A., and formed in 2010. They released 2 albums and 1 EP between 2012 and 2014. "New Day Dying" is their first album in 4 years. They call their music DoomRockMetal, but as this is released by Sludgelord, I guess we can just as well call it sludge then. It's heavy stuff anyway, and people who like that could give this a try, becuase it's not so bad.
It looks like this album will only be released digitally and on good old cassette.
Release date: Sept. 14, 2018 (Sludgelord Records)
SEPT. 9, 2018

DEICIDE: Overtures Of Blasphemy - Album
I can't really figure out why my little brother think that DEICIDE play black metal. Because this is definitely death metal. Maybe it's because of thier Satanic image?
Even though this Florida-based legends have been around for almost 30 years (they formed in 1989), they have no intention to slow down and become softer. It's rather the other way around. They just become darker, heavier and more extreme instead. But doesn't many of these songs sound more or less the same? Luckily most of these songs are no longer than approximately 2 and a half to 3 and a half minutes, so it's not a very long story. And therefor not such a big problem.
12 tracks in 38 minutes is what you get here.
Release date: Sept. 14, 2018 (Century Media)
SEPT. 9, 2018

CULTURAL WARFARE: Warmaggedon - Album
Debut album from an American thrash metal band, that are true to the classic Bay Area sound that we all are familiar with. But it's 2018, so there's a modern twist too. And even though it's a little aggresive, it's also melodic. Their lyrics is about the society of today, and where we are as humans.
This is a really good album, and you should definitely check it out.
CULTURAL WARFARE has previously released a EP, "Future Kill", in 2017.
Release date: Sept. 14, 2018 (M-Theory Audio)
SEPT. 9, 2018

Brant Bjork: Mankind Woman - Album
Brant Bjork is a desert rock legend from bands like KYUSS and FU MANCHU. And this is actually his 13th solo album. I have as far as I know never heard anything from his previous albums, so I can't compare this album with his previous material.
This album sounds like if BLACK SABBATH, The DOORS and The STOOGES would have had a rock n roll party in the desert back in the 60s. And then someone got the idea that they should do some songs together (just like musicians use to). I want to call it desert rock, even though it doesn't have much to do with stoner rock (who used to be called desert rock as well). Sometimes there's also some psychedelic rock here.
Now I happens to like old rock, and this album have many good songs in that style, so I like it of course.
Release date: Sept. 14, 2018 (Heavy Psych Sounds Records)
SEPT. 9, 2018

SIR REG: The Underdogs - Album
A full album of Celtic punk rock can actually be a little too much of the same thing, but this Swedish band have succeeded to make songs that are a little different from each other, and there's not only Celtic punk rock here. I would actually go as far as saying that they have developed this genre a little (they might not be the first who have done that though). It's a very good album. No doubt about that. SIR REG prove once again that they are 1 of the best bands in this genre that we have here in Sweden.
Now it would be nice to see them live as well. But when will that happen? A early evening show at a pub here in Borås or Göteborg is my wish (but it wouldn't surprise me at all if they will play in the middle of the night like everybody else).
Release date: Sept. 21, 2018 (Despotz Records)
SEPT. 8, 2018

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT: Shadows From The Past - Album
Well, it's pretty simple actually. If you like power and heavy metal, then you like LORDS OF THE TRIDENT. They have all the right ingredients that we like, they are good musicians, and most important of all, they know how to make really good songs. So what are you waiting for? Check this out at once! This is heavy metal for body and soul.
If I'm not totally demented already, I think I have reviewed this band before. But I'm honestly not completely sure, so it must have been a while ago. This is actually as much as their 7th album. But then they have been around for 10 years already.
Unfortunately it looks like this is just a digital release (stream/download), and if that's true then it really sucks. Because this is good enough for a physical release on both CD and LP. So labels, WAKE THE FUCK UP!
SEPT. 7, 2018

RYLOS: Solarworks Pt. 1 - Album
This is the third album in 3 years from this Finnish hard rock band. The theme of the album is to discuss our current way of living, burdening our planet as like there already would be a place waiting somewhere to go when this world has been exhausted.
There's sudden throws between different styles of hard rock and heavy metal, but mainly pretty melodic stuff. Some songs makes me think of Japanese bands for some reason. Pretty good, but honestly not much else I'm afraid.
Release date: Sept. 7, 2018 (Secret Entertainment)
SEPT. 6, 2018

TYRANT DISCIPLE: Weight Of Oblivion - Album
Debut album from a death/thrash metal band from Kauhajoki, Finland. Their lyrics deal with typical thrash and death subjects like war, religion and violence. But there's also some historical and imaginative stories.
TYRANT DISCIPLE was founded in 2005 already, and they released their first demo in early 2007. A few more demos and a EP was released, and members came and left. In 2013 they started to rehearse for their first full length album. And it was a long process to get it done, because it's not until now (Sept. 2018) that the album is finally released.
Was it worth all the work then you might ask? Well, I can hardly say that this is bad. It seems like they know how to deliver a fist full of metal straight in your face, if you get what I mean. And that fist is hard and heavy. But I'm pretty sure that you will like to get beat up by these guys.
Release date: Sept. 7, 2018 (Inverse Records)
SEPT. 6, 2018

TERRITORIES: Territories - Album
It seems like this is the ashes that are left from the Canadian band KNUCKLEHEAD, if I got it right. TERRITORIES is a new band though, and they also have new ideas - This full length was actually pushed back to accommodate releasing all 12 songs as individual picture flexi singles prior to the release of the whole album. Crazy and a little cooky, as it's the same as saying that there's only hits on this record. But I can't deny that it's a good way to promote your band and a new album. And there was no problem to get rid of them. But I might add that flexi singles are so cheap that you give them away for free, so of course it worked.
The music is pretty catchy and melodic punk rock, that reminds me of RANCID, SOCIAL DISTORTION and similar acts, even though this is not exactly the same. And they have many good songs here. But even though it might not be any hits, this is still worth checking out.
Release date: Sept. 7, 2018 (Pirates Press Records)
SEPT. 6, 2018

KOMATSU: A New Horizon - Album
Heavy rock, sludge, stoner rock - More or less the same thing.. It's heavy and it's rocking. Just like this Dutch band, who formed in early 2010 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. A self titled EP was released in 2011, and their first album, "Manu Armata", was released in 2013. "A New Horizon" is their third album.
We get 10 tracks on this album, and most of them are good. This is something that is worth checking out for all of you who like the genres I mentioned in the beginning of this little review.
Release date: Sept. 7, 2018 (Argonauta Records)
SEPT. 5, 2018

DUNGEON WOLF: Slavery Or Steel - Album
A cheap copy of early MANOWAR with epic and progressive elements, might be your first impression. But there's more than that if you listen more closely to this American trio. There's actually many different styles of metal: progressive and epic as I already have mentioned, but also technical, power, speed and good old heavy metal.
This is their debut album, but they actually got together for the first time in 2015, when they released the album "A Dark Formation" under the name STORMLURKER. In 2017 they got together again to record a more melodic and traditional album. Now with the name DUNGEON WOLF. And this is the result of that.
They have some really good songs here, but they are hardly ready to take over the world. And I must also say that the artwork for the album cover looks awful.
Release date: Sept. 7, 2018 (Iron Shield Records)
SEPT. 4, 2018

DI'AUL: Nobody's Heaven - Album
Italian 70s groove rock-inspired metal band, who was formed in Milan during 2010. Their first EP, "GV 12.31", was released the same year, and their debut album, "And Then Came The Monsters", in 2013. "Nobody's Heaven" seems to be their third album.
DI'AUL (read as the owl) is a hybrid of 70s rock and 90s groove metal, and this album is said to be an impressive step forward for the band. I know nothing about that, as I have not heard this band before (as far as I can remember). But it sounds good to me anyway, so give it a try.
Release date: Sept. 7, 2018 (Argonauta Records)
SEPT. 4, 2018

CRONAXIA: Collapsing The Outer Structure - Album
It seems like the history of CRONAXIA dates back to 1997, but this is actually their debut album. And they might not be doing anything new when it comes to death metal, but they have this tendency to make a bother, instead of just step on the pedal and kick arse. A lot of technical stuff that just end up in a bloody mess. But there are also parts when they actually step on the pedal and play the way I want them to. And those are the few good moments on this record.
You better have extremely strong nerves if you are going to listen to this. That's for sure.
Release date: Sept. 7, 2018 (Lusitanian Music)
SEPT. 4, 2018

CAULDRON: New Gods - Album
Really good melodic heavy metal from these Canadians. I have heard about them through the years, but I have not heard that many songs with them. This is actually their fifth album. And what they deliver is 9 really strong songs with a lot of melody. I think of SCORPIONS when they still played heavy metal (listen to their album "Blackout" if you don't believe me), and similar stuff from the 80s.
This might not be something for the hardest metal fan. But if you prefer good songs before how hard they are, then this could be a band for you.
European release date: Sept. 7, 2018 (Dissonance Productions)
SEPT. 4, 2018

AXE STEELER: On The Run - Album
Traditional heavy metal mixed with a singer who sound like the speed metal band EXCITER's singer did in the 80s. And AXE STEELER definitely have some good songs here. No doubt at all about that. Just listen to tracks like "Back To The Stage" and "On The Run", just to name a few of all great songs here.
AXE STEELER is from Colombia, and formed in early 2015. But it's mainly European heavy metal that has inspired them. They released their first EP, "Back To The Stage", in 2016, and now their debut album is ready for release.
Release date: Sept. 7, 2018 (Iron Shield Records)
SEPT. 3, 2018

ALLFATHER: And All Will Be Desolation - Album
This is the second album from this British sludge-laden and hardcore-infused death metal band. They have been around since 2013, and deliver a hard and heavy, pretty brutal and angry kind of death metal. But there's room for some melody too. This is definitely not the typical old-school stuff that you use to hear.
ALLFATHER are said to "connect the dots between ENTOMBED's death and roll, CROWBAR's anguished sludge, NAILS' hardcore intensity and the swaggering southern doom of early DOWN." If that is correct, I don't know. But it's an interesting description anyway. And they have at least succeeded to get their own sound.
Release date: Sept. 7, 2018 (Rotting Throne Records)
SEPT. 3, 2018

24/7 DIVA HEAVEN: Superslide - EP
This sounds so American and so 90s. But this female band comes from Germany. And the music is some kind of alternative riot grrrl grunge/punk. But there's also some garage rock.
5 songs is what we get on this debut EP, and it sounds good. I don't really know what else I can say about this. The band is (as far as I know) pretty fresh, so there's not much to tell yet. Worth checking out though.
Release date: Sept. 6, 2018 (Self released)
SEPT. 2, 2018

SIR REG: The Underdogs - Single
SIR REG is a Swedish band with an Irish singer (living in Sweden). They are leading in the new wave of so called Celtic punk rock. They have been around for many years now (10 years in 2019), and will release their fifth album, "The Underdogs", in the fall. That's where this single comes from (not so hard to figure out I guess?).
I really like this band, and I have been writing about them here before. This is something that fans of bands like DROPKICK MURPHYS, FLOGGING MOLLY and The POGUES will love.
(Despotz Records)
SEPT. 2, 2018

Helga: Battle Song - Single
This Swedish woman use to blend in influences from post rock and metal to folk music and classical music in her dark pop. And that's what made me interested (the post rock and metal part). Unfortunately this song doesn't have much of that, but I got a feeling that people who like darker metal and goth might like this. It's not a bad song, so you should give it a try. Don't be so afraid of other kinds of music.
Helga sit in an lonley located cottage in the wilderness, and write her dark songs about nature. But even though it's dark, it's still melodic somehow.
"Battle Song" is the first single from the upcoming EP "Nebulous", which will be released during the fall.
(Icons Creating Evil Art)
SEPT. 2, 2018

FLAT FIFTY: Discokills - EP
I guess that this Venetian band want to play garage rock (that's what they told me that it was anyway). But I don't think it's noisey enough, and there's not enough action either. This is more like some kind of power pop, possibly with a touch of garage rock though. Not that it matters that much what you call it. As long as it's good I'm your friend. And this is not bad at all. I can really recomend you to give them a try at least. No matter if you prefer garage rock or power pop.
FLAT FIFTY has taken their name from the Bulgakov novel "The Master and Margarita", where the devil resides at Apartment n. 50 in Moscow. The band took their first steps in 2014, and have gone through the usual lineup changes through the years. They take their influences from many different genres - pop, metal, progressive, garage - and they mention bands like FRANZ FERDINAND, The HIVES and The KINKS to describe their sound. Which end up in something they call UltraPoP.
(Self released?)
SEPT. 2, 2018

TROUBLEMAKERS at Götaplatsen in Göteborg, Sweden on September 1, 2018
Back to Göteborg again for another gig then.. Well, I actually had some other "business" to do too - Like selling and buying records for example. And after that I had to eat, but as TROUBLEMAKERS was supposed to start at 15.00, I got a bit stressed. For no reason. Because everything was late. So when I arrived there was some hip hip chicks on stage. And the only good song they had was the last song, which was more aggressive.
And as we are going to vote here in Sweden in a few weeks, this was an arrangement by Vänsterpartiet (the left-wing party), so of course their leader had to speak for way too long after that. He had some good things to say, but I think long speeches are soooooo boring. It wasn't until about an hour too late that TROUBLEMAKERS finally entered the stage.
And as you can see on the photos, this wasn't 1 of their regular/electric gigs. They actually played acoustic, and gave the drummer a tambourine. And when most bands play acoustic, they pick their slow songs and/or some obscure numbers that they usually not play live. But not this band. They played their usual classics instead. And it worked somehow, so I have nothing to complain about.
TROUBLEMAKERS are a catchy and melodic punk rock n roll band from Göteborg. So this was a hometown show in the middle of the city, at the top of the avenue. Pretty much people, but hardly crowded.
Troublemakers  Troublemakers  Troublemakers  Troublemakers
SEPT. 1, 2018

ENTOMBED A.D. and F.K.Ü. at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg, Sweden on August 31, 2018
I don't think I have been to Sticky Fingers for almost 2 years actually. But now my legs are a little better, so now I can go there to see bands again (let's see how long that will last). And that was good, because this evening we had 2 of the best live bands in the Swedish metal scene (there are a few more of course).
F.K.Ü. was the first band out. I have been writing about this horror thrash band here before, but it looks like I have not seen them live since 2013. So I guess it was about time then. Because this band can really deliver a damned good show, and the singer is pretty funny too with his talking between the songs. This is definitely a band that you should not miss if they play near you.
ENTOMBED is a band that I have seen many times through the years, and they are so legendary that I don't think that they need any presentation. And I also think you know the story how the L.G. Petrow version became ENTOMBED A.D. instead of ENTOMBED, so I'm not going to bore you with that.
Well, last time I saw this band was at the exact same place about 2 years ago. And this time they were nor better or worse than last time I saw them. They always deliver a good show somehow, even though they don't really do that much. But they also have lots of good songs. Both old and new. They hardly ever disappoint me, and they didn't disappoint me this time either.
Entombed AD  Entombed AD  Entombed AD  Entombed AD  Entombed AD  Entombed AD  Entombed AD  Entombed AD  Entombed AD
SEPT. 1, 2018

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